Nodes Connected to 41792

Node Call Freq Keyed Location Node List Coords
46540 unknown *
43360 KP4IP448.650 MHzN Maricao, PR T41792 0.000000,0.000000
43714 AB9OV446.400 MHzN Chicago, IL T41792 41.944154,-87.809665
41361 KP4IP446.400 MHzN Millersville, MD T41792 39.112476,-76.629641
* Could be an IRLP, Echolink, or private node and is not in the Allstar database.

41792 Statistics

total time 15645
keytime 1595442139
total exec time 1
time stamp 1596859546
keyups 1228

Saturday, 08-Aug-20 04:06:01 UTC

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