Nodes Connected to 45374

Node Call Freq Keyed Location Node List Coords
45373 KJ6RA443.525N Longview, WA T45374 46.183949,-122.960251
45375 unknown *
48082 KJ6RA444.625N Grants Pass, OR T45374,T47148 42.466763,-123.293703
48083 K7TGZ443.200N Portland, OR T45374 45.522405,-122.747107
* Could be an IRLP, Echolink, or private node and is not in the Allstar database.

45374 Statistics

total time 3503
keytime 1578622535
total exec time 0
time stamp 1579976334
keyups 754

Saturday, 25-Jan-20 18:19:07 UTC

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