Node Call Location Freq KeyedConnected nodes
40869 K8LRCReading, MIARN-1 Radioless NT40878
40870 K8LRCReading, MI, USA446.900 NT42121
40878 K8LRCReading, MI*MICH-EXP* NT80092,T40869
41001 K8LRCReflectorBridge to YSF 60905 NT42121
42121 K8LRCReading, MIIRLP EXP0087 Hub NT47972,T48289,T80087,T40870,T41001
46769 K8LRCReading, MI[HUB] NT48290
47972 K8LRCReading, MIBroadcastify Server NT42121
UTC 13:49:35

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