Nodes Connected to 29888

Node Call Freq Keyed Location Node List Coords
2353 K6PNGWinsystem RTCMN Hub T29584,C44236,T40321,T50892,T46125,T29600,T1380,T1540,T46587,T45073,T1440,T48091,T1340,T48063,T2560,T29888,T46636,T2545,T1001,T28409,T40641,T2597,T42411,T48608,T46286,T1200,T43919,T49000,T29897,T1460,T42362,T2395,T1330,T1770,T49891,T49486,T50758,T48765 0.000000,0.000000

29888 Statistics

total time 175233
keytime 1579932412
total exec time 15
time stamp 1579962238
keyups 15151

Saturday, 25-Jan-20 14:24:21 UTC

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