Nodes Connected to 45822

Node Call Freq Keyed Location Node List Coords
1990 unknown *
42610 K5TRASouth Texas 927 HUBN 927 HUB T47599,T41237,T40697,T42555,T29521,T41170,T42393,T29659,T50240,T42600,T29658,T52368,T48605,T51855,T42205,T41525,T45822,T46922,T28599,T46797,T510231,T49574,T46924,T43027,T51047,T48049,T51856,T50592 30.242989,-97.899016
* Could be an IRLP, Echolink, or private node and is not in the Allstar database.

45822 Statistics

total time 60926
keytime 1599521704
total exec time 1694
time stamp 1600741541
keyups 5827

Tuesday, 22-Sep-20 02:25:46 UTC

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