Nodes Connected to 45185

Node Call Freq Keyed Location Node List Coords
43453 MW0RHDN Wales, United Kingdom T45185 52.942742,-4.349728
41288 M0HOYHUBNetN Manchester, UK T42202,T41446,T48137,T50946,T47766,T45560,T40263,T48183,T40301,T40572,T40303,T45674,T41941,T47000,T42175,T43283,T47081,T50872,T45185,T50208 53.477958,-2.541264

45185 Statistics

total time 44445
keytime 1579970356
total exec time 5
time stamp 1579974696
keyups 2054

Saturday, 25-Jan-20 17:51:45 UTC

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