Node Call Location Freq KeyedConnected nodes
41305 N1PCEWhitefield, NH449.825 - NT43188
41847 N1PCEASL to DMR BridgeTGIF TG 31331 NT43188
41863 N1PCEWhitefield, NHEchoLink Connection NT43188
41882 N1PCEBethlehem, NH NT43188,T42152,T42198
42198 N1PCEBethlehem, NH442.950 + NT41882
42204 N1PCELoner Node445.850 N
43188 N1PCEnhhub.wordpress.comNorthern NH AllStar NT41305,T42558,T1903,T1901,T41863,T41847,T43178,T43299,T41882
43276 N1PCEWhitefield, NH N
43278 N1PCEWhitefield, NH29.600 N
43299 N1PCEWhitefield, NH145.370 - NT43188
UTC 00:25:19

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