Nodes Connected to 41897

Node Call Freq Keyed Location Node List Coords
42616 WH6AVHawaii Mainland HUBN Los Angeles, California T28377,T41057,T27075,T46627,T43437,T205,T51241,T29277,T40214,T48192,T301,T31158,T41917,T29715,T41897,T517100,T49023,T29325,T601,T49822,T42678,T40746,T42192,T28508,T47110,T42675,T1550,T605,T42619,T45655 34.051522,-118.230743

41897 Statistics

total time 56676
keytime 1596789876
total exec time 3
time stamp 1596859026
keyups 4037

Saturday, 08-Aug-20 03:57:17 UTC

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