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ChannelCTCSSCallsignLocationFirst Heard
2000 Map Bubble ALBACORE HUB WB6NIL Downtown Los Angeles, CA 5H 9M 11S
2001 Map Bubble 445.220- 123.0 WB6NIL Alhambra, CA 5H 7M 36S
2009 Map Bubble Hub W6IZK Phoenix, AZ 5H 9M 16S
2020 Map Bubble 441.900 123 KG7QIN Puyallup, WA 5H 9M 19S
2050 Map Bubble 224.2800 146.2 W9CR Tampa, Florida 3D 7H 17M 49S
2062 Map Bubble LA HUB Linked to 49842 KE6UPI Los Angeles, CA 5H 9M 42S
2065 Map Bubble CALNET SYSTEM KE6PCV Corona, CA 5H 5M 4S
2066 Map Bubble 445.220- 100.0 KE6PCV Corona, CA 5H 15M 56S
2072 Map Bubble W8CMN 220 Hub W8FSM Fenton, Michigan 5H 9M 0S
2074 Map Bubble W8CMN VHF Hub W8FSM Fenton, Michigan 5H 8M 58S
2075 Map Bubble W8CMN UHF Hub W8FSM Fenton, Michigan 5H 9M 43S
20800 Map Bubble HUB Public Use KE6UPI Dallas, TX 5H 9M 41S
20801 Map Bubble DMR TG31066 SoCal BM KE6UPI Dallas, TX 5H 8M 52S
2081 Map Bubble 146.805 - 100.0 W6GTR Temecula, CA 5H 9M 25S
2085 Map Bubble GRONK Switching Cntr W6XC GRONK Bunker 5H 8M 54S
2095 Map Bubble 443.275+ 156.7 KC0SOK Derby, KS 5H 8M 50S
2100 Map Bubble N4IRS Vero Beach, FL 5H 9M 16S
2124 Map Bubble Warren Co. Hub Connect Here W3KKC Warren Pennsylvania 5H 4M 46S
2132 Map Bubble 430.990 100.0 JI1BQW Zama, Kanagawa Japan 5H 9M 31S
2133 Map Bubble 145.750- 123.0 Z31MA Skopje, Macedonia 5H 7M 33S
2134 Map Bubble 146.725- VK4RKP MtCrosby Queensland Australia 5H 7M 8S
2135 Map Bubble WAN-RS Hub Connect Here W3WAN Warren Pennsylvania 5H 4M 15S
2138 Map Bubble 442.775+ 186.2 W3KKC Ludlow PA 5H 9M 47S
2139 Map Bubble Nano Node AE KJ6MID Santa Barbara, CA 5H 9M 37S
2145 Map Bubble 145.270- 74.4 W3WAN/R Chambersburg, PA 5H 9M 31S
2147 Map Bubble Rob's Main Node KR1P Layton, UT 5H 9M 11S
2165 Map Bubble K6JWN Seattle, WA 5H 9M 37S
2166 Map Bubble 434.800 127.3 K6JWN Wilton, CA 5H 7M 36S
2168 Map Bubble STX Nodes HUB W5EVH 5H 9M 16S
2169 Map Bubble 927.475- 82.5 WB9STH Fort Worth, TX 5H 5M 31S
2170 Map Bubble USA (FOGASL Primary) UNKNOWN WB4WPF-0 Atlanta, Ga USA 1D 6H 22M 59S
2171 Map Bubble UK (FOGASL Backup) UNKNOWN WB4WPF-1 London UK 1D 6H 22M 53S
2182 Map Bubble 444.250+ 103.5 VA3PMO Mississauga, ON 5H 9M 12S
2184 Map Bubble 444.900 100.0 WB4IVB Corbin,Ky 1D 12H 58M 35S
2199 Map Bubble 438.600- 91.5 VK3JED Bendigo, Australia 5H 8M 58S
2200 Map Bubble Hub Node VE3TNK Mississauga, ON 3D 5H 26M 21S
2210 Map Bubble Kansas Super Hub Pi K0KN Olathe, KS 5H 8M 55S
2211 Map Bubble 146.400 Simplex Pi 151.4 K0KN Olathe, KS 5H 8M 53S
2212 Map Bubble 446.900 Simplex Pi 151.4 K0KN Olathe, KS 5H 6M 30S
2213 Map Bubble K0KN-L Echolink Pi K0KN Olathe, KS 5H 3M 47S
2215 Map Bubble Public Use Hub Pi K0KN Olathe, KS 5H 6M 6S
2216 Map Bubble Cloud Hub K0KN Cloud 5H 9M 34S
2219 Map Bubble K0KN-R Echolnk Cloud K0KN Cloud 5H 8M 55S
2233 Map Bubble Legal Open Source 100.0 WR7NV Las Vegas, NV 5H 9M 25S
2234 Map Bubble Hub JI1BQW Zama, Kanagawa Japan 5H 9M 59S
2242 Map Bubble 444.900+ Rpt 131.8 K4KWQ Jackson, Michigan, USA 4D 12H 54M 40S
2243 Map Bubble 444.900+ Rpt 131.8 K4KWQ Jackson, Michigan, USA 5H 9M 30S
2245 Map Bubble N.O.C.Server Vault Hub Bridge W6RE Palos Verdes, CA 5H 9M 37S
2248 Map Bubble Hub Node #2 VE3TNK Hamilton, ON 5H 5M 20S
2249 Map Bubble 445.175 131.8 VE3XCN Oakville ON 5H 9M 35S
2251 Map Bubble Wash. State HUB West W7EMD Seattle, WA USA 5H 9M 15S
2252 Map Bubble Wash. State HUB East W7EMD Spokane, WA USA 5H 9M 26S
2254 Map Bubble 145.150- 162.2 VE3RWN Cobourg, ON 5H 9M 31S
2256 Map Bubble 444.975- 162.2 VE3RWN Cobourg, ON 5H 9M 45S
2257 Map Bubble 145.450- 162.2 VE3CKL Lindsay, ON 5H 8M 54S
2258 Map Bubble 444.650+ 162.2 VE3CKL Lindsay, ON 3D 18H 10M 59S
2259 Map Bubble 430.975 + 7.6 MHZ 77.0 GB3DQ Killigarth, Looe Cornwall UK 5H 9M 12S
2285 Map Bubble CAPE FEAR Hub1 KB4FXC Wilmington, NC 5H 9M 27S
2286 Map Bubble CAPE FEAR Hub2 KB4FXC Wilmington, NC 5H 9M 25S
2287 Map Bubble CAPE FEAR Hub3 KB4FXC Wilmington, NC 3D 18H 37M 32S
2288 Map Bubble CAPE FEAR Hub4 KB4FXC Wilmington, NC 5H 9M 24S
2291 Map Bubble 445.550 123.0 N9GMT New Berlin, WI 10D 6H 8M 38S
2295 Map Bubble KC7DMF World Wide 5H 9M 48S
2298 Map Bubble 444.9125+ 141.3 KB2EAR Kendall Park, NJ 4H 26M 39S
2300 Map Bubble TECH HUB WN3A Valley Forge, PA 5H 4M 12S
2302 Map Bubble 147.015 + 186.2 W3GFD Youngsville PA 5H 4M 44S
2323 Map Bubble TECH HUB +Echolink WN3A Valley Forge, PA 5H 4M 17S
2329 Map Bubble 444.475+ 103.5 VE3URU Toronto, ON 5H 9M 51S
23311 Map Bubble No RF 0.0 KB5ELV/R Dallas, TX 5H 9M 43S
2335 Map Bubble 440.800 + 205DPL K1LNX Knoxville, TN 39S
2340 Map Bubble System HUB N3FE Mansfield, PA 3D 14H 17M 29S
2341 Map Bubble HUB ----- K4KWQ Jackson, Michigan, USA 3D 18H 23M 1S
2344 Map Bubble 443.050+ 103.5 VE3YYZ Toronto, ON 15H 36M 22S
2353 Map Bubble Winsystem K6PNG Hub 5H 9M 20S
2359 Map Bubble 146.550 156.7 VE3RQQ Little Current ON 5H 10M 7S
2360 Map Bubble 441.875 88.5 W2DB Crowley 5H 9M 19S
2377 Map Bubble 442.850+ 136.5 VE3SNM Ballantrae ON 5H 9M 45S
2378 Map Bubble 442.425+ 107.2 VA3WAJ Niagara Falls ON 5H 9M 43S
2383 Map Bubble 146.800 - 100.0 100.0 N5ZUA La Grange, TX 14H 1M 30S
2384 Map Bubble 444.725 + 141.3 141.3 N5ZUA La Grange, TX 14H 1M 30S
2389 Map Bubble 147.075 123.0 VK2RCZ Plumpton Australia 18H 50M 34S
2394 Map Bubble 444.300 + 123.0 123.0 N5ZUA Houston, TX 4H 17M 6S
2395 Map Bubble 444.850 114.8 K6KYA n/a 3D 18H 11M 2S
2396 Map Bubble 145.670 123.0 KY2D Morristown, NJ 3D 7H 22M 9S
2397 Map Bubble 439.3625 -7.6 DB0FOX Augsburg 3D 6H 50M 44S
2398 Map Bubble 439.250 -7.6 DB0VOX Nuernberg 5H 9M 38S
2401 Map Bubble 146.82 Home 100.0 WB9STH Fort Worth, TX 5H 9M 21S
2402 Map Bubble 927.425 82.5 WB9STH Fort Worth, TX 5H 9M 24S
2403 Map Bubble Dayton portable None WB9STH Fort Worth, TX 5H 10M 7S
2410 Map Bubble Speechless-HUBNet M0ZAH Norwich,Norfolk,England 5H 6M 42S
2414 Map Bubble 147.200 + 103.5 103.5 N5ZUA Bastrop, TX 5H 10M 29S
2415 Map Bubble 444.300 + 203.5 203.5 N5ZUA Bastrop, TX 5H 9M 25S
2416 Map Bubble 444.400+ 114.8 VE3SUE London ON 5H 10M 3S
2417 Map Bubble 444.425+ 103.5 VA3NEG Oakville ON 5H 4M 18S
2424 Map Bubble 224.240- 103.5 VA3PMO Mississauga, ON 5H 9M 25S
2430 Map Bubble N5ZUA Addicks, TX 23H 55M 44S
2431 Map Bubble N5ZUA Addicks, TX 5H 7M 36S
2432 Map Bubble N5ZUA Addicks, TX 1D 9H 41M 4S
2434 Map Bubble 145.110 - 103.5 103.5 N5ZUA Austin, TX 5H 9M 28S
2435 Map Bubble 442.500 + 162.2 162.2 WB5FNZ Austin, TX 5H 9M 37S
2441 Map Bubble 432.875 100.0 AE6TV San Bernardino 5H 9M 31S
2462 Map Bubble 146.960- 103.5 WW7PSR Seattle, WA 5H 9M 48S
2477 Map Bubble Think About It! GR0NK W6XC Mobile 5H 9M 5S
2480 Map Bubble 433.125+1.6 110.9 GB3IM-S Snaefell, Isle of Man 5H 8M 58S
2481 Map Bubble 430.825+7.6 71.9 GB3IM-R Bride, Isle of Man 5H 9M 16S
2482 Map Bubble 430.825+7.6 110.9 GB3IM-C Douglas, Isle of man 5H 6M 42S
2484 Map Bubble 430.875+7.6 110.9 GB3IM-P Peel, Isle of man 5H 5M 17S
2495 Map Bubble 443.800+ 123.0 N9GMT Milwaukee, WI 5D 15H 16M 33S
2496 Map Bubble 2m (Dummy Load) N9GMT New Berlin, WI 5H 9M 50S
2497 Map Bubble 6m (Dummy Load) N9GMT New Berlin, WI 5H 6M 43S
2500 Map Bubble HUB NODE N5ZUA Addicks, TX 1D 12H 5M 54S
2501 Map Bubble 448.040- 136.5 WD6AWP Santiago Peak, SoCal 5H 9M 31S
2502 Map Bubble ASL Unofficial Intel WD6AWP Huntington Beach, CA 5H 9M 45S
2503 Map Bubble ASL Unofficial RPi4 WD6AWP Huntington Beach, CA 1D 6H 23M 7S
25190 Map Bubble ASL<-->DMR TG 710411 W3DAW Nodo ligado a BM TG 710411 5H 8M 58S
2520 Map Bubble Special Events Hub WD6AWP Downtown Los Angeles 5H 9M 24S
2521 Map Bubble 448.380- 136.5 WD6AWP Blueridge, Wrightwood, CA 5H 9M 57S
2522 Map Bubble Test Bench WD6AWP Huntington Beach, CA 5H 8M 55S
2523 Map Bubble 448.040- 100.0 WD6AWP Black Mtn, Glamis, CA 5H 9M 1S
2525 Map Bubble 448.380 156.7 WD6AWP SYP, Santa Barbara, CA 4D 17H 2M 14S
2526 Map Bubble 445.100- 82.5 WB6NIL Oat Mtn, Los Angeles, CA 3D 18H 10M 47S
2528 Map Bubble 448.380- 100.0 N6AWQ Newport Beach, CA 3D 10H 42M 43S
2530 Map Bubble SoCal Hub WD6AWP Downtown Los Angeles 1D 6H 22M 57S
25330 Map Bubble UHF VoIP GW WD6AWP Huntington Beach, CA 5H 7M 2S
2536 Map Bubble 430.8875 +7.6 94.8 GB3NU Sheringham Norfolk UK 5H 7M 34S
2541 Map Bubble 146.55 simplex link 123.0 KF7DRV Bellingham, WA 5H 10M 1S
2545 Map Bubble Hub K6KYA West 5H 8M 55S
2546 Map Bubble AARG Mini-Super Hub K7AZ Lompoc CA 3D 18H 20M 53S
2551 Map Bubble 430.960 123.0 JG1HQY Tochigi,jp 5H 11M 35S
2553 Map Bubble WAN Web Transciever W3KKC Warren Pennsylvania 5H 4M 39S
2556 Map Bubble 224.120- 203.5 K2PM Glen Gardner, NJ 5H 4M 13S
2557 Map Bubble 927.3625- 141.3 KB2EAR Sourland Mtn, Belle Mead, NJ 2H 37M 12S
2558 Map Bubble 224.040- 151.4 KB2EAR Sourland Mtn, Belle Mead, NJ 2H 37M 12S
2559 Map Bubble 224.640- 151.4 N2ZAV Martinsville, NJ 5H 10M 3S
2560 Map Bubble WIN System Hub K6JSI Los Angeles, CA 5H 9M 31S
2574 Map Bubble Nebraska_Hub 141.3 KC0EQA Hastings, Nebraska 3D 10H 59M 56S
2576 Map Bubble Nano-node AE WB2JPQ Eden, NY, USA 5H 9M 45S
2577 Map Bubble [HUB 1] KN2R SW Florida 5H 9M 5S
2579 Map Bubble 443.650+ 110.9 VE3PGC Cornwall, ON 5H 9M 24S
2584 Map Bubble 53.37 -1.0 MHz 77.0 K8GP/R Bluemont, VA 5H 9M 40S
2585 Map Bubble Allstar/Echo Hub Cloud W2JLD Rochester,NY 2D 12H 8M 38S
2587 Map Bubble 223.440 100.0 W6REB Redding, CA 10H 30M 52S
2588 Map Bubble Quahog Repeater Netw KA1MXL Warwick, RI 4H 14M 35S
2589 Map Bubble 146.880 - 203.5 203.5 WR5AAA Cat Spring, TX 5H 8M 54S
2590 Map Bubble 444.950 + 141.3 141.3 N5ZUA Cat Spring, TX 13H 55M 11S
2591 Map Bubble 52.525 (S) CSQ N5ZUA Cat Spring, TX 5H 53M 40S
2592 Map Bubble RI DIGITAL LINK BM TG 31444 5H 9M 48S
2594 Map Bubble KA1MXL Warwick, Rhode Island 5H 9M 26S
2598 Map Bubble 444.725+ Hilo 123.0 WH6FM Hawaii 9H 25M 56S
2600 Map Bubble N4IRS Vero Beach, FL 5H 5M 4S
27000 Map Bubble Manchester Hub North West, UK Ashton-Under-Lyne 5H 9M 45S
27006 Map Bubble Headset At Bench N7JCT Spokane Valley, WA 3D 13H 52M 43S
27010 Map Bubble Radioless Node N7JCT Spokane Valley, WA 3D 17H 10M 43S
27021 Map Bubble 448.225 - 77.0 W4BRM/R Haymarket, VA 5H 8M 50S
27025 Map Bubble Great Lakes Hub 1 No radio K9CWM Pleasant Lake, IN 3D 12H 28M 37S
27026 Map Bubble 147.015+ 103.5 WB9UUS/R Normal, IL 5H 7M 8S
27027 Map Bubble WB9UUS Bloomington, IL 11S
27028 Map Bubble 442.700+ 107.2 WB9UUS/R Bloomington, IL 11S
27034 Map Bubble [HUB 2] KN2R SW Florida 1D 12H 11M 1S
27036 Map Bubble 147.105 +/136.5 136.5 KC4RPP Harry Naples,FL 15H 36M 17S
27038 Map Bubble 444.450 + 162.2 KC7DMF Deschutes County, OR 40M 51S
27043 Map Bubble 444.500 145.110 100.0 VE2REA Quebec, VA2III 145.310 Beauce 2D 14H 13M 40S
27044 Map Bubble 927.0250- 151.4 KE7JVX Mesa/AZ/USA 15H 36M 22S
27049 Map Bubble 927.000 074 W6REB Santa Cruz, Ca. 5H 9M 31S
27050 Map Bubble 439.775 127.3 W6REB Santa Cruz, Ca. 21H 34M 33S
27052 Map Bubble 146.565 141.3 W2GLD Pinckney, Michigan 5H 5M 28S
27053 Map Bubble 446.050 141.3 W2GLD Pinckney, Michigan 5H 9M 36S
27058 Map Bubble 438.300 123.0 N7ADV Ogden/Utah 5D 20H 14M 34S
27066 Map Bubble Raspberry Pi3 UKHUB Rossendale, Lancashire, UK 5H 9M 45S
27067 Map Bubble 445.900 88.5 W7FED Albuquerque, NM 5H 9M 5S
27074 Map Bubble NWLINK Hub 444.250 110.9 KC7TIG Spirit Lake, Id 5H 9M 33S
27079 Map Bubble 147.570 94.8 N8MBS Lebanon Ohio 5H 9M 12S
27080 Map Bubble TRASH RADIO HUB W7FED Albuquerque, NM 5H 9M 25S
27081 Map Bubble 443.850+ 100.0 KB6JYF EL PASO, TEXAS 39M 23S
27084 Map Bubble Hawaii Allstar Hub WH6FM Honolulu, HI 5H 8M 55S
27092 Map Bubble 444.275+ 100.0 KE7JVX Mesa/AZ/USA 5H 9M 40S
27103 Map Bubble Data Center CA KC9ZHV/R Olney, IL 5H 9M 41S
27110 Map Bubble KC1AR 2H 47M 59S
27112 Map Bubble 147.580 K7YWF glendale,nv 5H 10M 4S
27113 Map Bubble 446.860 - 100 K6IXQ Costa Mesa, CA 4H 35M 19S
27124 Map Bubble 147.240 + 103.5 N5TZV Louise, TX 6H 24M 35S
27125 Map Bubble KG4HOT 220 System 74.4 W4MEV Richmond, VA 3D 18H 11M 19S
27131 Map Bubble 444.100+ 107.2 NG7O/R Caldwell Idaho 5H 9M 48S
27133 Map Bubble HUB Node N5ZUA . 3D 19H 12M 6S
27141 Map Bubble NH6HI_NEWS NH6HI Kalaheo, Hawaii 5H 6M 54S
27142 Map Bubble 449.225 107.2 AA7RP Green Valley, AZ 5H 9M 1S
27144 Map Bubble 449.375 107.2 N7GV Green Valley, AZ 2H 10M 24S
27146 Map Bubble 444.500 + 103.5 W5ITZ Edna, TX 5H 9M 25S
27154 Map Bubble VK Intl Ragchew VK3IRL Adelaide, South Australia 5H 9M 16S
27165 Map Bubble 147.060- 100.0 VE3SRG Greater Sudbury, Ontario 15H 36M 17S
27167 Map Bubble 147.975 - 100.0 WI6RE Ridgecrest, CA 5H 9M 23S
27168 Map Bubble 145.43- 100 N7SKT Waddell/Arizona 1D 6H 22M 50S
27173 Map Bubble Hub KF5BRU Harrison ar. 3D 11H 30M 44S
27178 Map Bubble 147.000+ 107.2 WA6YBN Ridgecrest,CA 2H 51M 15S
271830 Map Bubble 147.525 91.5 VK3TKK Sunbury, Victoria 5H 7M 2S
271831 Map Bubble VK3TKK Sunbury 2H 27M 3S
27188 Map Bubble 444.875+ 127.3 KB4VSP/R Holts Summit, MO 2D 12H 39M 51S
27195 Map Bubble 444.800+ VE3UPS Parry Sound/Ontario 5H 9M 20S
27196 Map Bubble Conference Bridge AH6OD Queen Creek, Arizona USA 5H 9M 5S
27197 Map Bubble 446.000 131.8 W3IHM Mount Joy, PA 5H 9M 12S
27200 Map Bubble HUB node KB2EAR Ashburn, VA 1D 6H 22M 50S
27211 Map Bubble 442.575+ 103.5 VE3LSR Edgar, Ontario 1D 17H 7M 6S
27215 Map Bubble 100 KA6WIN n/a 5H 9M 15S
27222 Map Bubble 147.500 ZL4CEL Mosgiel, Otago, New Zealand 5H 9M 40S
27225 Map Bubble Philadelphia Hub WA3DSP Richboro, PA 18954 3D 3H 45M 17S
272290 Map Bubble 000.000- N5IMJ Roswell, NM 5H 9M 45S
27233 Map Bubble 53.710- 6 FM Network 74.4 N2KEJ Quinton, NJ 3D 18H 23M 8S
27235 Map Bubble Lanai Conf Bridge KH6CED Lanai City, Hawaii USA 5H 7M 10S
27244 Map Bubble HUB W7UDI Ellensburg, WA. 5H 9M 39S
27256 Map Bubble 70cm (On Dummy Load) 123.0 N9SNX Shirland, IL 3D 18H 11M 26S
27260 Map Bubble 444.725 114.8 W6APX Brentwood, CA 5H 9M 23S
27265 Map Bubble HUB KD3SU Boonsboro, MD 5D 15H 44M 33S
27266 Map Bubble 442.700+ 186.2 N3KZ Sheffield PA 1D 6H 23M 0S
27269 Map Bubble M-5 Tie-in 192.8 KK6RQ Clear Lake, IA 5H 9M 42S
27271 Map Bubble 446.025 100.0 N7JCT Spokane Valley, WA 5H 9M 32S
27273 Map Bubble 223.960- 110.0 K2ETS Watchung, NJ 3D 18H 10M 45S
27274 Map Bubble 146.940- 141.3 K2ETS Watchung, NJ 5H 5M 58S
27288 Map Bubble ERA HUB NODE VA3ERA Brantford ON 5H 9M 15S
27292 Map Bubble 147.180 + 71.9 K2IWR Cortland, New York USA 5H 9M 15S
27299 Map Bubble 442.950+ 94.8 KD3SU Boonsboro, MD 3D 20H 16M 38S
27305 Map Bubble WIRESX HISPANO 27075 CONF *EA8SPAIN* EA8EE Las Palmas 3D 16H 53M 48S
27313 Map Bubble 147.440 79.7 KD3SU Boonsboro, MD 3D 14H 23M 44S
27314 Map Bubble QRP 446.1 141.3 KD3SU Boonsboro, MD 3D 7H 14M 45S
27322 Map Bubble 444.2000+ 103.5 VA3NMK NEWMARKET ON 5H 7M 6S
27327 Map Bubble 147.560 simplex 100.00 K5NX Kingwood, Texas 3D 18H 11M 24S
27330 Map Bubble 443.800 + 91.5 N6WI berryville arkansas 5H 9M 45S
27339 Map Bubble East Coast HUB1 WB2JPQ Wilmington, NC, USA 4D 6H 25M 18S
27360 Map Bubble 447.700 107.2 WB9UUS Bloomington, IL 4H 34M 53S
27366 Map Bubble ARERT Conf Server N0VZC Chaska, MN. 5H 41M 41S
273770 Map Bubble Low Country 70200 N1RCW Bluffton,SC 4D 12H 16M 24S
273771 Map Bubble DMR Bridge N1RCW Bluffton,South Carolina 5H 9M 25S
273772 Map Bubble Local Hub N1RCW Bluffton,South Carolina 4H 31M 4S
27378 Map Bubble Bridge 0070 K5NX Bridge to IRLP 0070 5H 8M 57S
27383 Map Bubble 442.700+ 107.2 WB9UUS/R Normal, IL 5H 7M 0S
27392 Map Bubble Rob's Test Node KB5PBM Houston TX 15H 36M 20S
27404 Map Bubble SOUTHCARS HUB KB8ZGL USA 5H 6M 1S
27412 Map Bubble 146.940- 103.5 W9AML/R Bloomington, IL 5H 8M 49S
27426 Map Bubble 434.100 103.5 N9DOA Ypsilanti, MI 5H 5M 54S
27437 Map Bubble new ball joint 114.8 WI6H Data Center, SFO 5H 9M 39S
27438 Map Bubble 440.700 114.8 K6CV Data Center, SFO 5H 9M 37S
27439 Map Bubble 440.400 127.3 WB6WTM Data Center, SFO 5H 9M 45S
27454 Map Bubble DARN [Listen-Only] ----- K6VGP SoCal 5H 9M 47S
27455 Map Bubble 927 MHz South Hub NC9RS Sonora, CA 5H 9M 28S
27462 Map Bubble 446.025 Simplex 88.5 KF5GXZ Houston, Tx 1H 54M 42S
27465 Map Bubble 147.330+ 103.5 VA3BAL Ballantrae ON 5H 9M 35S
27468 Map Bubble 442.700+ 107.2 WB9UUS/R Normal, IL 5H 9M 25S
27470 Map Bubble 442.925+ 186.2 K3EMM Warren PA 1H 18M 43S
27471 Map Bubble 145.270- 123.0 KQ3M Hays Mill PA 5H 9M 39S
27485 Map Bubble 442.0000+ 162.2 VA3HAL Haliburton ON 1D 6H 22M 43S
27486 Map Bubble Wisconsin Hub A W9RCG Milwaukee/WI/USA 15H 36M 23S
27490 Map Bubble 147.550 Mhz 100 K7ZAA Myrtle Point Oregon 5H 9M 56S
27492 Map Bubble 437.500 71.9 M0AQC Gayton Le Marsh, Alford UK 5H 10M 3S
27507 Map Bubble 439.975 100.0 K7NBO Shingletown Ca. 5H 7M 32S
27511 Map Bubble 442.500 + 156.7 KD5KNZ Covington, LA 5H 9M 43S
27516 Map Bubble Experimental KD3SU Boonsboro, MD USA 5H 9M 47S
27517 Map Bubble Bridge to IRLP 0051 123.0 KD3SU Boonsboro, MD 5D 15H 44M 44S
27526 Map Bubble 438.575 67 VK3JD Port Melbourne,Vic, Australia 5H 9M 1S
27553 Map Bubble Nebraska_Hub 141.3 KC0EQA Hastings, Nebraska 3D 18H 11M 29S
27560 Map Bubble 146.730 173.8 WB3IGM Kane,Pa 5H 8M 59S
27576 Map Bubble N5HC Rio Rancho NM 5H 9M 41S
27578 Map Bubble NM5F Rio Rancho, NM 5H 9M 41S
27579 Map Bubble System test RTCM 100.0 WI6RE Ridgecrest, CA 3D 18H 21M 15S
27580 Map Bubble 443.700+ 100.0 NM5F Rio Rancho, NM 5H 9M 26S
27582 Map Bubble 146.820- Mauna Loa 100.0 WH6FM Hawaii 5H 9M 25S
27597 Map Bubble KL7M Anchorage, Alaska 3D 18H 20M 38S
27600 Map Bubble Misty Bridge Hub KC0SOK Dallas, TX 10D 6H 8M 25S
27610 Map Bubble 449.300- 100.0 W5BI Rio Rancho, NM 20M 49S
27618 Map Bubble N5HC Rio Rancho NM 5H 10M 7S
27619 Map Bubble DigiCommCafe HUB K5DCC-L Omaha, AR 1D 6H 23M 3S
27620 Map Bubble 927.775 -25 D 116 WD0EKR Canon City, Colorado 81212 3D 18H 20M 39S
276300 Map Bubble DVSwitch Hub KI4SWB Melbourne, FL 5H 9M 55S
27631 Map Bubble 224.620 -1.6 131.8 WB3EHB Vineland NJ 3D 6H 50M 57S
27634 Map Bubble 442.325 Sebastapol 100.0 N6AMG San Francisco, CA 5H 9M 52S
27637 Map Bubble 147.480 107.2 KI4SWB Melbourne, FL 3D 18H 21M 10S
27641 Map Bubble 440.375 Mt Umunhum 114.8 N6AMG San Francisco, CA 5H 10M 13S
27642 Map Bubble 927.1125 Mt Diablo 100.0 N6AMG San Francisco, CA 5H 9M 40S
27643 Map Bubble 440.300 127.3 WB6WTM El Cerrito 38M 19S
27650 Map Bubble K7ywf glendale nevada 3D 18H 0M 44S
27651 Map Bubble 147.52 k7ywf glendale nevada 5H 7M 36S
27654 Map Bubble MicroNode 927.5000 K5TRA 927-TECH 4H 13M 44S
27660 Map Bubble 443.875 + 167.9 N3LAD Northern Cambria, PA 1D 8H 8M 47S
27664 Map Bubble 442.900 77.0 W8MSU/R East Lansing, MI 5H 9M 32S
27665 Map Bubble 442000 203.5 K5KKO El Paso, Texas 5H 41M 48S
27669 Map Bubble 442.100 123.0 N5FAZ El Paso, Texas 3D 5H 3M 50S
27671 Map Bubble 224.280 -1.6 Mhz 85.4 N3XXH/R Williamsport, PA 4H 25M 51S
27675 Map Bubble 442.45+ 110.9 KB0WLF Salem, Missouri 5H 9M 12S
27680 Map Bubble 440.175(+) 100.0 N6TCT Gerlach, NV 15H 36M 20S
27684 Map Bubble 144.875 88.5 Telde EA8EE Las Palmas 4H 12M 59S
27685 Map Bubble SCRN Hub K6UHF Whittier, CA 1D 2H 39M 11S
27701 Map Bubble 443.375- 123.0 K3WS Washington, DC 5H 5M 39S
27709 Map Bubble 224.640- 107.2 W2SO/R Lancaster NY 5H 9M 43S
27713 Map Bubble 446.100 MHz 131.8 VA3OMP Ottawa, ON 3D 18H 11M 12S
27714 Map Bubble Idaho 900 Mhz Hub NB7C SW Idaho 5H 8M 59S
27715 Map Bubble 224.96 88.5 K5ILS Houston Texas 3D 18H 11M 35S
27720 Map Bubble KC2VRJ Goldsboro , NC 4H 10M 47S
27727 Map Bubble 147.315+ 123.0 WB9FDZ/R Baraboo, Wisconsin 21H 33M 18S
27739 Map Bubble 442.675+ 123.0 W8NSA Petoskey, Michigan 5H 9M 40S
27744 Map Bubble 444.1250+ 103.5 K8KHW Newport Ohio 5H 9M 11S
27748 Map Bubble 443.100+ 100.0 NM5SC Rio Rancho, NM 5H 7M 36S
27749 Map Bubble 147.100+ 100.0 NM5RR Rio Rancho, NM 5H 10M 7S
27750 Map Bubble 443.000+ 100 NM5RR Rio Rancho, NM 5H 9M 51S
27758 Map Bubble KA7G Lakeside, MT 4D 1H 9M 22S
27780 Map Bubble 224.22 -1.6 103.5 WA7FUS Brier, WA 8H 49M 51S
27791 Map Bubble 53.970 - 127.3 W3HZU York, PA 5H 6M 47S
27797 Map Bubble 224.280 131.8 W8KHW Columbus OH 3D 19H 38M 24S
27799 Map Bubble CODIG-Hub W8DIG Columbus, OH 5H 9M 37S
27833 Map Bubble 145.230 -600 107.2 K9IIK-R Schaumburg, IL 5H 9M 40S
27834 Map Bubble 146.700 114.8 K5ELP El Paso, Texas 5H 8M 49S
27837 Map Bubble 147.03 100.0 W6ABJ Mariposa, Ca 3D 18H 22M 57S
27838 Map Bubble 147.120 + 156.7 VE3OSH Oshawa, Ontario 37M 49S
27844 Map Bubble K7ZAA Myrtle Point Oregon 6H 3M 50S
27846 Map Bubble 146.88 - 103.5 GLS 103.5 WR5AAA . 13H 56M 21S
27849 Map Bubble 443.800+ 141.3 W8VT Oak Hill WV 5H 9M 39S
27854 Map Bubble 224.98- 123 WB8GRS Little Elm, TX 5H 9M 37S
27863 Map Bubble 446.275 - 100 K7ILO NW Las Vegas, NV. 15H 36M 18S
27869 Map Bubble 444.925 + PL110.9 110.9 KA4EPS/R Deerfield Beach, FL 15H 36M 29S
27870 Map Bubble 444.025 + PL107.2 107.2 KA4EPS/R Margate, FL 3D 6H 50M 47S
27871 Map Bubble 147.425 114.8 VK5LN PORT LINCOLN, South Australia 3D 18H 11M 38S
27873 Map Bubble 443.825+ PL 110.9 110.9 KA4EPS Jupiter, FL 5H 9M 12S
27875 Map Bubble 444.850 +5 PL 110.9 110.9 KA4EPS/R Lake Worth, FL 4H 38M 41S
27876 Map Bubble 444.850+ PL 107.2 107.2 KA4EPS Vero Beach, FL 5H 9M 43S
27877 Map Bubble 443.050 + PL 110.9 110.9 KA4EPS Sunrise, FL 15H 36M 21S
27878 Map Bubble 444.125 +5 PL94.8 94.8 KA4EPS Kendall, FL 5H 9M 1S
27879 Map Bubble 444.025 + PL94.8 94.8 KA4EPS/R Marathon Key, FL 5H 10M 0S
27887 Map Bubble 443.150 MHZ K6INC NECal District Scan 3D 18H 10M 50S
27891 Map Bubble 445.750 W8JTW Marietta Ohio 5H 9M 55S
27892 Map Bubble ***FLORIDA HUB*** HUB ONLY KA4EPS Deerfield Beach, FL 5H 9M 45S
27893 Map Bubble WH6FM RTCM Hub WH6FM Hawaii 9H 25M 56S
27904 Map Bubble 446.025 141.3 WB2SNN Loxahatchee FL 5H 4M 51S
27905 Map Bubble 443.550 + 141.3 WB2SNN South River, NJ 5H 9M 23S
27909 Map Bubble Hub Access Only K0KAD Spokane Valley, WA 3D 6H 50M 52S
27915 Map Bubble 144.940 KC9WKE Youngstown, Ohio 4H 13M 22S
27919 Map Bubble 224.620 - 103.5 VE3RSD Mississauga, ON 5H 9M 25S
27920 Map Bubble 147.225 + 71.9 KB2FAF Cortland, New York USA 5H 7M 19S
27921 Map Bubble KC1AR 2H 47M 59S
27924 Map Bubble KC1AR 2H 47M 59S
27931 Map Bubble 145.290 - Corsicana 146.2 KD5OXM North and Central Texas 5H 8M 53S
27936 Map Bubble 444.250 114.8 hz N6GKJ Lodi, CA 3D 13H 31M 52S
27938 Map Bubble 432.200 88.5 NH7QH AIEA/HAWAII/USA 5H 9M 34S
279450 Map Bubble [146.610- Rpt] 136.5 KN2R SW Florida 5H 9M 36S
27952 Map Bubble 449.650- 146.2 N7LD Las Vegas, NV 1D 1H 10M 45S
27955 Map Bubble 145.360- 100.0 WR7NV San Diego CA 5H 8M 50S
27959 Map Bubble 446.960- 136.5 WD6DIH Baker, CA 5H 9M 50S
27968 Map Bubble 53.010- 1M offset N7LD Las Vegas, NV 13M 44S
27973 Map Bubble 145.350 91.5 VK4DW Glenella Queensland Australia 3D 18H 21M 16S
27975 Map Bubble 000.0000 VE3ABZ Manitoba 4H 54M 8S
27976 Map Bubble 449.325 -5 PL103.5 103.5 KA4EPS Woodland Park, CO 5H 9M 27S
28006 Map Bubble 927/220 MHz - RPi 123 WB8GRS Portable/Mobile/Standby 5H 9M 25S
28007 Map Bubble 443.825+ 186.2 AJ3T grand valley,pa 1H 18M 47S
28020 Map Bubble UHF Hub WB6TNP Las Vegas 3D 18H 10M 59S
28021 Map Bubble 449.250- 141.3 WB6TNP Las Vegas, NV 5H 7M 35S
28022 Map Bubble UHF WB6TNP Boulder City, NV 1D 1H 10M 42S
28023 Map Bubble UHF WB6TNP Las Vegas, NV 5H 6M 59S
28024 Map Bubble UHF WB6TNP Laughlin, NV 5H 9M 25S
28027 Map Bubble DUMMY LOAD 141.3 WB6TNP Las Vegas, NV 4H 13M 4S
28028 Map Bubble UHF WB6TNP Yermo CA 4H 13M 3S
28029 Map Bubble UHF WB6TNP Scrub Peak, UT 5H 9M 36S
28030 Map Bubble 900 Hub WB6TNP Las Vegas 5H 9M 23S
28031 Map Bubble 927.0375- 141.3 WB6TNP Las Vegas, NV 5H 9M 11S
28032 Map Bubble 927.3125 D606 WB6TNP Boulder City, NV 5H 8M 50S
28033 Map Bubble 927.250 114.8 WB6TNP Las Vegas, NV 4H 35M 44S
28034 Map Bubble 927.8875 D606 WB6TNP Laughlin, NV 5H 9M 20S
28035 Map Bubble 224.500 131.8 WB6TNP Las Vegas, NV 1D 1H 10M 45S
28040 Map Bubble 441.550 + 123 K5ILS Katy Texas 5H 9M 36S
28050 Map Bubble HUB VE2SG St-Raymond. QC 5H 9M 50S
28052 Map Bubble 145.750 -600 88.5 ZS5PMB Pietermaritzburg, KZN 5H 5M 49S
28055 Map Bubble N4SV La Porte, Indiana 1D 6H 22M 53S
28061 Map Bubble 442.050 + 103.5 K5SOI Sweet Home, TX Lavaca County 3D 18H 21M 9S
28071 Map Bubble W5EVH Admin Server 5H 51M 43S
28079 Map Bubble 146.610 103.5 K9WRA Roanoke 3D 18H 11M 17S
28081 Map Bubble KC1AR 2H 47M 59S
28082 Map Bubble 146.980 - 100.0 K5RIC Nogal Mesa Lincoln County N M 5H 9M 43S
28088 Map Bubble KC1AR 2H 47M 59S
28093 Map Bubble 67 KC1AR New Glarus 5H 9M 40S
28094 Map Bubble 442.900 + 127.3 N3VSI Larry - Edgewood, MD 6D 16H 33M 44S
28095 Map Bubble KC1AR New Glarus 5H 9M 39S
28097 Map Bubble KC1AR New Glarus 5H 9M 26S
28098 Map Bubble KC1AR New Glarus 1D 13H 34M 14S
28107 Map Bubble 145.330 - 103.5 W5ITZ Edna, TX 1H 46M 11S
28113 Map Bubble 145.110 - Fairfiled 146.2 KD5OXM Corsicana, Texas 5H 9M 47S
28114 Map Bubble nothing right now KD5OXM Corsicana, Texas 5H 8M 53S
28123 Map Bubble HUB W5LOS GC HUB 28123 3D 6H 50M 54S
28127 Map Bubble AH6HI HUB AH6HI Honolulu, Hawaii USA 5H 9M 24S
28131 Map Bubble 146.880- 74.4 W3WAN Lebanon, PA 5H 4M 48S
28137 Map Bubble 443.175 + 156.7 WA7I Kingman, AZ 5H 9M 41S
28144 Map Bubble 440.300 100.0 W5EVH Home 5H 6M 59S
28162 Map Bubble 145.330 -600 88.5 N7FM Spokane, WA 5H 9M 55S
28163 Map Bubble 430.175 MHZ +1.6 MHZ 88.5 IR0UAS Assisi Perugia Italia 5H 9M 1S
28175 Map Bubble 439.075 -7.6 DB0POB Kalvarienberg 2H 38M 50S
28176 Map Bubble 147.080+ 100.0 NM5SC Rio Rancho, NM 5H 7M 8S
28183 Map Bubble 927.3125 606 W2YMM Long Island, NY 5H 7M 21S
28185 Map Bubble 443.650 +5 MHz 77.0 K8GP/R Bluemont, VA 5H 9M 5S
28189 Map Bubble 442.925+ 100.0 KE7JVX White Tank Mountain 4H 13M 17S
28202 Map Bubble 430.8500 + 7.6 71.9 GB7EI North Uist Scotland 3D 17H 38M 33S
28203 Map Bubble 145.6125 -0.6 88.5 GB3EI North Uist Scotland 3D 18H 21M 4S
28204 Map Bubble 224.400 77.0 W4BRM/R Haymarket, VA 5H 9M 27S
28218 Map Bubble 442.100 Simplex 123.0 KG7SS Las Vegas, Nevada 5H 9M 40S
28231 Map Bubble 50.400 88.5 ZS5PMB Pietermaritzburg, KZN 5H 9M 28S
28232 Map Bubble 444.175 +5 123.0 KC5CZX Lubbock TX 3D 18H 21M 15S
28237 Map Bubble Mi5 DMR PATCH1 100.0 W8FSM Fenton, Michigan 3D 18H 19M 43S
28244 Map Bubble KE5JTS Woodbridge, CA 3D 18H 20M 53S
28254 Map Bubble Fall River MA Hub 141.3 WB0YLE Fall River MA 3D 18H 21M 39S
28255 Map Bubble Test MicroNode KB5NFT Carrollton, TX 5H 9M 25S
28256 Map Bubble 446.175 Simplex 110.9 W7PRV Seal Rock, OR 3D 18H 10M 30S
28258 Map Bubble 927.4750 131.8 WA2WWK Amherst/NY 5H 9M 40S
28265 Map Bubble UHF1 162.2 W8FSM Fenton, MI 2D 15H 50M 10S
28266 Map Bubble 443.200+ 151.4PL 151.4 KC8YGT Fenton, MI 5H 9M 39S
28270 Map Bubble 146.780- 151.4 W8CMN Fenton, Michigan 3D 18H 10M 53S
28272 Map Bubble 145.330 103.5 N8ERL Saginaw, Michigan 5H 8M 58S
28284 Map Bubble 442.750+ 136.5 AH6GR Wailuku Hawaii 6H 4M 12S
28288 Map Bubble ARC ARES RACES EchoL KB5NFT Carrollton, TX USA 5H 9M 1S
28298 Map Bubble Cañon Gateway n/a WE0FUN Cañon City, Colorado 5H 7M 34S
28299 Map Bubble WE0FUN Canon City, Colorado 20H 38M 23S
28301 Map Bubble 448.075 100.0 AJ9Y TOLLESON, AZ 5H 8M 58S
28302 Map Bubble WKIS HUB N7JYS Russell, Ks. 1D 1H 17M 49S
28315 Map Bubble 430.0125MHz MB7AGF Greenfield, Oldham UK 5H 9M 57S
28316 Map Bubble 446.150 Simplex N4DJJ Naples, Florida 7D 1H 35M 47S
28317 Map Bubble N4DJJ naples fl 3D 19H 16M 13S
28318 Map Bubble 223.460 127.3 KD6LKM Modesto Ca. 5D 13H 12M 30S
28319 Map Bubble 430MHz G3SNA Greenfield, Oldham UK 10D 4H 57M 53S
28320 Map Bubble 147.030 71.9 KB2FAF Solon, Cortland County, NY USA 3D 7H 18M 36S
28325 Map Bubble 146.865(-) Repeater 123.0 W3YT 123.0 Hz Treasure Island, FL 5H 9M 12S
28332 Map Bubble SWFL Gulf Coast HUB N2FSU Lehigh Acres, FL 5H 9M 11S
283340 Map Bubble Hub K8ARW Columbus, OH 3D 8H 32M 40S
283341 Map Bubble Hub K8ARW Columbus, OH 6H 3M 50S
283342 Map Bubble Hub K8ARW Columbus, OH 5H 9M 11S
283343 Map Bubble DMR K8ARW Columbus, OH 5H 9M 37S
283344 Map Bubble P25 K8ARW Columbus, OH 5H 9M 56S
283345 Map Bubble Hub K8ARW Columbus, OH 5H 7M 3S
283346 Map Bubble Hub K8ARW Columbus, OH 5H 10M 1S
28341 Map Bubble WB2JPQ Eden, NY, USA 5H 9M 15S
28348 Map Bubble 439.775 91.5 VK7AX Ulverstone, Tasmania 3D 18H 11M 2S
28353 Map Bubble 442.300 + 127.3 KE5WFD Angleton, TX - Brazoria County 5H 8M 53S
28357 Map Bubble 439.575 PL 118.8 118.8 K5TUX Mount Vernon, Missouri 3D 18H 21M 4S
28358 Map Bubble HUB N7FM Spokane, WA 5H 8M 57S
28360 Map Bubble 441.000 107.2 KE5JTS Woodbridge, CA 5H 5M 57S
28362 Map Bubble 440.375MHz 162.2 AB4CC Roseville, California 10D 6H 8M 33S
28365 Map Bubble 444.275 + 123.0 N6SPD Monterey, Ca 3D 18H 11M 43S
28366 Map Bubble 445.350 pl 131.8 N3VSI Larry - Edgewood, Md 5H 10M 51S
28368 Map Bubble WE0FUN Denver, Colorado 5H 8M 57S
28377 Map Bubble 146.700- Repeater 110.9 NH6M Kailua-Kona, Hawaii USA 3D 19H 17M 25S
28382 Map Bubble 444.775+ 110.9 AA5R Austin TX 5H 8M 58S
28383 Map Bubble 223.440 100.0 K7NBO North Bend / Or 5H 7M 34S
28387 Map Bubble 223.520 Simplex 100 AH6OD Queen Creek, Arizona USA 5H 9M 37S
28388 Map Bubble K7NBO North Bend / Or 1D 18H 41M 51S
28395 Map Bubble 443.05 + 141.1 W2XTV Little Falls, NJ 5H 9M 55S
28399 Map Bubble 147.560 100.0 W7UPS Nine Mile Falls Washington 5H 8M 58S
28405 Map Bubble 224.120- 103.5 KD2SL Syracuse, NY 5H 9M 15S
28406 Map Bubble K2XI Farmington, AR 5H 6M 50S
28409 Map Bubble 433.500 simplex 103.5 N6RXL Yucaipa,Ca. 5H 9M 25S
28417 Map Bubble 147.480 156.7 VE3WWT Toronto Ontario Canada 10D 6H 8M 39S
28418 Map Bubble 146.415 Simplex 82.5 K6DNN Sonora Calif 5H 7M 36S
284220 Map Bubble 439.025 - 7.6 131.8 4Z1UG Efrat/Israel 1D 2H 30M 22S
28424 Map Bubble Kanaka Allstar Hub NH6WT Hilo, Hawaii USA 1D 6H 22M 55S
28434 Map Bubble 447.150- 136.5 K0VQ Carbondale, CO 5H 9M 27S
28435 Map Bubble 447.825 RMT Orem, UT KR1P Layton, UT 5D 9H 47M 30S
28439 Map Bubble 146.400 100 AH6JA Hilo, Hawaii USA 5H 6M 20S
28442 Map Bubble PACNW HUB W6REB Capitola, Ca. 5H 9M 1S
28449 Map Bubble NG8Y Morrow ,OH 3D 18H 19M 33S
28450 Map Bubble 145.130 127.3 N9LKH Milwaukee/WI 15H 36M 19S
28452 Map Bubble 441.525 + 100.0 100.0 KW5C Beaumont, TX 10D 6H 8M 39S
28457 Map Bubble 223.44 100 KB6EMJ Tracy Ca. 5H 5M 52S
28458 Map Bubble 443.150 71.9 K2MST Armory Square, Syracuse, NY 5H 7M 0S
28462 Map Bubble 441.625 100.0 W7TWA Seattle,WA 3D 13H 47M 23S
28463 Map Bubble AllStar <--> IRLP KR1P Layton, UT 5H 18M 2S
28464 Map Bubble BRIDGE to YSF 44444 KR1P Layton, UT 15H 36M 24S
28465 Map Bubble BRIDGE to DMR 76ers KR1P Layton, UT 5H 9M 46S
28467 Map Bubble 439.165 123.0 VK3ANT Point Cook, Vic 3D 18H 20M 38S
28468 Map Bubble 145.2375 118.8 G0LCE Cramlington UK 3D 17H 58M 34S
28477 Map Bubble 146.500 SIMPLEX 100.0 NH6WT Hilo, Hawaii USA 5H 9M 37S
284840 Map Bubble VE3PRD Hammond, Ontario 5D 17H 12M 36S
28501 Map Bubble 146.5000 67.0 K2XI Farmington, AR 4H 28M 48S
28502 Map Bubble 145.575 100 N4XLD Mendon,MI 5H 4M 24S
28503 Map Bubble The Dukes Bridge 100.0 N4XLD Mendon,MI 4H 29M 42S
28507 Map Bubble 443.900 VE3WOO Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5H 10M 59S
28508 Map Bubble HAWAIIAN Allstar HUB AH6OD Silicon Valley, California USA 5H 9M 5S
28509 Map Bubble 442.525+ 103.5 VE3UHM Hamilton ON 5H 10M 7S
28516 Map Bubble 442.750 103.5 VE3OBN Toronto, Ontario, Canada 4H 13M 49S
28523 Map Bubble 000.0000 67.0 KD4HLV Cheektowaga, NY 5H 8M 49S
28527 Map Bubble KB5PBM Houston TX 2D 22H 52M 56S
28528 Map Bubble KB5PBM Houston TX 2D 22H 52M 56S
28535 Map Bubble D-Star XRF850C DB0POB Kalvarienberg 2H 38M 50S
28554 Map Bubble Home HUB to ASL GW RU3AID Moscow 5H 7M 4S
28557 Map Bubble 449.8000 131.8 N6JFO Las Vegas NV 5H 8M 53S
28558 Map Bubble CRHRC Hub Node 103.5 W5ITZ Jackson County, TX 5H 10M 29S
28563 Map Bubble 123.0 N9GMT Milwaukee, WI 5H 9M 31S
28564 Map Bubble 430.075 118.8 MB7AAB Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK 5H 9M 11S
28568 Map Bubble 927.550- 100.0 KC6NKK Barstow, CA 3D 18H 10M 40S
28569 Map Bubble 443.200+ 127.3 KB9LFZ Tyler, TX 15H 36M 25S
28574 Map Bubble 4Z1UG Efrat, Israel 5H 9M 15S
28588 Map Bubble 444.700 141.3 W4VS Valdosta, GA 5H 8M 58S
28591 Map Bubble Arizona HUB Alt KE7JVX Mesa/AZ/USA 5H 7M 36S
28592 Map Bubble Arizona HUB KE7JVX Chandler/Arizona/USA 5H 9M 28S
28593 Map Bubble 145.450 91.5 VK2HK Sydney, NSW, Australia 15H 36M 28S
28597 Map Bubble Radio-less VK8MT Darwin NT (Pi3) 5H 9M 37S
28599 Map Bubble 927.1125 141.3 W2DB Crowley 5H 8M 58S
286000 Map Bubble VK8 HUB - Darwin VK8MT Darwin NT (Pi3) 5H 7M 32S
28606 Map Bubble 145.750 -0.6 DB0ZM Munich 3D 6H 50M 48S
28608 Map Bubble 146.750 - (VK6RLM) VK6ZGN Perth - Western Australia 1H 53M 57S
28609 Map Bubble 444.775 + 100.0 N5ZUA Addicks, TX 15H 36M 14S
28612 Map Bubble 224.580- 88.5 K6PQN Upland, Calif. 3D 18H 21M 15S
28617 Map Bubble 448.425- 103.5 KE7JVX Pinal Peak, AZ 5H 8M 49S
28619 Map Bubble 1283.650- 100.0 KE7JVX Pinal Peak, AZ 5H 8M 58S
28639 Map Bubble W8JL Marietta, Ohio 5H 10M 13S
28640 Map Bubble STxLS HUB NV5TX 9H 10M 23S
28641 Map Bubble Bench 1 Stupid Load W5EVH 5H 8M 53S
28642 Map Bubble EchoLink Gateway NV5TX-L NV5TX 5H 6M 51S
28643 Map Bubble IRLP GateWay to 9457 W5EVH 5H 7M 36S
28645 Map Bubble RTCM Portable Node W5EVH 5H 9M 11S
28646 Map Bubble 443.300+ 100.0 W5EVH Carrizo Springs, TX 5H 9M 29S
28647 Map Bubble 147.300 103.5 WD5IEH 5H 7M 36S
28650 Map Bubble SipServer W5EVH Admin Server 5H 5M 48S
28658 Map Bubble Freq. Agile Rmt Base KC5AFM Texas 5H 9M 31S
28659 Map Bubble 147.540 156.7 VA3XY Acton Ontario Canada 5H 9M 43S
28677 Map Bubble 444.925 123.0 NE7AL Bigfork, Montana 5H 9M 22S
28678 Map Bubble 443.625 100.0 NE7AL mobile could be anywhere 5H 9M 43S
28680 Map Bubble KL3RH Moab, Utah 5H 9M 16S
28697 Map Bubble 446.860- 100 K6IXQ Costa Mesa 3D 6H 51M 0S
28701 Map Bubble 147.390+ 162.2 VE3APL Apsley, ON 3D 18H 11M 5S
28702 Map Bubble 146.895- 162.2 VE3BUY Cobourg, ON 5H 6M 0S
28703 Map Bubble 146.625- 162.2 VE3PBO Peterborough, ON 5H 9M 11S
28704 Map Bubble 444.575+ 162.2 VA3PBO Peterborough, ON 5H 9M 40S
28723 Map Bubble W7UDI Ellensburg, WA. 5H 10M 5S
28735 Map Bubble KC1AR New Glarus 5H 9M 47S
28737 Map Bubble 224.480 88.5 WD5ETD Keetonville, OK 5H 9M 31S
28757 Map Bubble 145.340- 100.0 KC0MLT Beatrice, Nebraska 5H 7M 34S
28758 Map Bubble UHF 123.0 KE7AZS Waukesha, WI 5H 9M 47S
28761 Map Bubble 145.230- 77.0 W3WAN Tannersville, PA 5H 4M 28S
28762 Map Bubble 443.8125+ 103.5 VE3RSD Mississauga, ON 15H 36M 27S
28775 Map Bubble 444.000 114.8 KP4EOP Wheeling, IL 5H 9M 20S
28776 Map Bubble 448.150- 100.0 KB9EZX Aguas Buenas, PR 5H 9M 15S
28785 Map Bubble Echolink 429456 KC9WKE Youngstown, Ohio 4H 19M 2S
28788 Map Bubble 448.900- 67.0 K6PNG Victorville, CA 5H 9M 55S
287890 Map Bubble General Use Hub AllStarlink Hub WM8TG/H Wyoming MI 2H 33M 22S
287891 Map Bubble WMTG EL HUB AllStarlink Hub WM8TG/EL Wyoming MI 2H 33M 18S
287893 Map Bubble 31269 Link WMTG TS2 CC1 WM8TG/DMR Wyoming MI 2H 33M 30S
28790 Map Bubble 145.270 94.8 W8LRC/R Lowell, MI 5H 9M 54S
28791 Map Bubble STL LINK KC9WKE Youngstown, Ohio 4H 19M 3S
28796 Map Bubble 443.100+5mhz/67 67 KC4RPP Naples, FL 5H 9M 35S
28809 Map Bubble HUB1 (ABQ) K5URR Albuquerque NM 5H 7M 25S
28812 Map Bubble 439.000 100 W8CTC Hillsboro,OH 5H 9M 55S
28814 Map Bubble HUB2 (ABQ) K5URR Albuquerque NM 5H 15M 45S
28815 Map Bubble HUB3 (ABQ) K5URR Albuquerque NM 5H 7M 11S
28818 Map Bubble 430.0750Mhz 118.8 MB7AJD Scotland NT62 1D 6H 22M 50S
28824 Map Bubble KB8ZGL PORTABLE USA 5H 8M 52S
28827 Map Bubble 147.550 100.0 KF5BRU Harrison,AR 5H 8M 58S
28828 Map Bubble 442.050 162.2 K5BIQ Rio Rancho, NM 4H 35M 19S
28839 Map Bubble 444.825+ 100.0 Hz. PL KF6QBW Cresent City CA. 5H 5M 6S
28846 Map Bubble 146.505 156.7 VE3SYY Orillia, ON 5H 9M 32S
28847 Map Bubble 446.375 100 K2EAG Eggertsville, NY 5H 8M 49S
28848 Map Bubble WXTalk Cloud Hub KC5FM Newkirk, OK 5H 9M 49S
28849 Map Bubble 435.1 162.2 KC5FM Newkirk, OK 4H 13M 57S
28854 Map Bubble 446.100 103.5 K7MCD Lake Havasu City, AZ 5H 9M 26S
28856 Map Bubble 927.075- 218.1 KA5D UT Austin TX 5H 9M 11S
28868 Map Bubble ASL Digital Hub WB0YLE Morrisville PA 5H 9M 49S
28883 Map Bubble 147.435 107.2 KD6GDB Tehachapi, Ca 3D 18H 22M 17S
28884 Map Bubble KD6GDB Tehachapi, Ca 17M 47S
28885 Map Bubble 445.040 107.2 KD6GDB Tehachapi, Ca 1M 24S
28887 Map Bubble KD6GDB Tehachapi, Ca 5H 5M 23S
28891 Map Bubble Kansas City, MO HUB KA0YIW Kansas City, MO 5H 9M 47S
28915 Map Bubble Dvswitch KC9WKE Youngstown, Ohio 4H 19M 2S
28921 Map Bubble KC2VNM Elizabeth NJ 5H 5M 17S
28941 Map Bubble 443.300+ 103.5 W5DEL Oklahoma City, Ok 3D 18H 11M 40S
289890 Map Bubble 446.475- Simulcast 114.8 N3FYI Lancaster, PA 5H 7M 33S
28991 Map Bubble Echolink/IaxRpt K6PBT WaCo-NV 11H 0M 26S
29005 Map Bubble 446.025 100.00 KE7MTF Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815 3D 4H 22M 30S
29006 Map Bubble Headset at the bench KE7MTF Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815 5H 5M 47S
29010 Map Bubble Simplex Node 67.0 KA5D Austin TX 5H 8M 58S
29014 Map Bubble PHL LOCAL HUB WA3DSP Richboro 2D 2H 46M 17S
29015 Map Bubble PHL DIGITAL HUB WA3DSP Richboro, PA 3D 18H 10M 39S
29017 Map Bubble 444.425 + 100.0 N7FM Spokane, WA 5H 8M 58S
29025 Map Bubble 444.525 103.5 VE3OBI Oshawa/Ontario/Canada 3H 15M 14S
29026 Map Bubble 442.9000 100 N5JMD LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA 1H 4M 18S
29042 Map Bubble SM0KJD Sweden Haninge 1H 59M 49S
29055 Map Bubble 927.225- 141.3 KB6BZZ Apple Valley, CA 3D 0H 27M 41S
29076 Map Bubble Echolink (KA0YIW-L) KA0YIW Kansas City, MO 5H 3M 55S
29090 Map Bubble K2XI Farmington, AR 4H 45M 34S
29091 Map Bubble K2XI Farmington, AR 4H 27M 23S
29092 Map Bubble K2XI Farmington, AR 4H 45M 37S
29096 Map Bubble 444.525 - SHARI 103.5 K8SN Ada MI 2H 33M 24S
29103 Map Bubble 145.130 Mhz 67.0 KC2RQR Staten Island, NY 5H 9M 1S
29106 Map Bubble HUB KC9WKE Youngstown, Ohio 4H 19M 1S
29109 Map Bubble 442.100+ 103.5 WA3UV Clermont, FL 5H 9M 35S
29112 Map Bubble KB9BNA Milwaukee, WI 5H 9M 32S
29114 Map Bubble 145.337.5 88.5 EA2BKH Zaragoza/España 5H 9M 48S
29115 Map Bubble 146.700- 162.2 KC7MRQ Boulder, MT 3D 18H 22M 9S
29119 Map Bubble *AREC* Echolink KJ4QAL St.Petersburg, FL USA 3D 18H 10M 53S
29120 Map Bubble 2 METER REPEATER 91.5 W6WCN YSF/ANALOG/DMR. 3D 18H 20M 54S
29121 Map Bubble 2METER simplex W6WCN YSF/ANALOG/DMR. 5H 10M 14S
29127 Map Bubble RADIOLESS No W6WCN SAN DIEGO CA. 3D 18H 11M 43S
29130 Map Bubble Pinoy DaldalanALSTR Pinoy Daldalan W6WCN YSF/ANALOG/DMR. 5H 9M 32S
29133 Map Bubble 146.850- 156.7 VE3LSR Edgar, Ontario 1D 17H 7M 6S
29135 Map Bubble 443.2750 LOW LEVEL 103.5 K7AZ Lompoc CA 5H 7M 13S
29141 Map Bubble 446.100 S 100.0 100.0 KB3ICC Addicks, TX 1D 12H 5M 54S
29152 Map Bubble 224.480- 110.9 W7EB Las Vegas, NV 5H 9M 36S
29154 Map Bubble 147.315+ 156.7 VE3LSR Edgar, Ontario 5H 9M 59S
29174 Map Bubble AARG Bench Hub K7AZ Lompoc CA 5H 4M 55S
29186 Map Bubble [444.725+ Rpt] 136.5 KN2R SW Florida 1D 12H 11M 0S
29206 Map Bubble 449.250- 445N KC7WSU Lindon, Utah, USA 15H 18M 53S
29216 Map Bubble AARG Test Hub K7AZ Lompoc CA 5H 3M 53S
29227 Map Bubble 900 Hub N6EX Southern California 3D 6H 50M 55S
29230 Map Bubble 146.760 110.9 K8ATX Bessemer/MI 3D 18H 24M 32S
29231 Map Bubble ANALOG/DMR HUB TG-5153 salinas 5H 8M 53S
29254 Map Bubble Local Hub 4X1ZQ Petah-Tikva, Israel 5H 7M 36S
29259 Map Bubble 145.500 167.9 NP2Q ST.THOMAS VIRGIN ISLAND 1D 6H 22M 59S
29265 Map Bubble 147.250 123.0 WL7LP North Pole, Alaska 5H 9M 56S
292710 Map Bubble KD8GVO Hilo, Hi 5H 9M 27S
292711 Map Bubble KD8GVO-L Echolk Node KD8GVO Hilo, Hi 5H 9M 31S
29273 Map Bubble 445.040 - 107.3 KD6GDB Tehachapi CA 3D 12H 34M 23S
29275 Map Bubble 443.2750 +5 AARG 91.5 K7AZ Lompoc CA 3H 41M 53S
29276 Map Bubble AARG RTCM TEST HUB K7AZ Lompoc CA 4H 30M 21S
29277 Map Bubble KAUAI HUB WH6FG Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii USA 3D 3H 48M 27S
29278 Map Bubble 445.860 114.8 K6PQN UPLAND, CA. 5H 9M 37S
29279 Map Bubble 223.840- none N7HYV Pahrump,NV 5H 9M 58S
29280 Map Bubble 927.3250 114.8 K6PQN Upland, CA. 4H 13M 18S
29283 Map Bubble 224.660 -1.6 KB8JNM-R East Liverpool, Ohio 5H 9M 27S
29284 Map Bubble 53.09/52.09 KB8JNM-R East Liverpool, Ohio 5H 9M 5S
29285 Map Bubble 442.925+ KB8JNM-R East Liverpool, Ohio 5H 9M 41S
29297 Map Bubble Digital Bridge AC1KV Cloud 15H 36M 23S
29299 Map Bubble 441.300 + 100.0 KB5ELT Houston Texas 5H 10M 32S
29305 Map Bubble 147.435 PL 88.5 N1RCW Bluffton,SC 5H 7M 34S
29306 Map Bubble 927.0125 225.7 K6SJH Palm Springs, CA 5H 8M 49S
29309 Map Bubble 446.025 D131 N1CTF Columbus, Ohio 5H 9M 58S
29310 Map Bubble 223.510 156.7 VA3XY Mobile 5H 9M 45S
29311 Map Bubble 147.000 mhz + 100.0 KH6S Kalaheo, Kauai, Hi. 5H 8M 58S
29313 Map Bubble 80m - 70cm All Mode N1CTF Columbus, Ohio 2D 20H 10M 27S
29314 Map Bubble Test Dummy Node inaudible KB9LFZ Tyler, TX 5H 8M 58S
29323 Map Bubble 442.250 + 100.0 KH6S Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii 5H 6M 39S
29324 Map Bubble 147.120+ 67.0 K5LEW Taos County, NM 5H 9M 19S
29325 Map Bubble 147.435 SMPLX 100.0 KH6CED Lanai City, Hawaii USA 5H 10M 14S
29332 Map Bubble Alaska AllStar Hub WL7LP North Pole, Alaska 5H 9M 39S
29341 Map Bubble 443.275+ 103.5 VA3PWR Newmarket Ontario 5H 5M 20S
29342 Map Bubble 448.875 MHz - 114.8 K7RSW K 5H 9M 37S
29345 Map Bubble Link to Dstar XRF727 KJ4QAL St.Petersburg, FL USA 6H 5M 29S
29346 Map Bubble IRLP EXP0059 KJ4QAL St.Petersburg, FL USA 5H 9M 58S
29347 Map Bubble KJ4QAL St.Petersburg, FL USA 5H 10M 12S
29348 Map Bubble KJ4QAL St.Petersburg, FL USA 15H 36M 16S
29349 Map Bubble KJ4QAL St.Petersburg, FL USA 5H 8M 49S
29350 Map Bubble Zello Bridge KJ4QAL St.Petersburg, FL USA 5H 9M 46S
29351 Map Bubble KJ4QAL St.Petersburg, FL USA 5H 9M 20S
29352 Map Bubble KJ4QAL St.Petersburg, FL USA 5H 9M 24S
29357 Map Bubble 145.330- 127.3 KS2D Jamestown NY 5H 5M 58S
29359 Map Bubble 147.105+ 173.8 N3JGT Sigel PA 5H 4M 21S
29361 Map Bubble KJ6ART Turlock, CA 5H 8M 58S
29368 Map Bubble 430.0625 71.9 MB7ALB Rotherham South Yorkshire UK 5H 9M 32S
29372 Map Bubble 147.210+ 156.7 VE3ORR Orillia, ON 5H 9M 20S
29407 Map Bubble 449.800 -5 141.3 N7GWW Coulee Dam, WA 5H 9M 52S
29419 Map Bubble 146.625 100.0 KA3KDL Reading, Pa 5S
294260 Map Bubble 147.570 107.2 W6TCD 95340 4H 12M 46S
29429 Map Bubble Portable Node HUB KA0YIW Kansas City, MO 5H 7M 1S
29432 Map Bubble 147.000+ 162.2 K6CLX-R Calexico, CA 5H 9M 48S
29436 Map Bubble Hub HUB K0GUR Denver, Colorado 5H 9M 11S
29445 Map Bubble YES 400 ???? Earth 5H 9M 28S
29447 Map Bubble 447.600 141.3 WB6TNP Kingman AZ 1D 1H 10M 36S
29448 Map Bubble 927.475- WB6TNP Kingman AZ 5H 5M 46S
29452 Map Bubble 145.535 127.3 KJ6KFB Florin, California 8S
29454 Map Bubble 927.700 simplex 91.4 W6IZK Phoenix, AZ 5H 9M 43S
29465 Map Bubble 146.920 131.8 W5DK Canyon Lake 5H 8M 53S
29466 Map Bubble 224.580 131.8 W5DK Anhalt, TX 15H 36M 37S
29474 Map Bubble 927.1375 - D411 N6EX Southern California 5H 9M 31S
29475 Map Bubble 927.1500 - D411 N6EX Southern California 5H 9M 56S
29476 Map Bubble 927.1750- D411 N6EX Southern California 5H 8M 59S
29480 Map Bubble HUB DPL WA6JQV Vacaville,Ca. 5H 8M 53S
29482 Map Bubble Echolink GW AB5JK-R AB5JK Dallas Texas 5H 6M 56S
29483 Map Bubble IAX-RPT GW SVR-2 Server 2 AB5JK Dallas Texas 5H 7M 13S
29484 Map Bubble HUB Node AB5JK Dallas Texas 2D 8H 8M 59S
29485 Map Bubble DMR XLX830-D Server 3 AB5JK Dallas Texas 3D 6H 50M 50S
29486 Map Bubble 146.620 - 100.0 AB5JK Uvalde TX 5H 9M 32S
29487 Map Bubble IAX-RPT GW SVR-1 Server 1 AB5JK Dallas Texas 2D 8H 8M 59S
29488 Map Bubble EchoLink GW AB5JK-L AB5JK Dallas Texas 5H 9M 48S
29489 Map Bubble Backup-HUB-Server-2 Server 2 AB5JK Dallas Texas 2D 8H 8M 5S
29490 Map Bubble DMR TG-3148905 SVR-2 Server 2 AB5JK Dallas Texas 2D 8H 8M 5S
29496 Map Bubble Beckley X Mode Hub W8VT Oak Hill WV 5H 9M 33S
29508 Map Bubble W6GAA/R PV 224.660- ~ 100.0 W6RE Palos Verdes, California, USA 3D 9H 22M 27S
29510 Map Bubble LRS Cross Connect W3KKC Mayville NY 5H 9M 1S
29511 Map Bubble 53.61- 127.3 WB2EDV Sherman NY 1D 23H 38M 32S
29512 Map Bubble 442.750+ 88.5 WB2EDV Sherman NY 1D 23H 38M 32S
29513 Map Bubble 444.400+ 88.5 KD3IJ Bradford PA 1D 23H 38M 32S
29514 Map Bubble 443.000+ 107.2 WB2DSS Perrysburg NY 5H 9M 56S
29516 Map Bubble 444.450+ 88.5 WB2EDV Mayville NY 5H 9M 16S
29517 Map Bubble 444.350+ 88.5 W2SB Fredonia NY 5H 7M 36S
29518 Map Bubble 53.31- 127.3 W3VG Limestone NY 5H 9M 39S
29520 Map Bubble ham shack K5TRA Austin, TX 5H 11M 8S
29521 Map Bubble Austin 900 MHz HUB network K5TRA Austin, TX 5H 8M 49S
29522 Map Bubble 927.0375 141.3 / D532 K5TRA Austin, TX 15H 9M 25S
29567 Map Bubble ProxMox Test Hub KB9LFZ GroupM7, Tyler, TX 3D 18H 10M 38S
29572 Map Bubble 900MHz testing KB9LFZ Tyler, TX 5H 9M 40S
29584 Map Bubble 444.525 107.2 W6TCD Merced, Ca 3D 22H 2M 41S
29591 Map Bubble /R 146.715 74.4 N2FSU Lehigh Acres, Fl. 5D 16H 15M 49S
29592 Map Bubble Echolink 29592 N2FSU Lehigh Acres, FL 5H 9M 26S
29593 Map Bubble KB7QLT Bountiful City, UT 3D 14H 7M 50S
295990 Map Bubble 147.180MHz (+600kHz) 162.2 XE2SJN Nogales,Sonora Mexico 3D 13H 57M 40S
29600 Map Bubble 440.675 + 107.2 N7OKN Mesa, Arizona 5H 9M 43S
29605 Map Bubble VE2CEV Covey Hill,QC,Canada 5H 9M 5S
29606 Map Bubble 449.120 - 67.0 K6PNG Barstow CA 5H 5M 46S
29619 Map Bubble 146.640 103.5 KW5C Beaumont,Tx 5H 9M 45S
29645 Map Bubble W9RCM Orbit 3D 18H 11M 2S
29655 Map Bubble 441.700 DCS023 W5OMR Slendora, Tx 5H 9M 35S
29658 Map Bubble 927.0625 203.5 K5TRA Georgetown, TX 5H 9M 36S
29659 Map Bubble 927.0750 218.1 K5TRA San Antonio, TX 5H 9M 46S
29683 Map Bubble PRIVATE K9NZF Indiana 3D 6H 50M 57S
29689 Map Bubble W8AGT Rockford, MI 2D 6H 38M 34S
29690 Map Bubble 927.6875 131.8 W8AGT Rockford, MI 2D 6H 38M 34S
29691 Map Bubble 444.950 MHZ 162.2hz KB6LED San Francisco Bay Area CA 5H 8M 53S
29699 Map Bubble N4XLD Mendon,MI 5H 4M 54S
29700 Map Bubble N4XLD Mendon,MI 4H 11M 23S
29715 Map Bubble 147.420 smplx 100 KH6GQM Kapaau, Hawaii USA 5H 7M 34S
29719 Map Bubble 444.950 114.8 N5UXT New Orleans, La 5H 9M 52S
29733 Map Bubble W6DRT Topanga,CA/USA 5H 10M 29S
29734 Map Bubble Echolink/Allstar Hub N5UXT New Orleans, La 5H 9M 35S
29756 Map Bubble REPEATER 223.940 KQ6RC Hayward ca. 5H 9M 51S
29761 Map Bubble Saddleworth Hub G3SNA Greenfield, Oldham UK 3D 18H 9M 22S
29764 Map Bubble 447.375 Mhz 141.3 WA2IAF Staten Island, NY 5H 9M 25S
29771 Map Bubble 927 MHz HUB NC9RS Sacramento, CA 4H 13M 28S
29772 Map Bubble 927.0125 88.5 NC9RS Ridgecrest, CA 5H 6M 50S
29773 Map Bubble Portable Node G3SNA Portable system 6D 9H 32M 32S
29775 Map Bubble =HUB= GB3PZ Manchester, UK 5H 9M 40S
29776 Map Bubble [430.900+7.6 Rpt] 82.5 GB3PZ Manchester, UK 15H 45M 45S
29783 Map Bubble 446.550 - 100 KE7ULC Vail, AZ 4H 34M 46S
29789 Map Bubble 147.040+.600 110.9 N8SL/R South Lyon, Michigan 1D 16H 15M 14S
29795 Map Bubble 146.925 -/444.800+ 88.5 WA4ASI Covington,Georgia. 5H 9M 57S
29796 Map Bubble 147.560 110.9 KD6ZBE Killeen, TX 5H 9M 35S
29805 Map Bubble Radio-Less VA3YC Richmond Hill 9H 28M 49S
29810 Map Bubble KC1AR Biucus 1D 2H 18M 34S
29811 Map Bubble KC1AR Biucus 5H 22M 20S
29812 Map Bubble EchoStink KC1AR Biucus 5H 9M 24S
29813 Map Bubble KC1AR Biucus 1D 2H 18M 35S
29816 Map Bubble Simplex KB9EWP Oakland, CA 3D 18H 11M 32S
29826 Map Bubble 927.1625- 151.4 NB7C SW Idaho 5H 9M 15S
29827 Map Bubble 927.0125 100 NC9RS Bishop, CA 5H 9M 5S
29830 Map Bubble 440.125 (+5) AARG 91.5 WA6VPL Tepusquet Peak 5H 4M 55S
29831 Map Bubble 443.275(+) MicroNode 91.5 K7AZ Lompoc CA 1D 6H 22M 43S
29833 Map Bubble 445.000 Simp LL AARG 91.5 W7PCR Santa Maria CA 5H 9M 39S
29834 Map Bubble RTCM Test K7AZ Lompoc CA 15H 36M 25S
29835 Map Bubble RTCM Test K7AZ Lompoc CA 15H 36M 23S
29836 Map Bubble RTCM Test K7AZ Lompoc CA 5H 52M 58S
29837 Map Bubble DMR TG 31274 AARG K7AZ Lompoc CA 17H 8M 41S
29846 Map Bubble 147.510 SMPLX 100 KH7ZN Kalapana, Hawaii USA 4H 41M 12S
29847 Map Bubble reflector CC 1 KC7MRQ New Test Hub to replace 40668 5H 9M 4S
29850 Map Bubble Hilo Hawaii Bridge AH6JA Hilo, Hawaii USA 5H 9M 25S
29859 Map Bubble 146.415 110.9 K7NBO Shingletown Ca. 5H 9M 35S
29860 Map Bubble 223.440 100.0 K7NBO Shingletown Ca. 5H 5M 11S
29868 Map Bubble 446.050 Simplex 110.9 K3TD Wake Forest, NC 4H 36M 14S
29873 Map Bubble 444.500 103.5 K8SN Ada MI 7H 35M 27S
29883 Map Bubble MAIN N6LXX HUB N6LXX BURBANK HUB 5H 10M 51S
29888 Map Bubble 441.425 + 103.5 K4GET Plantation,FL 5H 10M 7S
29890 Map Bubble 224.580 100 WA6DVG/RPT Monrovia/California/USA 5H 9M 16S
29891 Map Bubble 147.180 0 KE4GJG London, KY 5D 14H 37M 48S
29897 Map Bubble DMR Bridge to 146.76 KR1P Layton, UT 5H 9M 49S
29901 Map Bubble NB7C SW Idaho 3D 18H 10M 38S
29902 Map Bubble 927.1250 103.5 NB7C Payette, ID 5H 8M 59S
29915 Map Bubble STARnet DX N7JCT Spokane Valley, WA 5H 9M 46S
29916 Map Bubble 146.560 Simplex 127.3 N3VSI Larry - Edgewood, MD 3D 18H 11M 19S
29917 Map Bubble 147.140+Repeater 88.5 WH6CYD Pukalani, Maui, Hawaii USA 5H 7M 36S
29926 Map Bubble 927.9875 NZ6D San Diego, CA 3D 18H 10M 52S
29930 Map Bubble BATCAVE LAB HUB - Five Jug Ranch 15H 36M 24S
29931 Map Bubble ATL 927 HUB -- ATLANTA 5H 7M 32S
29933 Map Bubble 927.1125 D432 K5TEX ATL -- ATLANTA 20H 56M 6S
29940 Map Bubble IRLP EXP 0060 NZ6D San Diego, Ca 6H 2M 52S
29941 Map Bubble Node NZ6D San Diego, Ca 5H 7M 36S
29960 Map Bubble xxxxx N6SLD Huntington, CO 23H 26M 50S
29971 Map Bubble 446.26 simplex 131.8 WA3EZT Jenkintown, PA 10D 6H 8M 40S
29972 Map Bubble 442.175 103.5 K8SN/R Moline Mi 5H 9M 57S
29973 Map Bubble 147.535 110.9 W2YMM Long Island NY 5H 8M 50S
29976 Map Bubble AZ DMR 440.200 WB7BYV Prescott, AZ 3D 13H 55M 41S
29979 Map Bubble UHF Simplex WB2EDV Mayville, NY 5H 5M 18S
29980 Map Bubble 147.440 123.0 WB2JJO Petersburg, NJ 5H 9M 12S
299810 Map Bubble 144.540 114.8 JA2WSM Seki city Gifu, 5H 9M 5S
29987 Map Bubble KC1AR Biucus 1D 14H 32M 35S
29993 Map Bubble Virtual Utillity Hub KB8JNM-UH East Ohio 5H 9M 32S
29994 Map Bubble Channel D W5JR Ch D - FJR Bat Mobile 5H 9M 57S
29999 Map Bubble Virtual Gateway HUB KB8JNM-GH East Ohio 1H 17M 39S
40000 Map Bubble HUB K2GXT Rochester, NY 15H 36M 22S
40001 Map Bubble 145.575 77.0 EA8AJC Playa Paraiso, Tenerife 5H 5M 32S
40007 Map Bubble 442.075+5 110.9 K2GXT Rochester, NY 2D 22H 38M 16S
40008 Map Bubble 147.075 +.6 110.9 K2GXT Rochester, NY 5H 9M 12S
40009 Map Bubble 443.175 + 97.4 N5KWL Bethel Heights, Arkansas 5H 7M 4S
40010 Map Bubble Natural State Hub K5DVT Huntsville, Arkansas 5H 6M 49S
40011 Map Bubble 442.700+ 100 K5DVT Bethel Heights, Arkansas 5H 9M 26S
40015 Map Bubble 442.125R 447.125T 156.7 K5BLS Fallon, Nevada 5H 7M 36S
40018 Map Bubble TG3123 DMR MARC NG1P Test Bridge 5H 9M 48S
40019 Map Bubble YSF NG1P Test Bridge 5H 9M 32S
40020 Map Bubble RRF Network GW F5NLG France 3D 18H 11M 14S
40024 Map Bubble Grpo de Amigos NV4DX UNKNOWN KN1W New York 5H 5M 11S
40033 Map Bubble N8XPK New Franklin, OH 5H 7M 5S
40040 Map Bubble HUB W4FTK Rock Hill, SC 5H 9M 27S
40041 Map Bubble AE6LX Monroiva, CA 5H 7M 13S
40042 Map Bubble BM TG-3129973 KI7WKZ DMR bridge to 9050 3D 18H 11M 36S
40043 Map Bubble 224.580 88.5 W5RAB Skiatook/Avant, OK 5H 9M 51S
40045 Map Bubble 440.850 (+) DCS 023 AB7BS Fielder ***PRA Uplink*** 3D 6H 40M 43S
40048 Map Bubble 444.550 DCS 023 AB7BS Gilbert ***PRA Uplink*** 3D 6H 6M 35S
40049 Map Bubble 146.660 (-) 136.5 AB7BS Spirit Mtn *Uplink* 3D 3H 36M 37S
40050 Map Bubble 145.390 (-) DCS 023 AB7BS Spirit Mtn *Uplink* 3D 18H 20M 53S
40051 Map Bubble VE3OY Toronto, Canada 6H 38M 25S
40056 Map Bubble 444.150 88.5 WF2C Hollywood, FL, Broward County 10D 6H 8M 29S
40067 Map Bubble 444.525 123.0 W6JSO Monterey California 5H 9M 27S
40070 Map Bubble 145.625Mhz -0.6Mhz 77 GB3NF Nottingham, UK 5H 8M 55S
40072 Map Bubble KK6DOQ San Leandro, CA 5H 9M 16S
40076 Map Bubble KB9YOX Indianapolis IN 5H 9M 11S
40080 Map Bubble W8ELD South Lyon, MI 3D 18H 10M 37S
40081 Map Bubble N/West Radio Group M0XLR Warrington UK 3D 6H 51M 9S
40086 Map Bubble 222.860, 224.860 88.5 AE5RH Tulsa/Oklahoma 5H 9M 35S
40088 Map Bubble 145.130- 123.0 VE2RST St-Hippolyte 3D 18H 11M 23S
40095 Map Bubble NI4JM Clover, SC 5H 7M 36S
400970 Map Bubble 444.950 107.2 KE5QJQ Baton Rouge, LA 5H 9M 35S
400971 Map Bubble KE5QJQ Baton Rouge, LA 5H 9M 36S
40101 Map Bubble K5CFY Tulsa 5H 9M 15S
40103 Map Bubble N2XDD Shirley, NY 5H 8M 53S
40105 Map Bubble W0SRC St. Louis, MO 5H 9M 45S
401070 Map Bubble 145.155Mhz 91.5 VK2ICW Sydney West 5H 7M 24S
40115 Map Bubble KA3IDN PHX 902 HUB 3D 18H 11M 21S
40120 Map Bubble 145.410T 144.810R 156.7 K5BLS Carson City, Nevada 5H 9M 46S
40122 Map Bubble Local QSO HUB KF5LBT Grapevine, Tx 5H 8M 49S
40123 Map Bubble DMR-BRIDGE-3124829 KE6GVK Los Angeles, CA 2D 8H 4M 35S
40124 Map Bubble IAX-DVSwitch-40124 KE6GVK Los Angeles, CA 2D 8H 4M 35S
40125 Map Bubble 147.570 CLOSED KE6GVK Saint Johns, AZ 5H 7M 26S
40126 Map Bubble 446.525 - PL 156.7 KE6GVK Saint Johns, AZ 5H 23M 18S
40127 Map Bubble MAIN-SYSTEM-LINK KE6GVK Saint Johns, AZ 5H 9M 32S
40139 Map Bubble VK6ET Bunbury/West Australia 5H 10M 4S
40147 Map Bubble 449.68 - 100.0 DMR/YSF N7YMM Covina, CA 5H 9M 56S
40151 Map Bubble 444.050 100hz KB4PTJ Williamsburg 5H 9M 31S
40155 Map Bubble N9ORD Park Forest, IL 5H 8M 59S
40161 Map Bubble 53.11 - pl 82.5 82.5 W2WDS Naples , NY 3D 18H 11M 37S
40164 Map Bubble 2E0NXK Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire 14H 5M 23S
40165 Map Bubble Cloud Node G7OKI Portsmouth 5H 9M 40S
40167 Map Bubble 145.5600 186.2 W3HDG youngsville pa 1H 19M 51S
40168 Map Bubble 430.1250 M3NRQ Sheffield uk 5H 9M 25S
40174 Map Bubble 223.470 74.4 KF5LBT Grapevine, Tx 5H 9M 24S
40182 Map Bubble 445.250 103.5 KM4WZD Clermont, Florida 5H 9M 20S
40185 Map Bubble 446.000 100.0 WB5MAT Union Valley TX 3D 18H 10M 47S
40188 Map Bubble 146.175 67.0 N1DSB Waterford, NJ 5H 9M 58S
40195 Map Bubble 927.975 67 W0SKY Golden, CO, USA 4H 12M 34S
40196 Map Bubble 449.925 103.5 WZ0N Salida, CO 3D 18H 11M 19S
40197 Map Bubble 449.850 103.5 N2SKY Colorado Springs, CO 5H 9M 26S
40198 Map Bubble AllStar-Echolink NK2O Wellsville, NY 5H 8M 59S
40210 Map Bubble 445.62 - 100.0 WD6EVT Moorpark, CA 3D 18H 11M 2S
40231 Map Bubble 430.025 82.5 MB7ANW Warrington UK 5H 10M 29S
40237 Map Bubble HUB NI4JM Clover, SC 4D 12H 14M 34S
40245 Map Bubble 52.57 simplex 107.2 WA4ADT Memphis, TN 8H 42M 12S
40246 Map Bubble 442.600 +5 107.2 WA4ADT Memphis, TN 5H 8M 49S
402470 Map Bubble 446.100 simplex 107.2 WA4ADT Memphis, TN 5H 9M 28S
402471 Map Bubble none none WA4ADT Memphis, TN 5H 8M 54S
40255 Map Bubble 444.575 + 103.5 AG5EG Conroe/Texas 1D 1H 32M 52S
40256 Map Bubble 927.9875 151.4 WA6AYJ La Canada, CA 4H 6M 48S
40261 Map Bubble W7LAD Clifon, CO 5H 9M 1S
40262 Map Bubble Simplex Node N7LQR Prescott, AZ 5H 9M 32S
40263 Map Bubble G7ILP Bicester 5H 9M 58S
40266 Map Bubble 432.200 88.5 K0GGC Durango,Colorado 3D 18H 20M 30S
40276 Map Bubble Tampa DC HUB 4 K4SIP Tampa, FL 5H 8M 53S
40277 Map Bubble 147.315 118.8 K4PPD Bolivia, NC 5H 8M 58S
40279 Map Bubble [146.805(-)] 97.4 W4END Harvest, AL. 5H 9M 40S
40282 Map Bubble 927.0500 Elden D411 WB7BYV Cyberspace 3H 42M 49S
40285 Map Bubble dmr network in/out SV1HEP Athens 5H 9M 41S
402870 Map Bubble 446.100 XE1ODN Main Node 3H 49M 27S
40291 Map Bubble 223.940 88.5 W5RAB Big Cabin, OK 5H 9M 51S
40292 Map Bubble N6DOZ San Francisco, CA 17H 23M 33S
40296 Map Bubble Allstar & Echolink N8XYM - Columbus, Ohio 4D 19H 56M 20S
40297 Map Bubble 442.675 127.3 KC0QLU Osborn Missouri 58M 45S
40308 Map Bubble AJ6EE Laguna Niguel CA 5H 9M 1S
40319 Map Bubble VE3HQR Campbellford, ON 3D 10H 8M 31S
40321 Map Bubble 446.125 88.5 KE6OBL Sacramento ,Ca 3D 6H 50M 28S
40335 Map Bubble Skywarn Directed HUB N9IAA Valparaiso, IN 5H 4M 29S
40347 Map Bubble Serveur RTQ #2 VE2DBE St-Jean-sur-Richelieu 4D 21H 13M 24S
403511 Map Bubble HMASN Hub UNKNOWN KH6IN Los Angeles 15H 36M 23S
403512 Map Bubble HMASN Hub Hon, HI KH6IN HONOLULU, HI 5H 9M 52S
403515 Map Bubble HUB MILILANI, HI KH6IN MILILANI, HI 4H 34M 33S
40364 Map Bubble Kapihan Network N6DOZ AllStar & EchoLink Hub 3D 6H 13M 45S
40369 Map Bubble 144.9625 MHz 79.7 KP4KWB Lowell, MA 5H 9M 23S
40378 Map Bubble 437.250 100 KA6ROM Citrus Heights, CA 5H 9M 16S
40381 Map Bubble 145.145 91.5 VK4BDE townsville Australia 3D 18H 10M 59S
40387 Map Bubble SA6AUX Gothenburg, SE 3D 3H 53M 29S
40398 Map Bubble GMARS Analog Network WX1NH Claremont, NH 2D 18H 9M 7S
40405 Map Bubble 446.100 W4ILJ Melbourne - Florida 5H 9M 24S
40409 Map Bubble W4ILJ EchoLink Melbourne - Florida 2D 7H 27M 35S
40411 Map Bubble 433.500 MHZ 107.2 KC6YBV (HUB) HACIENDA HEIGHTS ,CA 4D 12H 16M 34S
404120 Map Bubble 223.840 MHZ - R 107.2 KC6YBV 1.25cm-L HACIENDA HEIGHTS ,CA 5H 9M 5S
404121 Map Bubble 924.500 MHZ -R 107.2 KC6YBV 33cm -L HACIENDA HEIGHTS ,CA 20H 37M 26S
40413 Map Bubble AllStar W6BSD Redwood City, CA 5H 8M 53S
40415 Map Bubble AB2HM Woodbury Heights, NJ 5H 9M 26S
40428 Map Bubble 147.030+ K5SL Haughton, LA 5H 8M 59S
40431 Map Bubble 444.57500 131.8 KC3LMP New Castle, PA, United States 4D 17H 53M 40S
40435 Map Bubble Mobile W6POT Tracy, CA 24M 40S
40437 Map Bubble KC6WJJ Orange, CA 92867 5H 9M 20S
40440 Map Bubble 146.985- 100.0 K6MAN Manteca, California 14H 58M 35S
40444 Map Bubble KB1CBD Milford, CT 5H 9M 31S
40446 Map Bubble VE6GCD Calgary 15H 36M 25S
40449 Map Bubble N7KEG Scottsdale, Arizona 5H 9M 51S
40452 Map Bubble ZL3TOM Christchurch NZ 5H 9M 25S
40459 Map Bubble K5LER Richmond,Texas 2D 4H 46M 1S
40460 Map Bubble W5DTB Midland Texas 10D 6H 8M 36S
40463 Map Bubble N0HAB Eagle, Colorado 5H 9M 40S
40465 Map Bubble 224.520 91.5 N0TAP Coffeyville, KS 5H 9M 40S
40468 Map Bubble 145.670 141.3 N5API Orleans, MA 5H 8M 58S
404730 Map Bubble 927.1500- DPL411 AH6OD Queen Creek, Arizona USA 5H 9M 42S
40476 Map Bubble 145.600 MHZ Simplex 88.5 VE3LLV Grants Pass, OR 1D 1H 47M 50S
40480 Map Bubble DMR Bridge TG 3169739 W6POT Tracy, CA 5H 9M 51S
40481 Map Bubble 146.870 MHz - 203.5 WP4SE Juncos, PR 3D 18H 36M 12S
40485 Map Bubble 224.74/131.8-Nrth Mt 131.8 N8RAT/R Martinsburg, WV 1H 3M 51S
40488 Map Bubble 433.500 162.2 W2KJV Sugarmill Woods, FL 3D 13H 55M 44S
40490 Map Bubble Hub/Gateway W6BSD Redwood City, CA 5H 9M 28S
40491 Map Bubble 146.475 MHz 110.9 N3TX Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 5H 8M 58S
40495 Map Bubble 430.0125 77 G6YRK Glossop 1H 38M 17S
40498 Map Bubble 145.2375 T67 67 MB7IRV Haslingden, Lancashire 5H 9M 24S
40501 Map Bubble 40000 series test No Test tone WD6AWP Huntington Beach, CA 5H 7M 35S
40508 Map Bubble AllStar HUB KC0MLT BEATRICE, NE 3D 18H 11M 19S
40509 Map Bubble 443.175 + 173.8 KC0MLT Beatrice, NE 5H 9M 43S
40526 Map Bubble 145.210 -600 103.5 ve6aah Alberta 3D 8H 35M 27S
40533 Map Bubble 449.660 (-) 114.8 K6KWB Los Angeles 5H 7M 13S
40534 Map Bubble 445.9375 118.8 WB2JJO Petersburg, NJ 08270 5H 9M 31S
40535 Map Bubble 144.9625 T110.9 110.9 MB7IUK Ashton-Under-Lyne, England 5H 9M 21S
40543 Map Bubble KL7M Anchorage, Alaska 4D 21H 25M 43S
40544 Map Bubble KL7M Anchorage, Alaska 50M 30S
40559 Map Bubble KL7M Anchorage, Alaska 3D 18H 10M 29S
40562 Map Bubble Larch Mtn Washington 927.1375 K5TRA 927-TECH 1D 6H 22M 46S
40564 Map Bubble HI-Mainland Network Hub, SF Server KH6IN Los Angeles 5H 9M 1S
40570 Map Bubble 927.0750 218.1 WB7BYV Williams, AZ 8H 3M 16S
40572 Map Bubble 430.875 +7.6 82.5 GB7HN Leigh, Wigan, UK 3D 11H 54M 37S
40573 Map Bubble 446.5 151.4 KA3NAM Crofton, NE 8S
40574 Map Bubble 432.850 67.0 DF1VB Dortmund / Germany 10D 6H 8M 39S
40588 Map Bubble 444.700 + 131.8 KM3W Chester, Pa 5H 9M 51S
40595 Map Bubble 50.4 AM 1 kHz whistle W3IHM Mount Joy, PA 3D 6H 18M 41S
40596 Map Bubble 145.190 - 110.9 NH7GF Pepeekeo, Hawaii USA 3D 18H 21M 4S
40611 Map Bubble 147.525 114.8 K7RSW Henderson,Nevada Link Radio 3D 18H 11M 17S
40636 Map Bubble 438,875 -7,6 123 DB0CJ Amberg 5H 8M 58S
40642 Map Bubble 443.450 110.9 WX4PG Pickens, SC 10D 4H 49M 9S
40643 Map Bubble 224.4000 - 131.8 WX4PG Pickens, SC 2D 7H 39M 47S
40647 Map Bubble HUB WA6KLB Bakersfield/CA 4H 34M 20S
40648 Map Bubble TBD TBD WA6KLB Bakersfield/CA 4H 25M 45S
40649 Map Bubble TBD TBD WA6KLB Bakersfield/CA 3H 51M 49S
40661 Map Bubble 147.465 Simplex 167.9 WB7DBJ Coupleville, Washington USA 5H 7M 36S
40662 Map Bubble 446.500 100.00 KK6IMI Turlock California U.S.A. 5H 8M 58S
40668 Map Bubble HUB NW7RG NESCIO 4H 14M 28S
40669 Map Bubble W8SAI NW7RG NESCIO 5H 10M 1S
40670 Map Bubble WB8GRS NW7RG NESCIO 3D 18H 9M 39S
40671 Map Bubble NW7RG NESCIO 15H 36M 30S
40672 Map Bubble NW7RG NESCIO 6H 5M 4S
40673 Map Bubble HUB Tag-Lish K6KWB SoCal 5H 8M 58S
40676 Map Bubble 444.100 136.3 W6WHD Salem, OR 5H 9M 56S
40683 Map Bubble 147.000 simplex 123.0 K8VMC Brunswick Ohio 44212 3D 18H 21M 39S
406840 Map Bubble 448.875- 100.0 WB7RPF Lehi, Utah 5H 8M 53S
40685 Map Bubble Node NZ6D San Diego, Ca 5H 5M 39S
40693 Map Bubble 145.76 PL 123 123 WB8GRS Little Elm, TX 3D 18H 21M 16S
40696 Map Bubble Downtown Portland,OR 927.1875 K5TRA 927-TECH 5H 7M 9S
40697 Map Bubble 927.0375 141.3 K5TRA Canyon Lake, TX 1H 31M 13S
40698 Map Bubble 445.000 77.0 KD4NFS NORTH FORT MYERS 15H 6M 0S
40723 Map Bubble Whidbey Island Conf WB7DBJ Coupleville, Washington USA 5H 9M 12S
40745 Map Bubble 444.275+ 88.5 NH6OV Kalapana, Hawaii USA 5H 8M 59S
40746 Map Bubble 145.370 (-) OPEN 110.9 WH6IT/R Hoolehua, Molokai, Hawaii 1H 19M 24S
40760 Map Bubble 446.1375 RPI 2 sys 186.2 K8VMC Brunswick Ohio 44212 5H 8M 58S
40763 Map Bubble 442.175 + 103.5 KH6IN MILILANI, HI 4H 37M 21S
40767 Map Bubble 147.075 141.3 VE2DJE Beauharnois,QC 5H 9M 16S
40782 Map Bubble 441.375+ PL 123.0 123.0 N5CAG Houston, TX 10D 6H 8M 40S
40789 Map Bubble Pocatello WB6EVM Southeast Idaho 5H 7M 0S
40790 Map Bubble Blackfoot WB6EVM Southeast Idaho 5H 6M 54S
40791 Map Bubble WB6EVM Southeast Idaho 5H 7M 36S
40797 Map Bubble W6SAT San Diego, Ca 5H 9M 52S
40799 Map Bubble 145.230 - 94.8 AF7BJ Glendale, AZ 3D 18H 11M 8S
40801 Map Bubble N2FSU Lehigh Acres, Fl. 5H 9M 55S
40802 Map Bubble N2FSU Lehigh Acres, FL 3D 18H 11M 29S
40803 Map Bubble Test Node 74.4 N2FSU Lehigh Acres, FL 5H 18M 29S
40806 Map Bubble Santa Hub WL7LP North pole, Alaska 5H 9M 42S
40808 Map Bubble 118.8 W5ASD Hobbs, NM 5H 5M 40S
40818 Map Bubble 224.660mhz -1.6mhz 71.9 WD0EKR Canon City, Colorado 81212 5H 7M 3S
40822 Map Bubble 449.300 MHz 192.8 W2YMM Long Island NY 3D 18H 21M 43S
40827 Map Bubble WWARG-HUB 1 2E0EVP Rotherham England 5H 8M 53S
40829 Map Bubble 147.510 Smplx 123.0 WH6DWN Kahuku, Hawaii USA 5H 9M 46S
40831 Map Bubble 442.600+ 141.3 N2MH West Orange, NJ 5H 6M 57S
40858 Map Bubble 444.600 141.3 KC2IDB Clinton, NJ cloud 3D 5H 8M 47S
40864 Map Bubble 145.2375 88.5 MB7IAA Scunthorpe, UK 3D 5H 25M 27S
40865 Map Bubble Portable 88.5 WD9EQD Bill - Smithville, NJ 5H 9M 37S
40869 Map Bubble ARN-1 Radioless K8LRC Reading, MI 5H 8M 57S
40870 Map Bubble 446.900 107.2 K8LRC Reading, MI, USA 5H 10M 0S
40878 Map Bubble *MICH-EXP* K8LRC Reading, MI 3D 18H 21M 24S
40879 Map Bubble 223.16/76 PL 131.8 131.8 WA3DSP Abington, PA 4D 13H 33M 41S
40884 Map Bubble 146.760- 141.3 W4VS Valdosta, GA 5H 5M 45S
40894 Map Bubble HUBNet M0HOY Audio Test Server 36S
40896 Map Bubble 442.175 + 100.0 KH6S Hanapepe, Hawaii 3D 18H 20M 28S
40899 Map Bubble 146.400 Simplex 88.5 WB7UBC Aurora, Oregon 5H 8M 58S
40908 Map Bubble Radioless WB7UBC Aurora, Oregon 5H 8M 55S
40912 Map Bubble 145.210 127.3 N6IQY Yuba City,CA 95991 5H 9M 47S
40918 Map Bubble SHARI NODE NZ6D San Diego, CA 2M 46S
40923 Map Bubble 443.875 N4ZBB Research Triangle Park, NC 5H 9M 37S
40926 Map Bubble 927.125- 100.0 KC6NKK Barstow, CA 2D 4H 7M 45S
40927 Map Bubble 442.500 100.0 KH6S Kapa'a, Hi. 96746 1H 26M 56S
40929 Map Bubble 433.0750MHz +1.6MHz 82.5 GB3KU Ashton-Under-Lyne, UK 3D 18H 21M 8S
40933 Map Bubble University-Link Hub KA5D UT Austin TX 3D 15H 40M 13S
40939 Map Bubble 446.025 DCS 172 172 KG0CV Cold Spring MN 5H 9M 11S
40944 Map Bubble Repeater 147.10 Plus 123.0 KH6IB Salt Lake, HI 5H 8M 53S
40961 Map Bubble 146.565 Simplex 88.5 88.5 WA3DSP Cape May, NJ 5H 6M 51S
40966 Map Bubble NIRC HUB KC9ONA Huntley, IL 5H 9M 39S
40967 Map Bubble 432.2 88.5 WA3DSP Cape May, NJ 5H 8M 58S
40969 Map Bubble 145.290 131.8 KB6LED Berkeley 3D 18H 12M 29S
40980 Map Bubble 444.700+ 114.8 WR2UHF Long Island 5H 9M 1S
409849 Map Bubble 438.500 162.2 W2PW Could be anywhere, really 5H 6M 54S
40986 Map Bubble 147.50 123.0 WL7LP North pole, Alaska 5H 8M 49S
40987 Map Bubble Test Node K5TRA Austin, TX 5H 9M 1S
40996 Map Bubble KG6LYI TBD 4D 1H 52M 48S
41004 Map Bubble Nano-AE K8LRC Reading, MI 5H 9M 28S
41006 Map Bubble G4MKT Rossendale 1D 6H 22M 48S
41012 Map Bubble 440.50 + 88.5 KB8SWR Mobile node 7H 4M 21S
41014 Map Bubble 444.875 KE4UAS 100.0 KE4UAS Mcdonough Ga. 2D 14H 53M 48S
41019 Map Bubble 446.125 88.5 KD6RFJ Tucson, Arizona 10D 4H 6M 48S
41020 Map Bubble W8RFA Gaylord MI USA 5H 8M 55S
41024 Map Bubble 431.8625 131.8 WA2WWK USA 5H 8M 58S
41025 Map Bubble 446.100 100 AB9S Jackson, MO 3D 18H 10M 54S
410302 Map Bubble 432.300000 100 KC9QV Roaming 3D 18H 10M 3S
41031 Map Bubble KA3IDN AZ 902 HUB 3D 18H 11M 30S
41033 Map Bubble 146.745 - Rpt 114.8 KX3B Holtwood, PA 2D 11H 17M 59S
41036 Map Bubble IAX Gateway WY6S Santa Clarita, Ca 3D 18H 11M 32S
41037 Map Bubble 224.420 88.5 AE5RH Depew, OK 5H 6M 44S
41042 Map Bubble Allstar/Echo Hub ZS6ZYM Vanderbijlpark,ZA 5H 9M 19S
41044 Map Bubble 446.250 Simplex Link 162.2 VE3RVU Haliburton, Ont 11H 13M 36S
41045 Map Bubble 439.975 77.0 G6YBV Ashton under lyne 3D 18H 10M 50S
410460 Map Bubble HUB K0PRA Parker, CO 5H 9M 25S
41050 Map Bubble HUB KE6GVK Dallas, Texas 5H 9M 35S
41051 Map Bubble IAX-DVSwitch-41051 KE6GVK Dallas, Texas 15H 36M 29S
41052 Map Bubble DMR-XLX-830-E KE6GVK Dallas, Texas 1D 11H 32M 6S
41053 Map Bubble EchoLink-KE6GVK-L KE6GVK Dallas, Texas 5H 10M 49S
41055 Map Bubble 441.875 88.5 N5JGX Austin, TX 5H 9M 42S
41057 Map Bubble Headless HUB KH6NS Tracy, CA USA 5H 7M 36S
41062 Map Bubble KD2QGP Brooklyn, NY 5H 7M 22S
41063 Map Bubble KD2QGP Brooklyn, NY 1D 11H 0M 43S
41064 Map Bubble 432 K6PYP E Tucson 927.1125 432 5H 7M 24S
41067 Map Bubble 439.100- 173.8 9A0DPE Petrinja, Croatia 15H 36M 38S
41071 Map Bubble Home Node 445.390 W3YXZ RED LION, PA. USA 5H 9M 15S
41078 Map Bubble 146.970- Kay Co ARC 88.5 W5HZZ Ponca City, Oklahoma 5H 10M 52S
41083 Map Bubble 446.200 77.0 KK0TT Fargo, ND 3D 18H 4M 27S
41087 Map Bubble 146.92 110.9 W5NGU Denton, TX 5H 9M 37S
41088 Map Bubble KE5GDB Denton, TX 1D 7H 5M 1S
41089 Map Bubble 145.49 85.4 WD5U Rosston, TX 5H 8M 49S
41094 Map Bubble 438.800 151.4 N6IMY San Mateo 5H 9M 20S
41095 Map Bubble 449.94 136.5 WB6NXP Simi Valley, CA 3H 43M 31S
41109 Map Bubble 444.600+ N2MH Oak Island, NC 3H 47M 4S
41110 Map Bubble Gateway Node KK4STI Brewton, Alabama 5H 9M 12S
41117 Map Bubble DMR TG-3148905 SVR-1 Server 1 AB5JK Dallas Texas 1D 6H 23M 0S
41118 Map Bubble RadioReference Feed ASL Node AB5JK Los Angeles, CA 3D 18H 20M 54S
41119 Map Bubble IAX-RPT GW SVR-3 Server 3 AB5JK Dallas Texas 5H 9M 52S
41120 Map Bubble HUB Node AB5JK Dallas Texas 15H 36M 25S
41121 Map Bubble 10 mile 5.8 GHz PtP Backhaul AB5JK Uvalde/Texas 5H 7M 36S
41125 Map Bubble Waikiki Hub 2412MHz KH6TZ Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 5H 9M 24S
41128 Map Bubble Conference RAQI RTQ VE2VPS Montreal, QC 3D 18H 21M 34S
41130 Map Bubble HUB & DMR XLX830-C Node K4CEG Murphy, North Carolina 5H 9M 5S
41131 Map Bubble K4CEG-L Echolink GW Node K4CEG Murphy, North Carolina 5H 7M 26S
41135 Map Bubble Node George G4MUV Redditch Worcestershire 5H 9M 37S
41136 Map Bubble 446.400 MHz 146.2 NV4DX Tampa,FL 5H 9M 3S
41137 Map Bubble Node N6ZRV Modesto, California 5H 8M 59S
41139 Map Bubble RPi3 Mobile Node WA3DSP RPi3 Mobile Node 5H 9M 12S
41162 Map Bubble Echolink N3SQY-L N3SQY New Kensington, PA 5S
41170 Map Bubble 927_HUB K5TRA 927-TECH 4H 14M 21S
41176 Map Bubble W9WSW Jacksonville, FL 5H 9M 42S
41180 Map Bubble 442.075+ 123.0 WT9S Tonopah, AZ 3D 18H 10M 33S
41183 Map Bubble N9EM Madison, WI 3D 9H 8M 46S
41184 Map Bubble 147.405 t 100 100.0 VE3BGD Toronto/Ontario 6H 25M 21S
41187 Map Bubble 146.61 MHz - 141.3 Hz W0REA/R Isle, MN 19H 57M 24S
41194 Map Bubble 446.8600 - 123.0 KK6JYT Glendora, CA 5H 8M 52S
41211 Map Bubble AllStarLink Repeater W6OEY-R Mindanao, Philippines 1D 22H 36M 29S
412120 Map Bubble 147.220+ 100.0 TX/RX W7MRI Helena, MT 3D 18H 20M 52S
412121 Map Bubble 446.525 Smplx 131.8 W7MRI Helena, MT 5H 9M 32S
41214 Map Bubble WWARG-HUB 2 2E0EVP Rotherham England 3D 18H 19M 30S
41223 Map Bubble HUBNet M0HOY Manchester, UK 5H 9M 5S
41224 Map Bubble 444.675 114.8 W5RAR LaPlace, LA 22H 54M 18S
41228 Map Bubble SM0KJD Sweden Haninge 1H 58M 47S
41245 Map Bubble [444.650+ Rpt] 136.5 KK4HAX Pine Island, SW FL, USA 11H 15M 40S
41251 Map Bubble [146.415 Simplex] 136.5 KK4HAX Pine Island, SW FL, USA 5H 9M 43S
41252 Map Bubble Pepeekeo Conf Bridge NH7GF Pepeekeo, Hawaii USA 5H 8M 54S
41262 Map Bubble 440.500 131.8 KD3WT Phila. Pa 20H 20M 35S
41267 Map Bubble 440.400 +5 123.0 K7DMK Mesa, AZ 5H 9M 1S
41270 Map Bubble 224.180 88.5 WD5ETD Leonard, OK 3D 18H 10M 29S
41288 Map Bubble HUBNet M0HOY Manchester, UK 5H 7M 13S
41290 Map Bubble Tehachapi-HUB KD6GDB Tehachapi, Ca 5H 9M 16S
41291 Map Bubble 146.700- 103.5 W7EAT Eatonville, WA 4D 3H 28M 43S
41294 Map Bubble 147.025 91.5 VK5RDM Murray Bridge, South Australia 5H 9M 24S
41304 Map Bubble 449.650 - 151.4 151.4 KB0YNA Montrose, CO 5H 10M 29S
41305 Map Bubble 449.825 - 82.5 N1PCE Whitefield, NH 3D 5H 54M 32S
41306 Map Bubble 927.900 411 N6TBQ Loma Prieta, Ca 4D 12H 16M 37S
41327 Map Bubble Radioless Node N7JCT Spokane Valley, WA 5H 9M 28S
41329 Map Bubble 446.85 100 AF6EQ Sunnyvale/CA 5H 9M 39S
41337 Map Bubble WWARG- 2E0EVP Rotherham England 3D 18H 11M 11S
41338 Map Bubble 2E0EVP-R 2E0EVP Rotherham England 5H 9M 56S
41340 Map Bubble 146.780- 103.5 WW7CH Paradise/Mt Rainier, WA 3D 18H 11M 5S
41346 Map Bubble Simplex Station Simplex Gateway AB3XT East Coast, USA 5H 9M 36S
41349 Map Bubble 145.220- 131.8 KC0SWG Beatrice, NE 21M 0S
41359 Map Bubble 445.575 100.0 AC2HK Portable / mobile in my car 5H 9M 15S
41360 Map Bubble 433.175 +1.6 103.5hz 103.5 GB7SJ Northwich Cheshire UK 4D 7H 38M 39S
41361 Map Bubble 446.400 MHz 100.0 KP4IP Millersville, MD 3D 18H 21M 30S
41362 Map Bubble Home TM-D710 RasPi2 100.00 N3FHW Hampstead,MD 3D 18H 11M 8S
41364 Map Bubble 147.420 100 N6YUV woodland2 5H 9M 45S
41371 Map Bubble 437.250 100 N6YUV Woodland, Calif. 3D 23H 29M 35S
41384 Map Bubble 433.500 107.2 N4BAF Greenville, SC 5H 9M 16S
41386 Map Bubble 445.000 141.3 KJ6FO Temecula,CA 1D 17H 0M 44S
41395 Map Bubble Radioless Node WA6HSL Spokane, WA 3D 18H 20M 53S
413960 Map Bubble 444.875 131.8 W7EFS portable/mobile 5H 9M 25S
41406 Map Bubble 146.400 100 AH6JA Hilo, Hawaii USA 5H 9M 28S
41410 Map Bubble 447.850 127.3 KP4GA Guaynabo City, PR 3M 26S
41411 Map Bubble WD0JB 65265 3D 18H 20M 40S
41412 Map Bubble 146.490 167.9 NP2Q ST.THOMAS USVI 3D 4H 30M 44S
41417 Map Bubble 448.400 100 N0ECT Pensacola, Florida 32507 5H 8M 58S
41420 Map Bubble 445.925 107.2 KK4IOH Midtown/Downtown Memphis TN 15H 36M 41S
41425 Map Bubble 145.2375 110.9hz MB7IDC Mold, UK 5H 5M 12S
41427 Map Bubble Youngstown Hub K8STN Youngstown, Ohio 5H 9M 12S
41439 Map Bubble Portable K5TRA Austin, TX 3D 5H 11M 46S
41441 Map Bubble 927.5000 151.4 KB7APU Vancouver, WA 5H 9M 40S
41444 Map Bubble Echolink W5AW Big Spring TX 10D 4H 49M 30S
41450 Map Bubble 447.925 - 123.0 KA9MCC Amboy IL 5H 5M 18S
41451 Map Bubble 439.250 Simplex 110.9 KC6JLX Pleasant Grove, Utah USA 5H 7M 36S
41461 Map Bubble 147.400 MHz 146.2 KP4CJ Tampa,FL. 3D 16H 7M 33S
41473 Map Bubble 146.660 -600 107.2 N7FM Spokane, WA 5H 9M 23S
41477 Map Bubble DMR/Echolink Bridge KM6HK Coarsegold, CA 5H 9M 23S
41479 Map Bubble 446.000 107.2 KC9ONA Huntley, IL 5H 9M 56S
41482 Map Bubble EchoLink Gateway Node KN5S Dallas, Texas 1D 6H 22M 48S
41484 Map Bubble KN5S - CARC HUB Node KN5S Dallas, Texas 5H 6M 44S
41494 Map Bubble TEST RTCM K7AZ Lompoc CA 5H 4M 6S
41508 Map Bubble 927.0875 K5SXK Benbrook, TX 5H 9M 36S
41510 Map Bubble Northern AZ 900 HUB WB7BYV Prescott, AZ 3H 42M 49S
41512 Map Bubble 443.250+ PL 110.9 110.9 N2MKT Newark,NY 1D 9H 20M 19S
41516 Map Bubble 444.600 + 141.3 KB6RHD Kingsburg Ca 5H 8M 58S
41520 Map Bubble 432.125 100 W7LDN Junction City, OR 5H 9M 48S
41521 Map Bubble 145.2125 MHZ 94.8 MB7ILV Bootle, Liverpool. UK 5H 9M 24S
41522 Map Bubble HUBNet M0HOY Manchester, UK 3M 35S
41524 Map Bubble 146.745- PL 71.9 71.9 WA2AAZ Newark,NY 1D 9H 20M 19S
41525 Map Bubble 927.5625 151.4 AD6D South El Centro 5H 8M 55S
41527 Map Bubble 146.445 + 1.0 110.9 N2VIN/R Bangor, PA 18013 5H 9M 5S
41545 Map Bubble 146.760- 123.0 W3KKC Mount Davis PA 5H 8M 50S
41557 Map Bubble HamWAN KM4ECM Memphis, TN 5H 9M 52S
41561 Map Bubble 224.280 103.5 KH6BFD kailua kona HI 3D 18H 10M 41S
415711 Map Bubble UHF voted repeater K8ARW Columbus, OH 3D 10H 1M 42S
415713 Map Bubble 2m remote base K8ARW Columbus, OH 5H 9M 37S
415715 Map Bubble 900 Simplex K8ARW Columbus, OH 3D 18H 21M 3S
415760 Map Bubble 145.230 131.8 VE3XXL Richmond, S-W Ontario.Canada 5H 6M 1S
41577 Map Bubble N7TND Las Vegas, NV 5H 16M 6S
41584 Map Bubble N2FSU Lehigh Acres, Fl. 5H 8M 53S
41585 Map Bubble N2FSU Lehigh Acres, FL 5H 8M 55S
41586 Map Bubble NH7S Cheney, WA USA 3D 18H 20M 41S
41592 Map Bubble 444.925+ 100.0 KH6KL Hilo, Hawai'i 5H 9M 23S
41593 Map Bubble 430.0625 MHz 94.8 MB7ALV Bootle, Liverpool. UK 56M 22S
41599 Map Bubble 927.1875 DCS 432 K7OVG Nampa, Idaho 5H 9M 35S
41601 Map Bubble 443.550+ 151.4 N0GRQ Basehor, Ks 2H 25M 56S
41604 Map Bubble K2HZE New York, NY 1H 17M 44S
41605 Map Bubble DMR TG-31777 K2HZE New York, NY 15H 36M 18S
41606 Map Bubble DMR TG-31777 Backup K2HZE New York, NY 1H 17M 45S
41607 Map Bubble K2HZE New York, NY 1H 17M 50S
41608 Map Bubble K7OVG Meridian, Idaho 5H 9M 57S
41609 Map Bubble 441.850 110.9 N6TBQ Selma,Ca 3D 18H 11M 14S
41611 Map Bubble Technology First Hub ASL/DMR/EL Hub W8UFO Riverview, Florida 1D 6H 22M 57S
41613 Map Bubble 145.450- 107.2 WB4KOG Memphis, TN 5H 9M 11S
41618 Map Bubble 443.525- 146.2 W9CR Tampa, Florida 3D 19H 16M 10S
41620 Map Bubble Freq. Agile Duplex Base WB0OUE Edgerton, KS United States 5H 9M 43S
41622 Map Bubble Echo Link Hub W1ZFB Fredericksburg, VA 3D 16H 34M 31S
41625 Map Bubble DV SWITCH GATEWAY MB7IUK Ashton-Under-Lyne, England 5H 9M 37S
41628 Map Bubble Mega 2.0 HUB WB7BYV Prescott AZ 3D 18H 20M 12S
41629 Map Bubble Downtown 927.3875 151.4 WB7BYV Prescott, AZ 5H 8M 59S
41630 Map Bubble Test Node W1ZFB Fredericksburg, Va. 5H 9M 1S
41631 Map Bubble 927.0375 - 91.5 W1ZFB Fredericksburg, VA 5H 9M 47S
41638 Map Bubble KG7QIN RPi Hub - Puyallup, WA 7M 21S
41639 Map Bubble Conference Bridge KC6JLX Pleasant Grove, Utah USA 5H 9M 24S
41642 Map Bubble 146.460 Remote Base K4VLD Valdosta, Georgia 10M 48S
41644 Map Bubble 442.700 N1DOT Turner, Me 3D 19H 8M 52S
41646 Map Bubble 147.250 +600 TX 91.5 TX No RX VK2DIO Mt Colah NSW Australia 2D 15H 5M 43S
41663 Map Bubble 438.300 N7ADV Mobile/Utah 5H 9M 51S
41676 Map Bubble KB3OIL Buckeystown, MD 5H 10M 50S
41677 Map Bubble 434.975 Simplex 88.5 AD2DX Pennington, NJ 5H 9M 32S
41689 Map Bubble HUBNet G7RPG Uranus 15H 36M 26S
41694 Map Bubble System Bridge Hub W0SKY Denver, Co, USA 5H 8M 49S
41699 Map Bubble 434.125 82.5 G4VSS Warrington UK 5H 9M 43S
41702 Map Bubble 147.300 + 88.5 KD7LXL Three Sisters, WA 21H 38M 48S
41705 Map Bubble 147.255 114.8 N5QLC Sherwood, Arkansas 15H 36M 45S
41715 Map Bubble Data Center Hub KC9ZHV Olney, IL 5H 9M 1S
41723 Map Bubble Tampa DC HUB 2 K4SIP Tampa, FL 5H 7M 1S
41728 Map Bubble 147.2 146.3 AF6MC Madera Ca. 5H 9M 5S
41732 Map Bubble Tampa DC HUB 1 K4SIP Tampa, FL 6H 3M 54S
41740 Map Bubble Test Bench G7RPG Portsmouth 5H 9M 1S
41741 Map Bubble K5TW System Hub K5TW Trumann, AR 5H 8M 58S
41745 Map Bubble 224.660- 127.3 N2BEI Manhattan, NY 1D 6H 22M 52S
41750 Map Bubble 446.825- PL 110.9 110.9 N3AQJ Fairfield, CT FN31jd 5H 9M 15S
41751 Map Bubble 446.860- 100.0 W6EL Glendale, CA 5H 9M 47S
41760 Map Bubble Rooster Hub WA3DSP Richboro PA 5H 7M 36S
41764 Map Bubble 449.775 114.8 N1NDN 114.8 tone, Glens Falls NY 5H 8M 53S
41770 Map Bubble WB6TNP Las Vegas 3D 18H 10M 26S
41783 Map Bubble 927.1375 DPL411 KH6BFD kailua kona, hi. 5H 5M 26S
41784 Map Bubble 432.175 MHz 100.0 KP4B Mayaguez, PR 5H 9M 55S
41787 Map Bubble Ngak-ngak Central KK6OOS Anaheim, CA USA 5H 9M 15S
41791 Map Bubble 224.100 - PL 77.0 77.0 N3AQJ Fairfield, CT FN31jd 5H 7M 35S
41792 Map Bubble Annapolis HUB KP4IP Annapolis, MD 5H 8M 55S
41794 Map Bubble Bub Hub K1IC Fairfield, Connecticut 5H 9M 25S
41798 Map Bubble DVSWITCH MOBILE NODE G7OEA Bootle, Liverpool. UK 5H 6M 8S
41800 Map Bubble HA5OF Vac, Hungary 5H 7M 35S
41802 Map Bubble 444.460 K6FED Rancho Cucamonga Ca. 5H 9M 15S
41809 Map Bubble 147.285 91.5 W3PS Ocean City, NJ 5H 8M 58S
41811 Map Bubble 145.510 PL 91.5 91.5 KB2ERL Philadelphia, PA 3D 4H 38M 46S
41814 Map Bubble 147.585 91.5 N3OOU Philadelphia PA 3D 17H 33M 48S
41820 Map Bubble Allstar/Echo Node 146.2 WA3ADI Havertown, PA 4D 17H 2M 18S
41822 Map Bubble 442.325 123.0 WB9RSQ Evansville, WI 3D 18H 11M 56S
41833 Map Bubble 145.650 Simplex 100.0 KH2FI Imperial Beach, CA 3D 7H 17M 41S
41834 Map Bubble Echolink Data center KC9ZHV Olney, IL 5H 8M 59S
41838 Map Bubble 147.520 94.8 K8IT Kalamazoo Michigan 5H 9M 50S
41839 Map Bubble 223.400 Simplex Man Cave Node KD2ARB Belle Mead NJ 5H 9M 20S
41840 Map Bubble 52.525 None KD6ZBE North Bend, Or USA 5H 9M 45S
41841 Map Bubble 53.000 None KD6ZBE Killeen, TX 5H 7M 2S
41843 Map Bubble Hub KB5QP Spring Lake NC 3D 14H 7M 44S
41847 Map Bubble TGIF TG 31331 N1PCE ASL to DMR Bridge 5H 9M 26S
41852 Map Bubble 927.025 dpl 156 N0INX Urbandale, Iowa USA 5H 8M 53S
41855 Map Bubble 146.835 PL 107.2 107.2 K5TW Harrisburg, AR 3D 18H 21M 43S
41856 Map Bubble 444.525 PL 94.8 94.8 K5TW Harrisburg, AR 5H 10M 29S
41857 Map Bubble 147.24 PL 107.2 107.2 NI5A Jonesboro, AR 3D 18H 11M 53S
41859 Map Bubble 146.955 PL 107.2 107.2 NI5A Trumann, AR 5H 6M 39S
41860 Map Bubble 444.875 + 67.0, 67.0 KC4SSD Naples Florida 5H 9M 40S
41863 Map Bubble EchoLink Connection N1PCE Whitefield, NH 3D 3H 36M 46S
41865 Map Bubble TESTING AE5HO Flower Mound, TX 1D 6H 22M 46S
41879 Map Bubble N7FM Spokane, WA 5H 7M 36S
41882 Map Bubble N1PCE Bethlehem, NH 5H 8M 54S
41888 Map Bubble 444.175 +5.0 PL103.5 103.5 K7HW Tacoma WA el 368 ft 14H 18M 23S
41890 Map Bubble 223.460 PL 131.8 131.8 WA3GM Ambler, PA 5H 9M 11S
41893 Map Bubble 439.8175 100.0 WA2WWK Portable USA 9H 52M 37S
41894 Map Bubble 444.660+ 123.0 W6FBW Hanford Ca 3D 18H 10M 56S
41897 Map Bubble 145.210 110.9 WH6TAT Kailua Kona, Hawaii USA 5H 8M 53S
41899 Map Bubble 449.675 110.9 W2YMM Long Island, NY 3D 13H 25M 50S
41902 Map Bubble Conference WR4JW Decatur, AL 3D 18H 11M 18S
41905 Map Bubble KG7LWE Layton, Utah 15H 36M 24S
41907 Map Bubble WX4MEM Memphis, TN 3D 21H 30M 31S
41910 Map Bubble G7NRH Portsmouth, UK 4D 3H 31M 24S
41911 Map Bubble W8ELD Home 4D 22H 52M 33S
41917 Map Bubble 445.000 100.0 KB5QP Spring Lake NC 3D 18H 21M 7S
41929 Map Bubble Echolink Bridge WL7LP North Pole, AK 5H 7M 36S
41932 Map Bubble 440.250+ 100.0 W9KKN/R Sunnyvale, CA 5H 9M 12S
41933 Map Bubble 223.9800 85.4 W6YOP Oakland/California 5H 7M 36S
41938 Map Bubble GB3KU DVSWITCH Manchester, UK 5H 10M 56S
41941 Map Bubble HUBNet G7RPG Saturn 10D 6H 8M 35S
41951 Map Bubble 146.550 123.0 WL7LP North Pole, Alaska - Rasp-Pi 5D 9H 19M 48S
41952 Map Bubble 445.200 167.9 WL7LP North Pole, AK 3D 11H 17M 48S
41962 Map Bubble Pi 2 to 430.0500 77 G3YSG Swanwick, UK 4H 26M 34S
41963 Map Bubble -W7GET-MicroNode AF7CV Salt Lake City, Utah 3D 18H 10M 56S
41966 Map Bubble 1.25 M 136.5 KF7LN The Dalles, OR USA 3D 6H 51M 6S
41970 Map Bubble 224.060 123 K9QB Madison Wi Square 5H 8M 49S
41971 Map Bubble 223.920 94.8 KU6V San Martin 6H 23M 38S
41974 Map Bubble 224.180 - DCS 074 N2KEJ Quinton, New Jersey 4D 17H 47M 3S
41988 Map Bubble Allstar Hotspot 6.9 97.4 Rulleh Santiago City,Isabela 5H 9M 5S
41996 Map Bubble 51.820 MHz -500 KHz 100.0 W6RR Paso Robles, CA 5H 9M 15S
41998 Map Bubble 446.050 67.0 KA9VDU McFarland, Wisconsin 3D 4H 34M 41S
41999 Map Bubble KA9VDU Fitchburg, Wisconsin 3D 3H 39M 40S
42011 Map Bubble 442.675+ 110.9 W6RR Paso Robles, CA 4H 32M 37S
42020 Map Bubble KA9VDU Fitchburg, Wisconsin 5H 7M 2S
42027 Map Bubble NH7X Aiea, Hi 5H 9M 26S
42032 Map Bubble 927.050 -25 D546 W9CR Tampa, Florida 15H 36M 35S
42037 Map Bubble 147.120+ 151.4 N0HV Raymore, Missouri 3D 18H 11M 19S
42038 Map Bubble Remote W6YOP Truckee/CA 5H 7M 36S
42044 Map Bubble 443.100 + 100.0 PL K6SLS Smith River Ca. 1D 9H 7M 54S
42045 Map Bubble 444.800 118.8 KC5YSM Port Neches, Texas 5H 9M 26S
420460 Map Bubble 443.750 +5 MHz 114.8 AC9CO Oak Park, Illinois 4H 34M 51S
420461 Map Bubble 434.000 MHz 114.8 AC9CO Home/Mobile 3D 18H 22M 34S
42050 Map Bubble Connected Rulleh Santiago City,Isabela 5H 9M 36S
42058 Map Bubble 223.440 77.0 WB2JJO Petersburg, NJ 08270 5H 9M 15S
42060 Map Bubble 443.575+ 114.8 AA9VI Inverness, IL 5H 9M 15S
42064 Map Bubble 145.58 PL 107.2 107.2 WA3GM Ambler PA 5H 9M 20S
420660 Map Bubble Off world with SG1 77hz G3TMD Scotter 3D 18H 4M 6S
420661 Map Bubble Radioless Node 77hz G3TMD Scotter 7H 36M 56S
420662 Map Bubble Radioless Monitor 77hz G3TMD Scotter 5H 7M 26S
420663 Map Bubble Mobile Node 77hz G3TMD Scotter 5H 9M 39S
42067 Map Bubble 145.51 88.5 W2NWT South Wales, NY 22H 38M 26S
42069 Map Bubble 146.655- 136.5 W0RBK/R Grundy Center, IA 6D 23H 7M 49S
42070 Map Bubble K6PKL Manteca, Ca 4H 13M 47S
42071 Map Bubble 147.040 94.8 K8KZO Kalamazoo, Michigan 5H 9M 12S
42082 Map Bubble 147.240 + 136.5 K6VDU Elk Grove, CA 5H 9M 40S
42090 Map Bubble 444.850 + 141.3 KC1SR Lancaster, NH 5H 9M 21S
42101 Map Bubble *BISDAK* W6OEY Pinoy Echo-AllStar 5H 9M 43S
421090 Map Bubble REMOTE BASE KB0Y Georgia 5H 10M 50S
42112 Map Bubble 145.2125 94.8 MB7IBN Boston lincolnshire, UK 5H 9M 26S
42116 Map Bubble Backhaul Hub Private WX8CMH Central, OH 1D 6H 23M 2S
42118 Map Bubble W8DIG Columbus 2H 7M 21S
42121 Map Bubble IRLP EXP0087 Hub K8LRC Reading, MI 5H 9M 23S
42124 Map Bubble VKLink Gateway VK3RWO West Wodonga 3H 40M 10S
42128 Map Bubble N8NQP Surprise, AZ 5H 9M 5S
42130 Map Bubble 145.170 123 K9QB Brooklyn 5H 7M 36S
42138 Map Bubble W7UPS Nine Mile Falls Washington 5H 8M 58S
42144 Map Bubble 446.075 100.0 NI4J North Port, Florida 5H 9M 3S
42146 Map Bubble 927.2875 DPL423 W6JSO Monterey, California 5H 9M 56S
42152 Map Bubble 445.950 91.5 WG1X Littleton, NH 5H 8M 58S
42158 Map Bubble 440.475 WA6FUL Sebastopol CA 5H 9M 32S
42161 Map Bubble Mt.Shasta UNKNOWN W6YOP Oakland/California 3D 18H 11M 2S
42163 Map Bubble 145.3375 118.8 MB7IRC Riccall, North Yorkshire UK 19H 5M 41S
42167 Map Bubble 449.975 - 131.8 N3UXQ Yeadon, Pa. 5H 9M 43S
42175 Map Bubble N R G Repeater Group HUB UK 5H 9M 47S
42178 Map Bubble G1LDC Northwich 5H 9M 27S
42182 Map Bubble 449.575 white tanks private KB7OBJ phoenix metro area 3D 14H 31M 54S
42183 Map Bubble 147.45 Buckley AFB 114.8 KB5YZB Aurora, Colorado 4H 34M 19S
42186 Map Bubble 443.800 192.8 W0IY Center Point, IA 8M 11S
42190 Map Bubble K2ELV Livonia, NY 5H 9M 16S
42192 Map Bubble 147.540 Simplex 100 WH6YF Lahaina, Hawaii USA 5H 7M 0S
42196 Map Bubble 445.925 91.5 N1ALL North Woodstock, NH 5H 9M 40S
42198 Map Bubble 442.950 + 141.3 N1PCE Bethlehem, NH 3D 6H 7M 41S
42201 Map Bubble N6TBQ Salinas,CA 5H 8M 49S
42202 Map Bubble UHF node Larry G8CZE Fairfield, Manchester, UK 2H 27M 48S
42203 Map Bubble 443.700 131.8 KA8ZNY Canal Winchester , Ohio 1D 13H 35M 14S
42205 Map Bubble 927.1625 151.4 K5TRA LaGrange, TX 5H 9M 5S
42207 Map Bubble Lahaina conference WH6YF Lahaina, Hawaii USA 6H 4M 3S
42215 Map Bubble 927.1250 103.5 K7QDX Portland, OR 1D 18H 39M 20S
42216 Map Bubble 146.115 146.2 W6SUV-R Lake Tahoe, NV 3D 18H 11M 21S
42222 Map Bubble EchoStar 136.5Hz W6BSD Redwood City, CA 5H 9M 25S
42232 Map Bubble SERVER W6YOP Oakland/California 5H 9M 51S
42235 Map Bubble 441.725+ 100.0 K4JDR Raleigh, NC 5H 8M 50S
42242 Map Bubble 446.075 100.0 KF4AUF fuquay varina n.c. 5H 10M 4S
42243 Map Bubble K2ELV Livonia, NY 5H 8M 58S
42244 Map Bubble 927.9875 W3RC Drums, PA 5D 11H 15M 29S
42250 Map Bubble 224.34 MHZ pl 162.2 162.2 KB6LED Hayward 4D 5H 25M 46S
42252 Map Bubble KE6DCJ Jacksonville, FL 3D 18H 11M 27S
422560 Map Bubble 900Mhz Simplex W4HKL Maynardville, TN 5H 9M 45S
42258 Map Bubble 927.0250 Simplex 532 KG5ZI Dayton, Ohio 5H 7M 33S
42260 Map Bubble 446.05 Simplex 69.3 KG5ZI-N Dayton, Ohio 5H 9M 41S
42261 Map Bubble 50.52 Simplex 77.0 KG5ZI-G Dayton, Ohio 5H 7M 32S
422731 Map Bubble Cloud HUB - Public UNKNOWN KG5ZI-R SCARS - Chicago 5H 6M 54S
422732 Map Bubble BroadcastifyNetRover UNKNOWN KG5ZI-L 5H 9M 45S
42274 Map Bubble 445.925 141.3 W4FFX Morrisville, NC 5H 9M 1S
42279 Map Bubble 444.75 110.9 WB2ERS Islip/New York 3D 10H 11M 33S
42285 Map Bubble 442.475 + RS 131.8 N7JYS Russell KS. 1D 1H 17M 31S
42291 Map Bubble 445.975(S) 123.0 123.0 WA3DSP Richboro, PA 18954 3D 18H 11M 44S
42299 Map Bubble 147.435MHz 103.5 KD6GDB Tehachapi CA 3D 10H 15M 30S
42314 Map Bubble kc5afm Texas 5H 9M 25S
42315 Map Bubble Agile Simplex KF5VH Lafayette, LA 5H 7M 34S
42316 Map Bubble 145.370 - 103.5 KF5VH Lafayette, LA 5H 7M 3S
42328 Map Bubble 443.975+ 156.7 VA3KKF Kirkfield, Ontario 2D 22H 4M 2S
42345 Map Bubble 442.400 156.7 VA3OVR PontyPool Ontario 5H 6M 58S
42351 Map Bubble RF K8STN Youngstown, Ohio 3D 18H 11M 13S
42352 Map Bubble 443.650+ pl 100.0 KH6BFD Hawaii/Washington 5H 5M 16S
42358 Map Bubble 435.9125 186.2 G8HAV Winsford United Kingdom 3D 18H 21M 34S
42362 Map Bubble Cloud Hub K6PBT #73 Cumulus 5H 10M 10S
42365 Map Bubble System Hub W1ZFB Fredricksburg, Va 5H 7M 36S
42370 Map Bubble 446.275 low power W8JTW Marietta Ohio 5H 5M 8S
42375 Map Bubble 147.100 100.0 KG7SD Spokane WA 3D 18H 11M 2S
42376 Map Bubble 444.6000 123.0 W6JSO Loma 5H 8M 59S
42380 Map Bubble Phone Portal M0NCZ UK 5H 8M 49S
42383 Map Bubble 435.9625 186.2 G8HAV Cheshire_UK 5H 7M 8S
42386 Map Bubble 147.510 110.9 WA1ZDA Hope Maine 15H 36M 20S
42389 Map Bubble KN6KI Anderson Calif 5H 9M 1S
42392 Map Bubble WB9RSQ Evansville, WI 3D 18H 10M 59S
42393 Map Bubble Back Porch WA2MCT Corpus Christi TX 5H 9M 27S
42411 Map Bubble Hub KK6IMI Turlock California USA 4M 55S
42412 Map Bubble Nano-AE K6PBT NW Nevada 5H 9M 49S
42413 Map Bubble 52.350 - 103.5 N5MBM Chappell Hill, TX 9D 23H 31M 34S
42414 Map Bubble 145.150 - 103.5 N5MBM Chappell Hill, TX 3D 18H 20M 51S
42431 Map Bubble UHF G4VZV Yorkshire 5H 8M 59S
42434 Map Bubble 145.3375 103.5 MB7IDP Cannock Staffordshire 5H 9M 36S
42435 Map Bubble Echolink Gateway W7HEN Henderson, NV 3D 3H 54M 33S
42437 Map Bubble Simplex K6LCM Santa Barbara, CA 5H 9M 1S
42439 Map Bubble LincsLink Node #5 2E0ENN Cranwell, Lincolnshire, UK 5H 9M 29S
42441 Map Bubble 446.9125/S 103.5 K8JTK Westlake, Ohio 3D 7H 56M 50S
42448 Map Bubble KC9ZHV Olney, IL 5H 8M 58S
42449 Map Bubble 146.820 100.0 W5AW Big Spring TX 5H 8M 55S
42451 Map Bubble 449.600 107.2 KE7CCH Las Vegas, NV 3D 18H 21M 10S
42459 Map Bubble ARN-1 K6PBT WaCo-NV 5H 8M 54S
42462 Map Bubble 927.1125 D432 NB7C Schafer Butte 5H 6M 2S
424640 Map Bubble 147.090 162.2 VA3OME Millbrook ,Ont 5H 7M 4S
424641 Map Bubble 444.900 162.2 VA3OME Millbrook ,Ont 10D 4H 5M 33S
42466 Map Bubble 441.625 + 103.5 N5MBM Chappell Hill, TX 3D 18H 11M 29S
42471 Map Bubble 224.900 - 103.5 N5MBM Chappell Hill, TX 5H 10M 4S
42478 Map Bubble 439.950- 123.0 VK6RAA Mt Barker WA 5H 9M 20S
42479 Map Bubble 147.150+ VK6RMJ Manjimup WA 5H 9M 22S
42480 Map Bubble 439.150 123.0 VK6FN Hotspot Manjimup WA 5H 9M 26S
42481 Map Bubble 438.025- VK6RAL Albany WA 5H 9M 12S
42482 Map Bubble West Hub VK6SR South A Mt Barker WA 5H 9M 5S
42483 Map Bubble 430.0125 88.5 Hz MB7ALF Hornsea - East Yorkshire 5H 9M 23S
42489 Map Bubble K2ADS North Las Vegas, Nevada USA 5H 5M 51S
42502 Map Bubble Delco Pa. HUB N3UXQ Delaware County, Pa. 1D 6H 23M 2S
42523 Map Bubble 146.535 131.8 KM3W/L Chester, Pa 5H 9M 45S
42527 Map Bubble 438.125 100 N7JLR Las Vegas, NV 3D 18H 20M 39S
42530 Map Bubble private 88.5 M0TLC Boston UK 1D 11H 43M 47S
42532 Map Bubble 224.060 -1.6 131.8 WB3EHB Phila Pa 5H 8M 54S
42536 Map Bubble LincsLink 2E0ENN Cranwell, Lincolnshire, UK 4D 3H 26M 22S
42541 Map Bubble 444.675 + 110.9 N5UA Richardson, TX 5H 9M 16S
42545 Map Bubble K0AAJ Southaven MS 5H 9M 47S
42546 Map Bubble 444.250 103.5 N8ZAR Buckhannon, WV 5H 9M 40S
42554 Map Bubble 224.740 PL156.7 KJ6HUP Fresno,ca 5H 5M 17S
42555 Map Bubble 927.0250 D411 WD5EMS Belton, TX 5H 8M 49S
42556 Map Bubble 443.9375 114.8 N8AGJ Bellefontaine, Ohio 3D 11H 46M 38S
42557 Map Bubble 430.0375 71.9 MB7ALC Swinton, MEXBOROUGH 5H 7M 1S
42558 Map Bubble Northern NH AllStar W1FVB 5H 7M 9S
42560 Map Bubble 431.100 77.0 M1sde Richmond North Yorkshire 9M 45S
425630 Map Bubble 444.625 100.0 K5KTF Cedar Park, TX 3D 18H 11M 14S
425631 Map Bubble 146.810 100.0 K5KTF Cedar Park, TX 3D 18H 10M 47S
42565 Map Bubble DVSwitch Parrot N4IRS Vero Beach, FL 5H 9M 44S
425720 Map Bubble KM4EYX Douglas/Georgia/USA 5H 9M 35S
425721 Map Bubble W4JSF Douglas/Georgia/USA 3D 14H 39M 41S
42573 Map Bubble 147.165 + 141.3 W4JSF Douglas/Georgia/USA 5H 9M 57S
42574 Map Bubble 927.0625 203.5 N5TM Katy, TX USA 5H 9M 32S
42576 Map Bubble 430.037.5 G7RHF / 2E0CHZ 2e0chz 1D 6H 0M 42S
42580 Map Bubble 70cm 100.0 K2IE Aberdeen, NJ 15H 36M 17S
425930 Map Bubble 446.100 Simplex 88.5 88.5 N3JHS Levittown, PA 2D 14H 50M 6S
425931 Map Bubble 145.520 Simplex 88.5 88.5 N3JHS Levittown, PA 5H 6M 0S
425932 Map Bubble At Fred Shore House W3OFT Node 5H 8M 49S
425933 Map Bubble BILL HUB N3JHS Node 4D 12H 32M 39S
425934 Map Bubble Tims KB3TC Levittown, PA 5H 9M 5S
425937 Map Bubble YSF Bridge N3JHS Levittown, PA 1H 17M 44S
42594 Map Bubble 145.470 - 82.5 KA2NDW Clyde,NY 5H 9M 25S
42596 Map Bubble 224.470 - 82.5 KA2NDW Clyde, NY 23H 15M 15S
42597 Map Bubble 449.075 - 82.5 KA2NDW Clyde, NY 5H 9M 15S
42600 Map Bubble 927.0750 218.1 WD5EMS Lampasas, TX 5H 9M 36S
42605 Map Bubble 147.255 + 127.3 AA0RC Mexico, MO 5H 7M 8S
42610 Map Bubble South Texas 927 HUB K5TRA 927-TECH 3D 18H 10M 54S
42616 Map Bubble Hawaii Mainland HUB WH6AV Los Angeles, California 1H 23M 10S
42619 Map Bubble Aloha Ohana HUB WH6AV New York, New York 3D 18H 21M 9S
42620 Map Bubble 145.330- 162.2 VE3KFR Campbellford, Ontario 5H 8M 58S
42623 Map Bubble Test Bench 2 W6YOP Oakland/California 5H 8M 54S
42626 Map Bubble 147.09 +600KHz 100 NP3A Bayamon,PR 5H 9M 47S
42631 Map Bubble 420.850 MHz + NAC 293 N4NJJ 3D 18H 11M 17S
42655 Map Bubble 430.050 77hz G8ATB Northwich Cheshire UK 5H 9M 36S
42660 Map Bubble 441.575 100.0 W6AV Port Orchard, Washington 5H 9M 31S
42661 Map Bubble 224.600 100.00 W6AV Port Orchard, Washington 5H 7M 34S
42663 Map Bubble 147.120 (+) 123.0 KC2DUX Deptford, NJ 1D 4H 52M 42S
42668 Map Bubble 446.100 VT Allstar 173.8 AA1PR Rutland 2D 3H 56M 25S
42675 Map Bubble AllStar Echolink WH6AV San Francisco, CA 15H 36M 29S
42676 Map Bubble NTNWD EMCOMM WH6AV San Francisco, CA 15H 36M 27S
42677 Map Bubble Hawaii NOC 3 HUB WH6AV San Francisco, CA 5H 10M 0S
42678 Map Bubble Hawaii NOC 4 HUB WH6AV San Francisco, CA 1D 6H 22M 54S
42679 Map Bubble Hawaii NOC 5 HUB WH6AV San Francisco, CA 5H 8M 49S
42680 Map Bubble HAWAII SKYWARN HUB WH6AV San Francisco, CA 4H 37M 23S
42689 Map Bubble No Radio VK6RX Kununurra, WA 5H 9M 57S
42690 Map Bubble 444.40+ 141.3 WB2HKK Old Bridge, NJ 5H 5M 13S
42691 Map Bubble 145.130 - W2ACC Varick, NY 5H 9M 56S
42692 Map Bubble 442.225 - 82.5 W2ACC Varick, NY 10D 6H 8M 26S
42693 Map Bubble 224.260 - 110.9 W2ACC Stanley, NY 10D 6H 8M 32S
42695 Map Bubble Echolink 780542 W2ACC Stanley, NY 3D 18H 10M 47S
42700 Map Bubble 446.525 - 97.4 Hz WX1NH Unity, NH 5H 9M 24S
42702 Map Bubble 223.840- 141.3 W2RJR Staten Island, NY 1H 48M 0S
42713 Map Bubble 145.470 (-) 100.0 KI1P Warren VT 3D 18H 11M 59S
42716 Map Bubble DMR TG505005 BM VK6RX Kununurra, WA 5H 9M 5S
42717 Map Bubble Echolink 9610 VK6HUB VK6RX Kununurra, WA 5H 5M 47S
42718 Map Bubble SysOp Hub VK6RX Kununurra, WA 4H 14M 20S
42719 Map Bubble VK6 NEWS HUB VK6RX Kununurra, WA 5H 8M 54S
42721 Map Bubble 147.59 Simplex 114.8 K5VPW San Antonio, Texas 1D 23H 29M 27S
42727 Map Bubble 447.575- 123.0 KI6EAY Albuquerque/New Mexico 3D 18H 23M 2S
42728 Map Bubble LOCAL TEST WB2HKK Old Bridge, NJ 5H 6M 13S
42729 Map Bubble 147.39/+ 100.0 W7MVR logandale/nv 3D 6H 50M 55S
42732 Map Bubble VK6-HUB VK6RX Kununurra, WA 1D 13H 38M 50S
42738 Map Bubble 443.8+ 110.9 N4WGY Huntsville Alabama 3D 19H 5M 16S
42742 Map Bubble 145.270- 127.3 W9HHX Milwaukee, WI 5H 5M 12S
42743 Map Bubble 443.025+ 127.3 W9HHX Milwaukee, WI 3D 18H 21M 47S
42744 Map Bubble 146.900 (ABQ) 67.0 K5FIQ New Mexico 5H 9M 52S
42745 Map Bubble 449.550 (ABQ) 71.9 K5FIQ New Mexico 2D 16H 37M 49S
42746 Map Bubble 146.960 (CP) 100.0 K5URR New Mexico 5H 5M 38S
42747 Map Bubble 146.940 (LM) 100.0 K5URR New Mexico 5H 9M 15S
42748 Map Bubble 146.640 (MR) 67.0 K5URR New Mexico 1D 6H 22M 53S
42749 Map Bubble 147.060 (TM) 67.0 K5FIQ New Mexico 5H 9M 42S
42750 Map Bubble 442.600 (DM) 100.0 K5FSB New Mexico 5H 8M 53S
42751 Map Bubble 442.450 (CR) 67.0 K5FIQ New Mexico 1D 6H 22M 50S
42752 Map Bubble K5URR Albuquerque NM 5H 9M 12S
42754 Map Bubble 444.750+ 131.8 N4WGY Huntsville Alabama 2D 2H 48M 59S
42755 Map Bubble 146.290 simplex 100.0 KB7SQE Libby Mt 5H 7M 36S
42761 Map Bubble 224.540 -1.6 MHz 141.3 WB0YLE Fall River MA 5H 8M 59S
42765 Map Bubble 441.500+ 141.3 W2GCM Randolph, NJ 5H 5M 32S
42772 Map Bubble 145.110 100.0 W6YOP Truckee/CA 3D 18H 21M 16S
42778 Map Bubble k7ovg Portable 3D 18H 10M 56S
42781 Map Bubble KD6AFA Rio Hondo, CA 5H 7M 36S
42800 Map Bubble 147.42 123.0 W3AAD Newtown, PA 3D 11H 54M 32S
428011 Map Bubble DMR-Bridge 3164329 N3UXQ Yeadon 5H 9M 11S
42813 Map Bubble 445.125 110.9 KF7TBT north las vegas nevada 5H 8M 58S
428141 Map Bubble 446.025 minus offset 114.8 ka2caf Monroe Township,New Jersey 5H 10M 7S
428142 Map Bubble 224.74 minus offset 131.8 KA2CAF Parlin,NJ 5H 10M 0S
42816 Map Bubble 449.875- 131.8 KC2IRV Monroe, Northampton and Bucks 38M 50S
42817 Map Bubble 927.150 - 103.5 N5MBM Chappell Hill TX 5H 8M 53S
42823 Map Bubble K9QB Brooklyn 5H 9M 48S
42830 Map Bubble nh7dz RF Node NH7DZ Queen Creek, Arizona 5H 8M 55S
42833 Map Bubble Home Test WB6ZSU Southern California 5H 9M 32S
42839 Map Bubble 51.86 rx - 51.36 tx 127.3 W1ZFB Fredricksburg, Va 5H 40M 32S
42845 Map Bubble 448.975- 123.0 W0GV Golden, CO 3D 18H 58M 59S
42851 Map Bubble 147.330 100 W0TX Lakewood, CO 5H 9M 43S
428601 Map Bubble 146.94 - 94.8 K0SLV/RPT Monte Vista, CO 4H 13M 18S
428602 Map Bubble 146.64 - 77.0 N0KM/R Center, CO 5H 9M 51S
428603 Map Bubble 447.100 - 77.0 N0KM/RPT Center, CO 15H 36M 12S
428604 Map Bubble 446.025 KE0OHH Creede, CO 15H 36M 11S
42870 Map Bubble 449.200 - 100.00 K6KWB Los Angeles 5H 7M 36S
42879 Map Bubble 435.9875 186.2 G8HAV Winsford 5H 8M 49S
42887 Map Bubble 146.500 W8UY Defiance, Oh 1D 6H 52M 54S
42890 Map Bubble RadioLess K4KWQ Jackson, MI 3D 18H 11M 27S
42898 Map Bubble 442.850 + 103.5 WA4ROB Cumberland Gap TN/KY Line 3D 18H 22M 31S
42899 Map Bubble CNHARCnet HUB W1JY New Hampshire 3D 18H 10M 54S
42900 Map Bubble 432.200 88.5 N0IV Rincon, GA USA 5H 10M 15S
42909 Map Bubble 443.175 MHZ 159.8 WP4LYI READING PA 3D 18H 20M 54S
42929 Map Bubble HUB K5COD Victoria/TX/USA 6H 4M 24S
42934 Map Bubble 146.835+ 100.0 WA4YZY Chained Rock, Pineville KY 3D 18H 20M 52S
42940 Map Bubble 442.450 Hays_K-Link 162.2 N7JYS Russell, Ks. 5H 23M 14S
42942 Map Bubble WA4HND NM Observatory 5H 9M 47S
42943 Map Bubble WA4HND Fruita CO 4H 13M 54S
42947 Map Bubble Portland HUB K5TRA 927-TECH 6H 3M 52S
42948 Map Bubble 147.390+ 100.0 VE2RKL Mont-Saint-Gregoire, Qc 38M 3S
42951 Map Bubble 439.150 123.0 VK6MIB Hotspot Gnowangerup WA 3D 18H 11M 18S
42959 Map Bubble W2RJR Staten Island, New York 5H 6M 54S
42972 Map Bubble 448.950 MHz - 151.4 KP3IV Manati, Puerto Rico 2M 38S
42973 Map Bubble 430.900 91.5 4X1DA Modiin, ISRAEL 5H 7M 22S
42975 Map Bubble 145.150 123 N9EM Madison Wisconsin 5H 9M 1S
42983 Map Bubble 145.920 88.50 4I9WSR Aloran, Misamis Occidental 8M 7S
42992 Map Bubble 445.725 MHz simplex 100.0 KC0RPS Coal Creek Canyon Colorado 1D 3H 22M 31S
42993 Map Bubble 53.170 - 107.2 N8XPK-R Doylestown OH 2D 10H 38M 20S
42996 Map Bubble 147.360 + 100.0 KA1LM Middlebury, Vermont 5H 8M 53S
43001 Map Bubble TEST BENCH WA6JQV Vacaville,Ca. 5H 9M 23S
43002 Map Bubble 146.520 131.8 VA3IAN Waterdown, ON 1H 22M 42S
43005 Map Bubble 444.550+ 100.0 VE2RTO Mont-Orford, QC 5H 9M 31S
43015 Map Bubble Hub W8VT Piscataway NJ 1H 17M 41S
43024 Map Bubble 145.7125 -0.6 88.5 DB0YY Ludwigsburg 5H 7M 36S
43025 Map Bubble 440.925+ 123.0 AJ4NR/R York, SC 23H 18M 15S
43026 Map Bubble 444.300+ 103.5 VE2RKL-1 Mont-Saint-Gregoire, Qc 38M 33S
43027 Map Bubble 927.500MHz Simplex K5GJ Spring, TX 5H 8M 55S
43028 Map Bubble KF7LRD Ash Fork, AZ 5H 9M 37S
43031 Map Bubble Warwick Rhode Island 146.2 KA1MXL Warwick Rhode Island 5H 9M 35S
43033 Map Bubble N5MBM Chappell Hill TX 21H 8M 21S
43034 Map Bubble EchoLink N5MBM-R N5MBM 10H 18M 21S
43035 Map Bubble 441.300 + 103.5 N5MBM Chappell Hill, TX 3D 18H 21M 16S
43038 Map Bubble 146.910- 000 VO1GFR Province Wide Coverage 3D 18H 11M 22S
43039 Map Bubble 442.175 100 NO1PC Campbell, CA 5H 9M 12S
43040 Map Bubble UHF Node W4ZZK NW Alabama 5H 7M 4S
43043 Map Bubble 223.400 118.8 W4HKL Maynardville, TN 2D 8H 22M 11S
43044 Map Bubble Hub K0RAP Aurora, CO 5H 9M 47S
43061 Map Bubble 224.900 156.7 VA3YC Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada 18H 39M 45S
43069 Map Bubble 445.300 MHZ 123.0 KP3AMG Panama City, FL 5H 9M 37S
43070 Map Bubble WB6DAO Hacienda Heights, CA 5H 10M 14S
43088 Map Bubble *Hub* 4I9WSR Aloran Misamis Occidental 5H 7M 36S
43103 Map Bubble VE2VPS-2 Montreal, QC 3D 18H 10M 59S
43109 Map Bubble 448.000 91.5 KB2AYS Croydon, Pa 5H 9M 24S
43115 Map Bubble 146.640 162.2 N5TT Leander/Texas/USA 3D 4H 27M 39S
43117 Map Bubble 145.450 162.2 N5TT Taylor/Texas 5H 9M 38S
43118 Map Bubble 444.200+ 131.8 N8XPK Akron, OH 7H 3M 40S
43129 Map Bubble 439.700 91.5 VK3RBP Horsham VIC 5H 9M 23S
431320 Map Bubble 223.500 No RF Hub W8JTW Marietta Ohio 4H 35M 19S
43141 Map Bubble 446.150 103.5 KM4PWH Cocoa Beach, FL USA 3D 18H 21M 4S
431420 Map Bubble HUB-1 CDARIN IN THE CLOUD 1H 17M 48S
431421 Map Bubble HUB-2 CDARIN IN THE CLOUD 1H 17M 51S
43148 Map Bubble 146.865- 118.8 WC8EMA Lebanon, Ohio 5H 9M 16S
43149 Map Bubble 444.1875 118.8 WC8EMA Lebanon, Ohio 5H 5M 6S
43150 Map Bubble KD5KNZ Dallas TX 5H 9M 37S
43154 Map Bubble 444.525+ WB8ZVL Lebanon/Ohio 5H 9M 49S
43157 Map Bubble 443.750 100 NO1PC Los Gatos,CA 3D 18H 21M 10S
43168 Map Bubble 442.325 (+) 100 WH6WF Captain Cook, Hawaii USA 4D 4H 34M 30S
43169 Map Bubble Captain Cook Bridge WH6WF Captain Cook, Hawaii USA 5H 9M 47S
43178 Map Bubble 223.400 85.4 N1PCE Whitefield, NH 5H 9M 33S
43182 Map Bubble Cocoa Beach Conf Bri KM4PWH Cocoa Beach, Florida USA 3D 18H 10M 35S
43188 Map Bubble Northern NH AllStar N1PCE 5H 5M 18S
43189 Map Bubble 144.940 KC9WKE Swansea, Illinois 1D 1H 26M 23S
43193 Map Bubble 147.075+ 107.2 N9DKH Green Bay, WI 5H 9M 43S
43199 Map Bubble Naples Hub KC4RPP Harry Naples,Florida 5H 9M 19S
43206 Map Bubble 146.490 103.5 WA2UPK Englewood, FL 2D 15H 47M 6S
43211 Map Bubble 147.390+ 114.8 W8WKY Doylestown OH 29M 36S
43214 Map Bubble 446.100 88.5 KC1AEM Wells River, VT 5H 9M 16S
43231 Map Bubble 444.20 Mhz + 107.2 WA5YZD Austin Texas 5H 9M 50S
43235 Map Bubble KI6OSS Eagle Mountain, Ut 5H 8M 56S
43245 Map Bubble 223.460 Simplex 114.8 K5VPW San Antonio, Texas 3D 18H 10M 45S
43249 Map Bubble WA5IHL Albquerque, NM 3H 32M 26S
43262 Map Bubble 444.250 110.9 WR2ROC Rochester, NY 5H 9M 11S
43263 Map Bubble 146.790 110.9 WR2ROC Rochester/NY/US 5H 9M 47S
43265 Map Bubble 449.525- 100 N0PKT Creede, CO 5H 9M 15S
43266 Map Bubble 437.425000 KG5JBC Azle, TX 5H 9M 49S
43268 Map Bubble K8MDM Hub K8MDM Harbor Hills / Ohio 5H 9M 44S
43287 Map Bubble 443.475+ 77 W4DTO Dallas, GA 5H 9M 42S
43290 Map Bubble 442.975 162.2 VE3TET Campbellford, Ontario 5H 9M 25S
43299 Map Bubble 145.370 - 114.8 N1PCE Whitefield, NH 5H 9M 0S
43302 Map Bubble 2 Meter Link UNKNOWN RI DIGITAL LINK RI Digital Link BM#31444 5H 10M 51S
43303 Map Bubble 442.450+ 123.0 N4RDB-R Lawton, OK 3D 7H 34M 48S
43315 Map Bubble 442.800 + Rpt 123.0 KD2ARB Belle Mead NJ 5H 9M 20S
43321 Map Bubble 147.390+ 67.0 VE2RHA Trois-Rivieres, QC 22H 38M 21S
43322 Map Bubble Repeater System N6VRC Fresno Ca 5H 9M 5S
433260 Map Bubble HUB K9PSL IN THE CLOUD 1H 17M 48S
43338 Map Bubble 446.1125 100.0 WW8TF Roaming Spur Node 3D 9H 56M 48S
43342 Map Bubble 444.100 100.0 KC5ZXW Albuquerque, NM 5H 5M 52S
43344 Map Bubble KA1VSC mobile 5H 9M 12S
43349 Map Bubble HUB Red El Canelos CE6RTV Valdivia, Chile 5H 7M 35S
43351 Map Bubble 147.345 136.5 AA9JL Lake holcombe mountain 5H 9M 36S
43352 Map Bubble 443.500 pl 110.9 AA9JL chippewa falls, wi 3D 18H 11M 2S
43353 Map Bubble 145.230 110.9 AA9JL Chippewa Falls WI 5H 9M 25S
43354 Map Bubble 147.510 K2GB salem ny. 5H 9M 37S
43360 Map Bubble 448.650 MHz 100.0 KP4IP Maricao, PR 1H 38M 50S
43361 Map Bubble 446.5125 118.8 K2SPD Long Island NY 5H 9M 5S
43375 Map Bubble 146.685 - PL 71.9 71.9 WA2EMO Wayne RACES-Sodus,N Y 2H 38M 29S
43376 Map Bubble 444.750 PL- 110.9 110.9 WA2EMO Wayne RACES-Sodus,NY 5H 6M 47S
43379 Map Bubble Comnet V-ICCS GW1 M0VGW Stourbridge UK 4H 5M 10S
43405 Map Bubble : UK-Cluster Mkt Harborough, Leics, England 5H 9M 15S
43409 Map Bubble 224.2- 110.9 KE5GDB Rosston, TX 5H 17M 25S
43416 Map Bubble 439.975 Simplex 110.9 KI6ND Cohasset Ridge, CA. 3D 18H 21M 16S
43418 Map Bubble 147.300+ 131.8 K3PSG Butler, PA 6H 22M 10S
43421 Map Bubble 445.950 110.9 N9KOR Ocala florida 5H 9M 47S
43422 Map Bubble KC2LVO Victor, NY 3D 18H 11M 5S
43423 Map Bubble Hub/SUPERMON+ AB9S Jackson, MO 5H 8M 58S
43427 Map Bubble 433.025 91.5 N1GB Guildhall, VT 5H 9M 24S
43431 Map Bubble : 103.5 MB7AMT Mkt Harborough, Leics, England 6H 4M 39S
43453 Map Bubble MW0RHD Wales, United Kingdom 5H 10M 12S
43455 Map Bubble K5TRA-L link K5TRA 927-TECH 5H 8M 50S
43456 Map Bubble 443.075 123.0 K5TRA Austin, TX 15H 9M 25S
43458 Map Bubble REACH AF5SB-R Highland, Arkansas 3D 18H 11M 30S
43462 Map Bubble Comnet V-ICCS GW2 M0VGW Stourbridge UK 4H 33M 32S
43464 Map Bubble 435.400 MHz 100.0 KP4IP Millersville, MD 5H 8M 58S
43469 Map Bubble 448.000 91.5 kb2ays Node2 5H 9M 51S
43473 Map Bubble 927.675 #114 W6HPB Royal Oaks/CA/USA 5H 9M 25S
43476 Map Bubble LincsLink Node #3 2E0ENN Cranwell Lincs UK 5H 8M 58S
43493 Map Bubble Echolink N4RDB-R Lawton, OK 3D 18H 4M 40S
43494 Map Bubble N4RDB Lawton, OK 3D 18H 10M 59S
43505 Map Bubble 927.925 123.0 W6HPB Salinas/CA/USA 5H 8M 54S
43510 Map Bubble W2HYP Avon, n.y. 5H 7M 35S
43517 Map Bubble 146.655 110.9 WR2ROC S. Bristol, NY 5H 10M 5S
43521 Map Bubble 443.350 + 103.5 VE2RQC Victoriaville, QC 10D 6H 8M 34S
43539 Map Bubble 224.260- N8OJ / R 141.3 W8JTW Marietta, OH 5H 9M 25S
43541 Map Bubble 145.410 127.3 KD3WT Overbrook Pa 3D 18H 21M 1S
43542 Map Bubble 446.875 - 131.8 KD3WT Overbrook Pa. 4H 13M 34S
43543 Map Bubble 449.975 123.0 VK6GHZ Atwell, WA 5H 6M 56S
435450 Map Bubble VE7RPT-HUB North Vancouver, BC, Canada 5H 7M 36S
435451 Map Bubble 146.940- VE7RPT-VHF North Vancouver, BC, Canada 5H 7M 10S
435452 Map Bubble 443.5250+ VE7RPT-UHF North Vancouver, BC, Canada 5H 9M 20S
435454 Map Bubble 146.660- VE7IRN Merritt, BC 3D 5H 16M 48S
43546 Map Bubble 430.800 91.5 4X5MG Petach Tikva, Israel 2H 41M 59S
43554 Map Bubble 146.82, -600 107.2 W0GJT Grand Junction, CO 1D 6H 23M 5S
43562 Map Bubble DMR+ REF4649, EL7641 AA9VI Inverness, IL 5H 9M 36S
43566 Map Bubble 445.937500 100.0 KK4RYS madisonville, ky 5H 9M 1S
435671 Map Bubble KK4RYS HUB madisonville, ky 5D 13H 38M 32S
43568 Map Bubble Just A HUB! W6WCN YSF/ANALOG/DMR. 5H 9M 25S
435720 Map Bubble 443.150 103.5 K4VRC-R The Villages, Florida 3D 18H 11M 23S
43577 Map Bubble 445.925 SIMP PL136.5 136.5 AA4JS Ft. Myers, FL 5H 9M 31S
43584 Map Bubble Portable UHF Simplex Low Pwr K9CWM Mobile 5H 9M 11S
43585 Map Bubble 145.555 103.5 K7KSN Salmon Creek, WA 5H 8M 59S
43593 Map Bubble KI7DQH Ellensburg, WA 3D 4H 16M 49S
43599 Map Bubble 145,210- 100,0 VE2RKY Alma, QC 5H 9M 28S
43609 Map Bubble 144.150 dcs031 WV8CW South Dakota 5H 9M 54S
43612 Map Bubble 443.675 100 KD7WPQ Kootenai, ID 2D 14H 30M 4S
43617 Map Bubble WA1ZDA Rockland, ME 5H 8M 54S
43620 Map Bubble 927.500 151.4 WB0BMY Vista,California 5H 9M 23S
43622 Map Bubble 439.200 91.5 4X1KS Hashmonaim Israel 3D 18H 23M 5S
43625 Map Bubble 439.100 91.5 4X5BH Sde Eliyahu 3D 18H 20M 57S
43628 Map Bubble Lkpt Hub W9SBE Lockport, IL. 5H 9M 1S
43629 Map Bubble 145.390 114.8 W4LKZ Bethpage, TN 5H 3M 54S
43630 Map Bubble 4F2V R.A.I.N Interface 5H 9M 20S
43633 Map Bubble Allstarlink 6.9 DX2ACV Connecting Around The World 1D 6H 22M 50S
43638 Map Bubble CONNECTED>>>TG5152 *PDMR5152* Philippines & Around The World 3D 18H 11M 23S
43641 Map Bubble PHONE PORTAL M0LMN Haslingden, Lancashire 5H 5M 19S
43653 Map Bubble KC2LVO Victor, NY 5H 7M 0S
43663 Map Bubble WCRWG-HUB Teraco / Western Cape 5H 9M 12S
43664 Map Bubble 438.800 (-7.6) ZS1VDV-NODE Bottelary / Western Cape 3D 18H 12M 12S
43670 Map Bubble 224.000- 110.9 K5LRK The Colony, TX 5H 9M 52S
43675 Map Bubble 440.200 118.8 K0HTF Urbandale, IA 5H 8M 58S
43684 Map Bubble ARK Clearnode 441.5 107.2 K5SLL New Edinburg, Arkansas 5H 9M 24S
43688 Map Bubble RadioLess All in One DX2ACV Cloud server 43688 5H 9M 46S
43692 Map Bubble 438.750 - 7.6 91.5 4X1MB Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel 3D 7H 18M 49S
43693 Map Bubble 145.425 91.5 4X1ZZ Jerusalem, Israel 5H 9M 20S
43694 Map Bubble RPI-3 Mobile Node WB2JJO Mobile Unit 3D 13H 42M 36S
43714 Map Bubble 446.400 MHz 100.0 AB9OV Chicago, IL 15H 3M 53S
43723 Map Bubble 443.100 + 118.8 K4ETN Jonesborough, TN 5H 7M 9S
43725 Map Bubble iaxrpt K8STN Youngstown, Ohio 5H 9M 16S
43732 Map Bubble Flying Beers Hub K8FBI Warren, MI 5H 9M 16S
43737 Map Bubble Rpi Node KD2ARB Belle Mead NJ 5H 9M 56S
43742 Map Bubble 224.880- WW8JS Thornville, Ohio 5H 7M 22S
43746 Map Bubble 145.410- PL 162.2 162.2 KD7LXL Crystal Mountain, Washington 5H 9M 35S
43747 Map Bubble 145.535 100.0 K2GB salem ny. 5H 9M 16S
43759 Map Bubble 145.400 67 VK3JD Port Melbourne 3D 21H 21M 37S
43763 Map Bubble 146.790- 131.8 K6TZ Santa Barbara, CA 5H 9M 36S
43764 Map Bubble 446.400- 131.8 K6TZ Santa Barbara, CA 5H 6M 52S
43768 Map Bubble 145.470 - PL 110.9 110.9 W9EJH Bloomer WI 5H 9M 12S
43774 Map Bubble Echolink N5TT-R Georgetown/Texas 5H 7M 36S
43776 Map Bubble N5LS DMR TG940 TS2 KE5GDB Richardson, TX 16H 49M 57S
43780 Map Bubble HUB W0JAY Seymour CT 5H 9M 27S
43782 Map Bubble 441.600 100.0 KE5RS Leander, Texas 5H 9M 26S
43784 Map Bubble 224.92- 110.9 AF5RS Denton, TX 5H 5M 10S
43786 Map Bubble 445.100 100 K7OAC Las Vegas NV. FELL FREE TO USE 5H 9M 56S
43799 Map Bubble DMR K5TRA Austin, TX 5H 9M 36S
438000 Map Bubble 449.500 (-5M) DCS023 VE5MBX Martensville, SK 5H 8M 58S
43804 Map Bubble 147.000 Mhz - VK6MP Geraldton Western Australia 5H 9M 24S
43806 Map Bubble 224.34MHZ Berkeley KB6LED Berekley 5H 10M 12S
43810 Map Bubble VHF LINK RADIO UNKNOWN N4WGY Huntsville Alabama 5H 10M 9S
43833 Map Bubble Test HUB N6SPB SFO, California 5H 8M 58S
43834 Map Bubble 446.025 67.0 KC9ONA Huntley, IL 3D 1H 34M 11S
43838 Map Bubble VE5DWR Martensville, SK 3D 18H 20M 39S
43840 Map Bubble 444.200 + 118.8 K4MFD Greeneville, TN 5H 5M 1S
43841 Map Bubble 443.950 + 118.8 W4YSF Johnson City, TN 3D 16H 55M 49S
43843 Map Bubble -HUB ONLY- W4YSF Jonesborough, TN 5H 9M 40S
43844 Map Bubble 146.880 88.5 XE2LRS Durango 5H 10M 3S
43845 Map Bubble HUBNet Low Bandwidth M0HOY Manchester, UK 5H 9M 49S
43847 Map Bubble 103.5 W7VTX Seattle 3D 18H 10M 59S
43861 Map Bubble K5NX Roman Forest 5H 9M 12S
43862 Map Bubble 445.350 123.0 KB3DHG Etters Pa 3D 18H 10M 59S
43865 Map Bubble XE2LRS Durango 5H 9M 32S
43872 Map Bubble Great Lakes Hub 2 No Radio K9CWM Pleasant Lake, IN 3D 18H 10M 20S
43888 Map Bubble KD7PWB Prineville, OR 5H 9M 19S
43891 Map Bubble microHUB/UHF G7RPG UK 1D 11H 41M 44S
43903 Map Bubble 145.210 Simplex 110.9 WH6FEE Kamuela, Hawaii USA 13H 1M 33S
43904 Map Bubble Kamuela Conference WH6FEE Kamuela, Hawaii USA 13H 1M 34S
43908 Map Bubble N1AKF Beacon Falls, CT 3D 4H 20M 58S
43914 Map Bubble HUBNet PYE Base M0HOY Lancashire, UK 5H 8M 58S
43915 Map Bubble HUBNet PYE Base RF M0HOY Lancashire, UK 5H 10M 8S
43916 Map Bubble 445.950 PL 110.9 110.9 W9EJH Bloomer WI 5H 9M 24S
43918 Map Bubble 446.450 {S} 110.9 110.9 Mountain View, CA 1D 5H 13M 14S
43919 Map Bubble Virtual Hub Test Mountain View, CA 1D 5H 13M 14S
43921 Map Bubble 145.360 (-) 131.8 W6AB Tranquillion Peak VAFB 5H 24M 1S
43922 Map Bubble 449.14 (-) 131.8 W6AB Tranquillion Peak VAFB 1D 6H 22M 52S
43923 Map Bubble 145.140 (-) 131.8 W6AB Orcutt CA 1D 18H 38M 7S
43924 Map Bubble 147.300 (+) 131.8 W6AB Pismo Heights / CA 5H 9M 30S
43928 Map Bubble 444.500 110.9 K5TRA Johnson City, TX 5H 8M 58S
43932 Map Bubble 146.805 114.8 W5RAR LaPlace, LA 22H 54M 24S
43933 Map Bubble Gulf Coast Link HUB WB5GCL LaPlace, La 22H 54M 23S
43934 Map Bubble West Texas Hub WS5B Salt Flat, TX 5H 9M 42S
43937 Map Bubble Long Island NY HUB [HUB] W2YMM Long Island, NY 4D 8H 20M 49S
439391 Map Bubble 443.450+5 94.8 K1ST-1 Plantation Key, FL 3D 8H 36M 2S
439394 Map Bubble 146.955-0.6 88.5 K1ST-4 Dennis, MA 5H 9M 40S
43940 Map Bubble 146.960 + 85.4 KF5WPV Yates Center, Kansas 3D 18H 21M 10S
43942 Map Bubble Radioless N3VSI Edgewood, Md 5D 15H 22M 34S
43963 Map Bubble Warwick Rhode Island KA1MXL WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND 5H 9M 49S
43964 Map Bubble Warwick Rhode Island 100 KA1MXL Warwick, RI 1D 3H 32M 16S
43965 Map Bubble Radioless N5FRT La Grange, Texas 5H 9M 23S
43970 Map Bubble 145.210- PL114.8 114.8 W5LMR Bayou L'Ourse La 5H 5M 22S
43980 Map Bubble 145.73750 (-0.6) RX 88.5 ZS1SC-NODE Vredendal / Western Cape 5H 9M 51S
43986 Map Bubble 446.050 Simplex 88.5 KA3VEZ Havertown, Pa 5H 9M 31S
43989 Map Bubble LincsLink Node#4 UK 2E0ENN Lincolnshire UK 5H 10M 0S
439910 Map Bubble 146.400 {S} 110.9 110.9 Palo Alto, CA 7D 23H 44M 8S
439911 Map Bubble HUB Palo Alto, CA 5D 12H 39M 44S
43994 Map Bubble 446.120 131.8 WB6MIE Orange County CA 5H 14M 52S
44010 Map Bubble 2E1GW London UK 5H 9M 42S
44024 Map Bubble DMR BM TG31281 KJ4QAL St Petersburg, FL 5H 6M 50S
44027 Map Bubble M0WJW Whitley Bay, UK 30M 10S
44029 Map Bubble NX6N San Diego 2H 49M 39S
44032 Map Bubble Warwick Rhode Island KA1MXL PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND 5H 9M 40S
440330 Map Bubble KE6YEP OMEGACOMM HUB 5H 7M 22S
440334 Map Bubble RADIOLESS 440334 KE6YEP OMEGACOMM HUB 5H 9M 40S
44041 Map Bubble 445.57000 91.5 K7IBI Gig Harbor, Wa. 5H 23M 11S
44045 Map Bubble HUB W7HEN Henderson, NV 5H 9M 36S
44047 Map Bubble 444.875 123.00 K7NCN san tan valley 5H 8M 54S
44054 Map Bubble 443.2 N5CG Little Rock Arkansas 5H 10M 57S
44064 Map Bubble GM7VEC Carinish, Isle of North Uist 5H 6M 4S
44065 Map Bubble 145.250 162.2 N5TT Georgetown/Texas 5H 9M 41S
44068 Map Bubble 146.780- 100 KD7BBC Orem, UT 5H 9M 54S
44069 Map Bubble M6IGJ IRN RoIP link UK 3D 11H 12M 48S
44076 Map Bubble 441.775 (+5) MHz 114.8 Hz N7ISP Spokane, Washington 6H 25M 57S
44077 Map Bubble 927.275 (r) TESTING 114.8 N7ISP Spokane, Washington 6H 22M 1S
44078 Map Bubble KD8OSM Novi Michigan 5H 9M 37S
44083 Map Bubble Comnet V-ICCS GW3 M0VGW Stourbridge UK 4H 6M 40S
44084 Map Bubble Comnet V-ICCS GW4 M0VGW Stourbridge UK 5H 6M 36S
44087 Map Bubble 146.825 VK6RAA Hotspot Mt Barker WA 10H 23M 49S
44089 Map Bubble 446.900 107.2 KD8TIG Ottawa, Ohio USA 3D 18H 21M 16S
44095 Map Bubble 223.780 - 100.0 N6HHP Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 3D 0H 57M 27S
440980 Map Bubble 449.775 - K8BKT Pleasant Grove, Utah 3D 5H 36M 47S
44099 Map Bubble 145.375 Mhz Sim 91.5 VK3RME Bendigo Victoria 3D 18H 11M 14S
44103 Map Bubble RL NA N7MTC Bremerton, Washington 15H 15M 43S
44104 Map Bubble 443.050 + 179.9 N7MTC Bremerton, Washington 4H 13M 36S
44110 Map Bubble 446.050 KT4ROY Troy, Alabama 15H 52M 46S
44112 Map Bubble N3UXQ Upper Darby, Pa 5H 6M 15S
44136 Map Bubble 100.0 N3UXQ Upper Darby, Pa 5H 9M 15S
44145 Map Bubble 446.000 103.5 VE3OC Markham, Ontario, Canada 5H 9M 40S
44146 Map Bubble DX9RN Aloran, Misamis Occidental 5H 7M 27S
44147 Map Bubble Miller,SOUTH DAKOTA DCS 31 WV8CW Remote 2D 10H 36M 9S
44150 Map Bubble 446.225 N8AR Howell, MI 10D 6H 8M 23S
44153 Map Bubble 146.700 79.7 KY4KY Brooks, KY 5H 8M 58S
44154 Map Bubble SSPBD DMR2FM Virtual Bridge VE3WOO Toronto Canada 5H 9M 12S
44171 Map Bubble 224.560- 67.0 N6IME FLAGSTAFF, AIRZONA 5H 9M 43S
441760 Map Bubble W4JSF HUB Douglas/Georgia/USA 1D 6H 22M 53S
441762 Map Bubble 444.400+ 141.3 W4JSF Douglas/Georgia/USA 5H 6M 38S
44178 Map Bubble WB3DZZ Warrington PA 5H 8M 58S
44180 Map Bubble HUB K7KSN Vancouver, WA 2H 36M 58S
44194 Map Bubble : 77.0 MB7IMT Mkt Harborough, Leics, England 5H 8M 58S
44198 Map Bubble 445.875 PL 85.4 AG2NJ Atlantic City, Area 5H 9M 1S
44203 Map Bubble 442.075 100.0 VE6DOK Lethbridge Alberta 10D 4H 48M 53S
44204 Map Bubble 443.050+ 186.2 W8JTW Marietta, Oh 5H 9M 26S
44217 Map Bubble K7FY Lake Havasu, Arizona 15H 36M 15S
44218 Map Bubble Open Channel D 107.2 W7FTM Apache Junction, Arizona 25S
44219 Map Bubble 446.1 N8YRK York, PA 10D 6H 8M 38S
44223 Map Bubble 433.5 107.2 K0RCW Lakewood, CO 1H 58M 25S
44229 Map Bubble Mobile VoIP JR2FJI private VoIP node in Japan 5H 9M 37S
44230 Map Bubble 446.025 N8AR Howell, MI 4H 28M 25S
442341 Map Bubble 442,420,S 173.8 KG5POW westminister/ca/usa 5H 9M 16S
44237 Map Bubble Pye PC5 430.050 G7RPG Portsmouth 5D 13H 33M 43S
44239 Map Bubble 146.880 k4ex Dade City Florida 17H 34M 7S
44244 Map Bubble Woodland Hills-HUB KD6GDB Tehachapi, Ca 5H 9M 41S
44247 Map Bubble 440.450/445.450 107.2 N1ZU Fairfield, Connecticut 3D 8H 3M 50S
44250 Map Bubble 145.740 simplex 110.9 WH6CYB North Las Vegas, Nevada USA 5H 9M 49S
44251 Map Bubble NLas Vegas Conf WH6CYB North Las Vegas, Nevada USA 5H 9M 50S
44253 Map Bubble 441.575 100.0 KA6FUB Ruch OR 5H 9M 51S
442540 Map Bubble 446.6875 131.8 N8VJF Columbus Ohio 4D 6H 51M 35S
442541 Map Bubble Hub N8VJF Columbus Ohio 3D 5H 15M 48S
44277 Map Bubble : 77.00 2E0XVX Mkt Harborough, Leics, England 5H 8M 59S
44279 Map Bubble 146.91- 107.2 KG5IRU Coldwater, MS 38618 3D 18H 21M 16S
44286 Map Bubble 223.410 88.5 W2PAX Naples, FL 10D 6H 8M 21S
44292 Map Bubble 442.625+ 100.0 N4ABV Maryville, Tennessee 3D 18H 20M 39S
44294 Map Bubble AG2NJ EHT, NJ 5H 9M 54S
44295 Map Bubble 53.390 PL 77.0 Absecon, NJ AG2NJ Egg Harbor City NJ 10D 6H 8M 35S
45000 Map Bubble 442.3750+ Repeater 141.3 KP4BW Chicago, IL 5H 7M 36S
45001 Map Bubble ASL DMR-Bridge Link N/A KP4BW Chicago, IL 5H 9M 35S
45002 Map Bubble K7MMA Liberty Lake WA 3D 18H 11M 23S
45005 Map Bubble KC3GLK Douglassville,Pa 5H 7M 0S
45008 Map Bubble KC5ALH Big Spring, TX 5H 4M 56S
45017 Map Bubble 927.4 - 902.4 MHz 131.8 Hz PL WA2WGY Huntsville Alabama 5H 9M 31S
45025 Map Bubble W3LR Dade City Fl 3D 18H 11M 30S
45026 Map Bubble 446.250 DPL 125 K7EVR Mesa, AZ 3D 13H 21M 36S
45029 Map Bubble 146.745 97.4 W4ECA Guyton, GA 2D 23H 8M 21S
45036 Map Bubble K6DLC Redwood City, CA 12H 17M 43S
45038 Map Bubble 446.100.000 94.8khz Shari MW1COE Gas KS 1D 7H 40M 44S
45039 Map Bubble 223.56 KB0OTY Des Peres, MO 5H 9M 36S
45040 Map Bubble Radioless Node VA3WJO Maple 5H 5M 42S
45041 Map Bubble W4HI Boca Raton, Florida 33431 5H 8M 54S
45044 Map Bubble 443.825 + Repeater 103.5 WB5UGT SGLS Houston Tx. 3D 18H 21M 41S
45045 Map Bubble W8CMC Boynton Beach, FL 3D 18H 21M 7S
450520 Map Bubble BC-Wide The BC Hub Coquitlam, BC 5H 9M 33S
450521 Map Bubble 224.920 114.8 VE7NZ (220 MHz) Coquitlam, BC 5H 8M 58S
450522 Map Bubble Reflector 9029 IRLP Gateway Canada Wide 5H 9M 51S
450523 Map Bubble 440.0125 114.8 VE7NZ (440 MHz) Coquitlam, BC 18H 34M 31S
450524 Map Bubble 440.425 114.8 VE7PTF Maple Ridge, BC 5H 7M 36S
450525 Map Bubble 927.9875 114.8 VE7NFR Maple Ridge, BC 5H 9M 15S
450526 Map Bubble 440.350 114.8 VA7PTF North Vancouver, BC 5H 9M 45S
450527 Map Bubble 440.100 114.8 VA7NFR Aldergrove, BC 5H 8M 53S
450540 Map Bubble KV7JPL Seattle/WA 5H 9M 36S
450541 Map Bubble KV7JPL Seattle/WA 5H 8M 53S
45057 Map Bubble 224.960/203.5 203.5 KK4WH 2D 22H 41M 32S
45059 Map Bubble 224.220- 110.8 K9NB Bloomingdale ILL 5H 6M 40S
45061 Map Bubble 145.650 Simplex PL 131.8 K3SRM Townsend, Delaware 3D 18H 21M 10S
450630 Map Bubble test bed node K3SRM Townsend Delaware 9D 17H 6M 52S
45069 Map Bubble 146.625 Minus 151.4 WA7SPY Grass Valley, CA 5H 9M 56S
45071 Map Bubble ECHOLINK Echolink MB7IRV-L Haslingden, Lancashire 15H 54M 10S
45072 Map Bubble HUB NODE M0LMN Haslingden, Lancashire 5H 8M 54S
45073 Map Bubble 432.200 88.5 KM6AME Fresno California 21H 46M 36S
450780 Map Bubble Radioless Node KF5LBT Grapevine, Tx 5H 9M 36S
450781 Map Bubble Radioless Node KF5LBT Grapevine, Tx 5H 9M 35S
450782 Map Bubble Radioless Node KF5LBT Grapevine, Tx 6H 5M 22S
45083 Map Bubble Hub KD0FHZ Jefferson County, MO, USA 15H 36M 22S
45086 Map Bubble Home Node WB9EXL Scottsdale, AZ 5H 9M 24S
45090 Map Bubble 224.220 / 446.880 151.4 / 141.3 WR6AAC Santiago Peak, CA 5H 9M 10S
45093 Map Bubble N2XDD Shirley, NY 5H 7M 35S
45100 Map Bubble 2E0LXC Coventry. west midlands .UK 5H 9M 37S
45102 Map Bubble 443.400+ 103.5 VE2ROO Rimouski 3D 18H 10M 53S
45103 Map Bubble Harrisburg .21 GhettoNODE east K3CHB Camp Hill, PA 4H 28M 41S
45105 Map Bubble 433.525 156.7 KD5KNR Bedford, TX 1H 39M 4S
451070 Map Bubble 430.200 71.9 F1ZLK 92500 Rueil-Malmaison 5H 8M 58S
451071 Map Bubble 430.200 71.9 F1ZLK 92500 Rueil-Malmaison 15H 36M 22S
45108 Map Bubble 445.000 SIMP PL110.9 110.9 KB8DOA North Miami Beach 4D 10H 9M 32S
45111 Map Bubble W4ZXT BlackSheep Lounge 5H 9M 47S
451140 Map Bubble 437.7500 136.5 KD7YXE Chico, California 5H 9M 58S
451141 Map Bubble 223.425 136.5 KD7YXE Chico, California 3D 9H 37M 46S
45115 Map Bubble 441.175 + 5 MHZ 114.8 W7IF Spokane Valley 3D 18H 56M 38S
451160 Map Bubble 445.700 Simplex 123.0 KB0ISW Karlstad, MN 3D 18H 11M 39S
451162 Map Bubble ClearNode Mobile 123.0 KB0ISW Thief River Falls, MN 5H 9M 15S
45117 Map Bubble Northstar Bridge KB0ISW Karlstad, MN 3D 18H 10M 30S
45140 Map Bubble 444.850 110.9 WB2KAO Rochester, NY 5H 9M 24S
45146 Map Bubble 927.9875 151.4 W5TEY Choctaw, OK 5H 8M 48S
45148 Map Bubble N9KO Elk Grove Village, Illinois 5H 7M 8S
45161 Map Bubble 147.330 110.9 VE3PRV Hammond, Ontario 5H 9M 11S
45162 Map Bubble 145.470 110.9 VA3PRA Alfred, Ontario 3D 18H 12M 23S
45168 Map Bubble 443.950 141.3 WD6BDZ Clovis Ca 5H 9M 12S
45171 Map Bubble KC2KQH Pennsville, NJ 5H 9M 32S
45174 Map Bubble 445.9250 131.8 AA3VZ Springfield Pa. 5H 9M 37S
45175 Map Bubble Pye PC5 G7RPG Portsmouth 5H 9M 24S
45184 Map Bubble 449.9300 (S) PL 94.8 94.8 K7BRH Hayden, ID 3D 19H 4M 51S
45185 Map Bubble 144.962.5 110.9 MB7ILP Wales, United Kingdom 3D 18H 21M 10S
45186 Map Bubble 444.8800 (S) PL 94.8 94.8 K7BRH Hayden, Idaho 5H 8M 50S
45189 Map Bubble Node Marvin G0DUI Stoke-on-Trent RF Monitor 5H 7M 36S
45191 Map Bubble 927.0125 D074 WA5VMS/R Fort Gibson/OK/74434 3D 4H 36M 24S
45192 Map Bubble East Coast HUB2 WB2JPQ West Melbourne, FL, USA 5H 7M 35S
45201 Map Bubble 443.900 Plus 136.5 WA7SPY Sacramento, Ca 5H 7M 35S
452020 Map Bubble 449.425 -5 PL 103.5 103.5 WC3W Grand Lake, CO 5H 23M 21S
452021 Map Bubble 445.0 -SIMPLEX 103.5 103.5 WC3W Jupiter, FL 13M 31S
45206 Map Bubble Radioless Node KA1HCX Trumbull, CT 3D 18H 21M 15S
452070 Map Bubble Phone NODE KA3CNT Lititz PA == HUB ==> 452072 30S
452071 Map Bubble Simplex 100.0 KA3CNT Lititz PA == HUB ==> 452072 10D 4H 51M 46S
452072 Map Bubble HUB 220 CONNECT HERE KA3CNT Lititz PA == HUB ==> 452072 5H 9M 42S
452073 Map Bubble 224.84/R Red LIon--> 131.8 KA3CNT Red Lion PA == HUB ==> 452072 3D 18H 11M 40S
452074 Map Bubble 224.440/R & UHF Link 131.8 KA3CNT Lititz PA == HUB ==> 452072 5H 9M 16S
452077 Map Bubble Test NODE 123 KA3CNT FOB - RX ONLY - Speaker NODE 3D 9H 57M 6S
45218 Map Bubble M0SPM Ormskirk Lancashire 5H 9M 20S
45220 Map Bubble W4CVY 146.880 Rptr WB4ULK Columbus, Ga 5H 9M 16S
45221 Map Bubble Hub Connect Here 67.0 WB4ULK Columbus, GA 3D 18H 21M 4S
45222 Map Bubble 441.975 Rptr 67.0 WB4ULK Columbus, GA 3D 18H 20M 15S
45225 Map Bubble East Coast HUB3 WB2JPQ Eden, NY, USA 3D 3H 38M 44S
45228 Map Bubble 927.150 (-) 67.0 KA1DON Hanson Massachusetts 5H 9M 16S
45231 Map Bubble 223.780 103.5 N6HHP Palos Verdes CA 3D 18H 11M 27S
45232 Map Bubble W8JVF Fort Benning, GA 3D 18H 11M 29S
45233 Map Bubble Mount Hamilton N/A K6GOD/R Santa Clara County, CA 5H 9M 35S
45234 Map Bubble SAR #1 LiTZ K6GOD/R County Wide 5H 6M 32S
45235 Map Bubble Test Bench K6GOD/R Plumas County, CA 5H 7M 32S
45237 Map Bubble 444.725 M9 K6GOD/R Pacheco Peak, CA 5H 9M 25S
452380 Map Bubble KB9OIV West Allis, WI 2H 49M 35S
45239 Map Bubble 432.800 ZL1IJ Auckland New Zealand 3D 18H 21M 7S
45240 Map Bubble WB6JRV El Cajon, California 5H 23M 44S
45241 Map Bubble 443.1750 162.2 KM6HJA San Jose, CA 5H 9M 31S
45245 Map Bubble 146.925- 79.7 KG4LKY Manchester/Kentucky 5H 9M 25S
45257 Map Bubble KE5GDB Rosston, TX 5H 7M 27S
45265 Map Bubble 446.025 D351 KB9TYC Cameron WI 3D 18H 21M 4S
45267 Map Bubble 29.290Mhz 77Hz 77Hz MB7ISJ Northwich Cheshire UK 3D 18H 22M 15S
45282 Map Bubble Echolink KD3SU-L KD3SU Boonsboro, Maryland, USA 3D 18H 11M 12S
45286 Map Bubble 449.675 Goshen 162.2 KC2OUR OC ARES/RACES 5H 8M 53S
45287 Map Bubble 446.150 136.5 K5TKR Longview, TX 5H 7M 0S
45292 Map Bubble KB8UVN Johnstown, Ohio 5H 9M 57S
45295 Map Bubble 147.375 + Analog/P25 123.0 KA4ELN Cleveland, TN 10H 2M 50S
45297 Map Bubble 145.23 123 KE4COL Auburn Alabama 3D 19H 13M 7S
45300 Map Bubble Motorola Phone W3YXZ RED LION, PA 5H 9M 24S
45301 Map Bubble HUB KD5KNR Bedford, TX 4D 14H 36M 48S
45304 Map Bubble WB6KHP/R San Jose, CA 5H 9M 51S
45305 Map Bubble W6PIY/R San Jose, CA 1D 6H 22M 58S
45306 Map Bubble 442.50 107.2 WB8ARC West Bloomfield, MI 3D 18H 21M 10S
45307 Map Bubble AB8PR Sylvan Lake, MI 5H 8M 56S
45310 Map Bubble Alabama Allstar Hub KM4OKU Auburn, Al 6D 21H 35M 38S
45312 Map Bubble VE6BVE Monarch, Alberta 5H 8M 54S
45318 Map Bubble UTOC 444.8750 KI6KGN Stockton, CA 5H 8M 58S
45323 Map Bubble Simplex Shack Node 88.5 KD2KVZ Conovertown, NJ 5H 9M 11S
45328 Map Bubble 192.8 KA0YSQ Des Moines 20H 47M 58S
45331 Map Bubble Harley_Hangout TGIF TG-1007 KB0DXS Neosho Missouri 3D 18H 11M 53S
45333 Map Bubble 444.675 + Repeater 100.0 W4HKL Maynardville, TN 1D 3H 59M 30S
45335 Map Bubble KB0GRP Inman, Nebraska USA 5H 6M 12S
45340 Map Bubble SHARI 444.425 100.0 W6PRN Longview, WA 3D 18H 10M 40S
45342 Map Bubble 445.500 025 W2PUT Milan, Michigan 2D 10H 19M 13S
453433 Map Bubble 146.50 + 88.5 W2PUT Milan, Michigan 5H 9M 24S
453434 Map Bubble 444.10 82.5 W2PUT Milan, Mi 5H 9M 5S
45346 Map Bubble 446.200 /145.570 136.5 W9SBE Lockport, IL 5H 8M 59S
45347 Map Bubble 442.420 100.0 KM4OKU Auburn, al 3D 12H 10M 39S
45355 Map Bubble 222.740 88.5 KK5I Fort Gibson OK 3D 23H 4M 39S
45373 Map Bubble 443.525 173.8 KJ6RA Longview, WA 3D 18H 19M 33S
45374 Map Bubble ***PRN HUB*** W6PRN Longview, WA 5H 10M 13S
45390 Map Bubble 147.000- VK6RAW Katanning WA 5H 5M 54S
45406 Map Bubble 2E1GW London, UK 3D 18H 11M 40S
45407 Map Bubble KD2JPP New York City, USA 2D 18H 44M 41S
45408 Map Bubble NODE 2 KD2JPP New York City, USA 2D 18H 44M 25S
45417 Map Bubble TriStateDMR HUB AA9VI Inverness, IL 1D 6H 23M 2S
45422 Map Bubble Link to 146.61 NI5A Jonesboro, AR 5H 7M 36S
45427 Map Bubble 146.475 127.3 VE4DRK Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 5H 8M 54S
45429 Map Bubble 442.325 123.0 KG5CVW Shallowater 10D 6H 8M 39S
45432 Map Bubble W2KJV Sugarmill Woods, FL 5H 9M 27S
45436 Map Bubble VHF Link Simplex KF5GXZ Houston, Tx 1H 54M 42S
45438 Map Bubble GW0DFK N.W. Wales 3D 18H 20M 30S
45441 Map Bubble 441.650 + 110.9 N5MBM 5H 7M 25S
45444 Map Bubble 444.850+ 162.2 KS0LNK Minneapolis, KS 5H 10M 6S
45465 Map Bubble 144.960 100.0 KC7TIG Spirit Lake Id 3D 18H 11M 27S
45467 Map Bubble 444.925+ 146.2 N8MDG Constitution, OH 5H 9M 17S
45470 Map Bubble 146.550 131.8 VE2RUJ Baie-Comeau, Qc 5H 8M 58S
45472 Map Bubble 147.275 + VK6RAV Hoddywell West Australia 5H 8M 58S
45473 Map Bubble 147.325 + VK6RKN Kellerberrin West Australia 5H 9M 57S
454770 Map Bubble 434.500 156.7 KC7JOE Cave Creek, Az 1D 6H 23M 11S
45478 Map Bubble IRLP 8814 - LINK KE4GJG London, KY 4H 11M 26S
45479 Map Bubble HUB/Server N0ECT Vail, Colorado 5H 9M 30S
45486 Map Bubble - PiNode1 - VA7DHF Delta BC Canada 5H 9M 57S
45489 Map Bubble 447.160 131.8 NK1N Hillsborough, NJ 5H 9M 48S
45491 Map Bubble K5HTX Spring TX 5H 6M 13S
45492 Map Bubble K5HTX Spring TX 4H 35M 9S
45499 Map Bubble 442.125 + 100.0 KC5ORO Socorro, NM 3D 19H 16M 23S
45500 Map Bubble 447.500 69.3 KB5QAT Egan, Louisiana USA 5H 8M 59S
45502 Map Bubble 434.700 D25 VE2RRU Sept-Iles 5H 7M 36S
45504 Map Bubble 443.10 Remote Base W2PUT Salem Twp, Michigan 2H 8M 4S
45505 Map Bubble W2PUT Michigan 2D 10H 19M 26S
45506 Map Bubble 446.050 88.5 N3FPZ Glenside, PA 5H 7M 35S
45510 Map Bubble 145.550 123.0 KL7RG Haines, AK 5H 7M 10S
45512 Map Bubble 446.150 100.0 W4HKL Maynardville, TN 4D 1H 52M 29S
455131 Map Bubble 224.700 Simplex 85.4 KB3EQN/L CHEYENNE, WY 5H 7M 36S
45523 Map Bubble IRLP EXP 0085 W5MGM Addison, TX 15H 36M 14S
45525 Map Bubble 146.850- 88.5 K9GOX Alto Pass, IL 3D 15H 19M 49S
45526 Map Bubble G0PSH Stoke-on-Trent, UK 3D 6H 50M 56S
45528 Map Bubble virtual VE6bdk Virtual 5H 9M 1S
45530 Map Bubble Hawaii Allstar Group LA KH6IN Los Angeles 5H 10M 12S
45536 Map Bubble Warwick Rhode Island KA1MXL Allstar node 5H 5M 27S
45539 Map Bubble Warwick Rhode Island KA1MXL Warwick RI 4D 2H 26M 34S
45550 Map Bubble 146.88(-) PL 107.2 107.2 K0RV Glenwood Springs, C0. 81602 5H 9M 41S
45551 Map Bubble 448.100 100 N0AFO Vail, Colorado 5H 9M 32S
45552 Map Bubble 444.925 (+) 100.0 WH6ECP Honolulu, Hawaii 5H 7M 18S
45557 Map Bubble W8RPM Indian River, MI 5H 7M 35S
45560 Map Bubble HUBNet M0NFI UK 5H 9M 56S
45566 Map Bubble 433MHz +1.6MHz 82.5Hz GB3PF Nelson UK 5H 9M 36S
45574 Map Bubble 441.900 114.8 W3RC Freeland, PA 4D 10H 10M 42S
45578 Map Bubble WB3DZZ Warrington PA 4D 7H 55M 43S
45579 Map Bubble 443.600+ 114.8 AC9F Iola, WI 5H 8M 55S
45588 Map Bubble Radioless Node KA1MXL Warwick, Rhode Island 5H 9M 56S
45589 Map Bubble KA1MXL Warwick, Rhode Island 15H 36M 22S
45590 Map Bubble Broadcastify Server RI DIGITAL LINK Warwick RI 1D 0H 48M 41S
45591 Map Bubble Quahog Repeater Warwick, Rhode Island 1D 5H 46M 35S
45593 Map Bubble DMR-DSTAR-YSF-NXDN DMR-Link RI DIGITAL LINK Rhode Island 5H 9M 24S
45594 Map Bubble 6 METER LINK UNKNOWN RI DIGITAL LINK RI Digital Link BM31444 2D 3H 45M 14S
45596 Map Bubble 147.090+ 127.3 VE4TMP Winnipeg, MB 5H 9M 11S
45613 Map Bubble N3HTK West Chester, PA 1D 9H 40M 52S
45614 Map Bubble 430.062 2E0FTR microHUB Stoke on Trent 3D 18H 10M 42S
45615 Map Bubble 146.880- 114.8 WA5LUY Hot Springs, Ar. 3D 18H 21M 25S
45618 Map Bubble Portable KB9EWP Oakland, CA 3D 4H 54M 49S
45619 Map Bubble 147.555 100.0 WU1N Mason Ohio 3D 7H 18M 47S
45620 Map Bubble 147.26 94.8 W8DC Grand Rapids/ MI 3D 14H 0M 40S
45621 Map Bubble 446.200 103.5 WD0HXN Erie, CO 5H 9M 16S
45625 Map Bubble 927.7375 127.3 KN6TED Sutter, CA 5H 9M 41S
45627 Map Bubble 439.975 131.8 KD5ZZA Cypress, Texas 5H 6M 31S
45628 Map Bubble EchoLink KD5ZZA-R KD5ZZA Cypress, Texas 5H 7M 34S
45634 Map Bubble TX-ARES HUB N5MBM Chappell Hill TX 5H 9M 31S
45638 Map Bubble 145.250 - N5MBM Daniels, TX 5H 8M 56S
45640 Map Bubble GW8LGX Swansea, UK 5H 7M 8S
45642 Map Bubble 439.300 91.5 4X1ZS Netanya, Israel 4H 7M 42S
45643 Map Bubble 441.850 + 123.0 N5MBM Independence, TX 5H 5M 23S
45644 Map Bubble Server Rack N5MBM 5H 9M 51S
45645 Map Bubble 1287.100 - 103.5 N5MBM Chappell Hill, TX 4D 1H 40M 37S
45646 Map Bubble Server Rack N5MBM 5H 9M 1S
45649 Map Bubble 147.330 146.2 K4KR Ooltewah(Chattanooga), TN 3D 18H 21M 23S
45650 Map Bubble 447.925 (-) PL 156.7 156.7 W7HEN H1 Henderson, NV 3D 18H 19M 45S
45651 Map Bubble 430.06250 77.0 M1ASR Skipsea, UK 5H 9M 11S
45652 Map Bubble WB8ZVL Lebanon/Ohio 3D 7H 36M 34S
45655 Map Bubble 147.495 Simplex 100.0 AH6MA Napili, Hawaii USA 12H 43M 18S
45656 Map Bubble Napili conf bridge AH6MA Napili, Hawaii USA 5H 11M 32S
45669 Map Bubble WH6FGX Wailuku, Hawaii USA 20H 29M 57S
45670 Map Bubble WH6FGX Wailuku, Hawaii USA 20H 29M 44S
45674 Map Bubble 145.3375 67.0 MB7IHN Swansea, UK 5H 7M 34S
45676 Map Bubble 441.000 114.8 KB5SOD Carrollton, TX 3D 3H 56M 33S
456770 Map Bubble LEARA Hub WR8ABC Cleveland, Ohio 5H 9M 20S
456771 Map Bubble 146.88 110.9 WR8ABC Lakewood, OH 1D 1H 33M 40S
45678 Map Bubble 445.975 W7GLG Prineville OR 97754 1D 9H 44M 47S
45682 Map Bubble 444.950 162.2 K6CV Twain Harte, CA., 95383 3D 18H 21M 3S
45697 Map Bubble 448.925 173.8 N6GYF Williams, AZ 5H 9M 15S
45698 Map Bubble English/Spanish DCS031 W6MHS Redlands,CA 5H 9M 19S
45709 Map Bubble 449.000 100Hz KC0KVX Austin MN 5H 9M 35S
45730 Map Bubble 446.1375 107.2 KG5GBH Byhalia, MS 5H 7M 36S
45740 Map Bubble 224.900- 127.3 K5VOM Parker City, In. 10D 6H 8M 35S
45741 Map Bubble 224.900- 100.0 K5VOM Greenville, Texas 4D 8H 44M 31S
45742 Map Bubble 441.775+ 100.0 K5VOM Greenville, Texas 6D 3H 39M 48S
45743 Map Bubble 147.045 + 100.0 N8PC Findlay, Ohio 3D 18H 11M 10S
45748 Map Bubble 445.525 SIMP PL110.9 110.9 K9EE Lantana, FL 5D 15H 33M 30S
45764 Map Bubble 51.160 118.8 VA3XY Acton Ontario Canada 5H 9M 47S
45773 Map Bubble HUB - No RF N3SQY New Kensington, PA 1H 17M 38S
45774 Map Bubble 146.760/R 100HZ 100 KA1SHU GRAY,ME 3H 52M 28S
45783 Map Bubble N4SYB Opp Alabama 2D 2H 2M 53S
45784 Map Bubble 441.100 1035 W0NWA Scottsdale Arizona 5H 6M 2S
45787 Map Bubble K5TEL Clearfield PA 5H 9M 48S
45792 Map Bubble AG5RB Bellaire, Texas 23M 13S
45793 Map Bubble 443.975 + VE3YMR Toronto, Ontario 5H 41M 44S
45801 Map Bubble 445.025 91.5 WB1ALJ Woodsville, NH 2H 46M 23S
45806 Map Bubble VK2DY Kellyville Ridge, NSW 3D 5H 11M 33S
458130 Map Bubble 145.130 131.8 N4QCA The Shoals, Alabama (NW Ala.) 10H 54M 2S
45814 Map Bubble 444.875 + 131.8 N4QCA Littleville, Alabama USA 3D 18H 21M 45S
45821 Map Bubble 439.225 107.2 N9NWS Canton, Ga 4D 1H 10M 29S
45822 Map Bubble Back Yard WD4IFU Austin, TX 5H 9M 23S
45824 Map Bubble WJ8R Sterling Hts, MI 11H 4M 14S
45825 Map Bubble 447.325- 131.8 N6IME Flagstaff, AZ 5H 9M 32S
45828 Map Bubble KC2NM Pittsford, NY 5H 9M 15S
45830 Map Bubble HUB N6IME Flagstaff, AZ. 5H 9M 31S
45831 Map Bubble Node Arthur G0DUI Stoke-on-Trent U.K. 5H 9M 1S
45832 Map Bubble WR8W Westland,mi 5H 9M 20S
45835 Map Bubble 146.895,- 100.0 AB0PC Bailey CO 80421 3D 18H 11M 8S
45839 Map Bubble Echolink W8WKY Doylestown OH W8WKY-R Echohub 2H 28M 47S
45840 Map Bubble 447.125 - 103.5 AA0BF Fairplay C0 5H 9M 42S
45852 Map Bubble microHUB/UHF VK6SP Bentley, West Australia 5H 11M 13S
45853 Map Bubble 432.255 103.5 K6VP San Jose, CA 5H 7M 35S
45863 Map Bubble 446.075 77.0 N8QQ Cincinnati, OH 3D 18H 11M 58S
45866 Map Bubble Echolink Hub 0.0 K8KHW Newport Ohio 10D 6H 8M 20S
45868 Map Bubble 434.850 162.2 VE7JBT Penticton BC 5H 10M 9S
45869 Map Bubble 441.000 100.0 K6VP San Jose, CA 5H 9M 16S
45878 Map Bubble 444.250 100.0 N5LEA-R Hobbs,NM 1D 5H 29M 46S
45879 Map Bubble W5COW Artesia 10D 4H 49M 22S
458800 Map Bubble 224.52MHz 110.9 WM9W Chicago 5H 8M 54S
45882 Map Bubble 146.980 - 100.0 AA7WG Salmon/Idaho 5H 8M 58S
45884 Map Bubble 446.025 N9KJB Fredericktown, MO 4H 14M 21S
45885 Map Bubble 444.275+5MHZ 162.2 AG5BB Hobbs,NM 5H 9M 28S
45886 Map Bubble 147.280 (+) 88.5 AH6KZ Kurtistown, Hawaii USA 1D 6H 22M 55S
45894 Map Bubble 446.25 - 88.5 W2PUT UHF Mobile Repeater 8H 23M 34S
45896 Map Bubble AllStar Node G7TCW Cannock 5H 9M 58S
45901 Map Bubble KD3SU Boonsboro, MD 5H 9M 58S
45910 Map Bubble Radioless Node W6JSO US Somewhere 5H 8M 58S
45912 Map Bubble Mobile Node W7VTX Seattle 5H 9M 51S
45913 Map Bubble UHF Home Node private G7GRR Newcastle-Underlyme 5H 7M 36S
45914 Map Bubble Radioless Node G7GRR Newcastle-Underlyme 3D 14H 51M 15S
45918 Map Bubble 146.670 - .600 94.8 KP4DH Corozal PR USA 2D 6H 44M 35S
459200 Map Bubble 147.255+ 107.2 W2SO/R Lancaster NY 5H 9M 25S
45921 Map Bubble *GeekJeep* K5GIJ Mountain View, AR 5H 7M 35S
45922 Map Bubble 444.375 MHz + 141.3 KM4SMU Valdosta, Ga. 5H 9M 48S
45926 Map Bubble 145.755 100.0 W5COW Hope, NM 5H 9M 36S
45929 Map Bubble 146.750 MHz - 100.0 KP4ILO Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 5H 8M 58S
45932 Map Bubble : 77.0 2E0RVV Elston, Lincs, England 7H 38M 8S
45933 Map Bubble 441.3125 107.2 K5TMT Leander, TX 3D 18H 21M 1S
45937 Map Bubble 147.165 162.2 VE3RTY Colborne, Ontario 5H 9M 37S
45938 Map Bubble 443.375 + 162.2 VE3RTY Colborne, Ontario 3D 18H 13M 51S
45939 Map Bubble 53.150 - 162.2 VE3RTY Colborne, Ontario 5H 8M 58S
45941 Map Bubble N5ERS Grapevine HUB N5ERS Grapevine, Tx 5H 7M 16S
45944 Map Bubble Echolink 992199 HUB K9EE-L Lantana, FL 5H 10M 4S
45946 Map Bubble 446.075 Base Node 223 DCS W5AUG Pinehurst, TX 42M 23S
45951 Map Bubble N4IRS Vero Beach, FL 8D 23H 54M 15S
45953 Map Bubble 146.540 100.0 KI7JOE phoenix AZ 5H 9M 55S
45954 Map Bubble 446.025 MHz Simplex 114.8 K7BRH Hayden, ID 5H 5M 24S
45955 Map Bubble 439.125 123.0 VK6MF Micronode Manjimup WA 39M 48S
45956 Map Bubble 147.060+ 114.8 WB2ZII Valhalla, NY 5H 8M 55S
45960 Map Bubble 224.820- 151.4 WB0OUE Edgerton, Kansas 5H 9M 27S
45963 Map Bubble Radioless Node W2YMM Long Island NY 5H 6M 3S
45970 Map Bubble 147.480 88.5 KE5PRY Hub City Link Lubbock, TX 3D 10H 8M 35S
45972 Map Bubble 446.125 88.5 KA3BBU Oreland, PA 5H 9M 20S
45976 Map Bubble 433.030 WB0VTM Mobile Node, IL 5H 8M 49S
45977 Map Bubble SEKS HUB NQ0M Montreal, QC Datacenter 5H 9M 12S
45978 Map Bubble 442.600+ 123 K8FBI Warren, MI 5H 9M 42S
45989 Map Bubble 224.040 131.8 N7JYS Hoisington, Ks. 5H 9M 1S
45990 Map Bubble 446.5000 100.0 KF6YB El Cajon, ca 5H 10M 3S
45992 Map Bubble 442.450 114.8 KD0Q Traer, Iowa 8D 0H 30M 5S
460040 Map Bubble 446.500 Simplex .5w none NO1D-R Prescott Valley, AZ 10D 6H 8M 32S
460041 Map Bubble 447.500 - private NO1D Lab 5H 7M 4S
46005 Map Bubble W7EI Hub W7EI Prescott Valley, AZ 5H 9M 42S
46018 Map Bubble 446.0125 Simplex DCS51 N8EI Norton, OH, USA 5H 8M 54S
46029 Map Bubble KB8GFF Michigan 5H 9M 42S
46031 Map Bubble K4KSA Seminole, Florida 5H 9M 11S
46032 Map Bubble 447.475- 114.8 WB2ZII/R Valhalla, NY 5H 9M 16S
46034 Map Bubble 444.175 W5SUF Brazos, Texas 4H 24M 17S
46041 Map Bubble 444.850 151.4 WB0NSQ Mission, KS 5H 9M 56S
46048 Map Bubble MEGA HUB VE3GOB Canada-Wide 4D 12H 16M 24S
46050 Map Bubble 224.34 88.5 WD5GIC Granbury, Texas 3D 5H 28M 49S
46052 Map Bubble 446.100 110.9 WA2NCH Boca Raton, Florida 13M 35S
46055 Map Bubble KF6SWL ASHLAND, NE 5H 9M 5S
46058 Map Bubble N2AMP Valhalla, NY 5H 6M 50S
46059 Map Bubble N2AMP Valhalla, NY 5H 9M 20S
46060 Map Bubble 438.350 156.7 VA3YC Richmond Hill, ON 5H 9M 37S
46069 Map Bubble 145.2875 88.5 M0FLF Hornsea, East Yorkshire 5H 8M 49S
46074 Map Bubble VK6SR VK6 Allstar-VKLink Bridge 4H 34M 5S
46077 Map Bubble 442.650 146.2 N4LMC Lookout Mtn / Chattanooga, TN 5H 9M 47S
46079 Map Bubble SkySystem Hub W0SKY Denver, Co, USA 5H 9M 40S
46081 Map Bubble US-Connection Public Node 1 W2KJV Sugarmill Woods, FL 4D 10H 6M 32S
46084 Map Bubble DVSwitch - Mobile/P NN3F Wexford - South Western PA. 5H 9M 48S
46086 Map Bubble 145.105 KI7GKH Milwaukie, OR 3D 4H 31M 42S
46089 Map Bubble 147.060 179.9 KC8QVX Jonesville, Mi 5H 5M 10S
46090 Map Bubble KM4OKU TG 3110768 DMR Bridge 1D 6H 22M 56S
46092 Map Bubble 432.100 TBD KG5PDM Houston, TX 3D 18H 10M 30S
46098 Map Bubble microHUB/UHF M1BSZ Burntwood 5H 9M 47S
46116 Map Bubble K5USB_Home 88.5 K5USB Spring, TX 10M 41S
46123 Map Bubble 145.190- 141.3 VA2RLD Saint-Calixte 4D 16H 13M 44S
46126 Map Bubble AF6YU San Diego, CA 5H 10M 16S
46127 Map Bubble 224.26 88.5 WD5ETD Bartlesville, OK 3D 3H 23M 20S
46129 Map Bubble Feed Secondary Hub KH6IN Mililani, HI 4H 37M 24S
46130 Map Bubble 446.225 233.6 VE3DLH Orillia, ON, CA 3D 18H 21M 16S
46135 Map Bubble TG98005 W3AAP Pleasant Gap, PA 1D 6H 22M 55S
46138 Map Bubble 446.4125 PL 127.3 127.3 W3AAD Newtown, PA 3D 18H 20M 20S
46144 Map Bubble 441.675+ 114.8 KB5ASW Willis, TX 18H 43M 27S
46145 Map