Nodes Connected to 29864

Node Call Freq Keyed Location Node List Coords
29332 WL7LPAlaska AllStar HubN North Pole, Alaska T29265,T41929,T40986,T1210,T40806,T41952,T29767,T48820,T45441,T46703,T49844,T43035,T47293,T40929,T50994,T40440,T45057,T47620,T49799,T46292,T49466,T46306,T27038,T27000,T27133,T29864,T46401,T40534 64.813406,-147.561868

29864 Statistics

total time 1600
keytime 1579942881
total exec time 30
time stamp 1579977332
keyups 83

Saturday, 25-Jan-20 18:35:47 UTC

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