Nodes Connected to 2594

Node Call Freq Keyed Location Node List Coords
43302 RI DIGITAL LINK2 Meter LinkN RI Digital Link BM#31444 T2594,T3009129 41.750792,-71.389686
45593 RI DIGITAL LINKDMR-DSTAR-YSF-NXDNN Rhode Island T2594,T45595,T1999 41.752997,-71.383919
45594 RI DIGITAL LINK6 METER LINKN RI Digital Link BM31444 T2594 41.750872,-71.38386

2594 Statistics

total time 126078
keytime 1580670546
total exec time 15
time stamp 1582939742
keyups 7052

Saturday, 29-Feb-20 01:29:14 UTC

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